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Poitín are an award-winning traditional Celtic band from Pilsen in the Czech Republic. They explore all forms of Celtic music but are firmly grounded in the pub session tradition and like nothing better than sitting round a table in the corner of a cosy pub and playing old favourites about tarry sailors, merry maids and drunken nights. Poitín have performed at festivals across Europe in Italy, France, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic.
Poitín are:
Jaroslav Macháček – fiddle and founder member
Jeremy King – bodhrán, vocals, Brighton-born
Jakub Siegl – guitar, vocals
Jan Brabec – bouzouki, banjo, whistles
Sasha Marešová – whistles, flutes
Tomáš Pergler – concertina, whistles
They formed in Pilsen in 1996 and have released six studio albums and are also included on various Celtic music compilation albums.
'Simple Pleasures' (2016)
‘Wish’ (2014) is a ‘coming-of-age’ recording in more ways than one. It marks the band’s 18th year of working together and shows the band in a more mature light. The album features traditional and original songs and tunes. Some excellent reviews from around the world:
“The fundamental core of all ‘Celtic’ music is here - by turns it makes you break out in a huge grin and want to get to your feet whilst offering quietly introspective tunes and songs for contemplation.”
- Iain Hazlewood, Spiral Earth (Apr 27, 2014)
"Wish", by Poitín is literally everything you could 'wish' for in a Celtic album, and then some! The musical abilities and professionalism of Poitín are clearly heard in every song. The talent of this band truly astounds me.
- Marcene Bronson, The Celtic Crier (Apr 07, 2014)
This new album highlights more of the subtleties within Celtic music as well as the beauty that lies within some of that simplicity. From the precision of the musicians to the expertise of the production, it is obvious this album has been handled with care.
- Stephen McSweeney, Celtic Music Magazine (June 26, 2014)
‘Bofiguifluki’ (2010) was voted Album of the Year 2010 by Celtic They said: 'Bofiguifluki is a masterpiece of traditional Celtic music that is a breathless and enchanting collection of intricate, elegant and downright foot stomping Celtic music! … Our Celtic Radio Album of the Year award acknowledges musicians who have made exceptional contributions to the genre of Celtic Music. By every means possible, Poitín has excelled in providing an album that meets every criteria of this prestigious and notable award. We have really enjoyed this talented group from the Czech Republic and aside from being a great group of people, Poitín shows a perfection of music and instrument that will have you listening to these tracks over and over. Beautiful arrangements and masterful talent!'
‘Jiggery Pokery’ (2009) is a compilation album which takes us on a magical journey from the raw energy of a highly spirited Irish session to the contemplative and haunting mood of a moonlit night by a nameless shore. It documents the development of a band which over the years has captivated and exhilarated audiences from Bordeaux to Warsaw and from Prague to Turin.
‘Hot Days’ (2006) features a lush mix of saxophone, didgeridoo and more traditional instruments to create a sparkling collection of songs and tunes, some traditional, some new.
‘De la Basse Bretagne’ (2003) is a tribute to the talents of the band's French singer, Neige Pruvost. Recorded before she had to return to France, it consists mainly of French and Breton songs and tunes. A traditional Czech folk song, 'Lida, Lidunka' rounds off the album in acknowledgement of the band's own roots.
‘Poitín’ was released in 2000 and features a traditional collection of tunes including the 'Congress Reel' and songs such as 'Spanish Lady' as well as Breton and English folk songs.