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Japanese companies (including S#NY, Mit#ubishi, Hit#chi, S#nyo and P#nasonic) usually use the word "DOLL" to name their production robots for military, business and home use. However, PSYDOLL (Psycho-Doll) are illegal robots manufactured and remodeled without proper licenses and with enhanced abilities unlike other "DOLLs".
DOLL products have become quite common in everday life. However, since DOLL products can endanger humans, high security standards have been established among leading nations. On the other hand, the efficacy of PSYDOLL is questionable due to its illegal nature, which may result in serious accidents. In fact, 30% of recent fatalities in Japan were reportedly caused by PSYDOLL. Therefore the Japanese government prohibits illicit manufacturing and remodeling of PSYDOLL by severe penalties.

Since PSYDOLL can be purchased at reduced rates because of its low production costs and can still significantly satisfy personal tastes, the illegal production and street sales continue. PSYDOLL must be reported to the proper anthorities upon detection and will be disposed after seizure.

Specific types of PSYDOLL have already been placed on the wanted lists of the police and photos have been displayed at police boxes and airports - just like runaway suspects from radical political and religious groups. While replacement of PSYDOLL parts, including face and body, is easy, most of the wanted PSYDOLL do not particpate in such replacement of their original face, apparent age or sex, since specific individuality is programmed in these PSYDOLL.

Therefore, most PSYDOLL are on the run, disguising themselves and using a false identity just like human criminals.

Meanwhile, even in official type DOLLs, defects are sometimes discovered after distribution. Although recall notices are announced for such DOLLs,some of them escape recall or destruction by unknown methods. Such DOLLs are also placed on the police wanted lists and sometimes referred to as PSYDOLL.