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Fans describe Dr. Raza’s Music as “If Dream Theater was an electronic band and Jordan was the only member”. Progmetal Zone describes Dr. Raza’s work as “Very ELP-esque keyboard dominated symphonic prog …that is dominated by Raza’s dramatic piano”.

A Dentist and Health Policy professional by training, Dr. Raza is a Progressive Rock keyboard artist who specializes in virtual instruments and breaking barriers when it comes to making music. What sets Dr. Raza apart from other progressive rock keyboard players is his complete Do It Yourself (DIY) approach to making music and avoiding elaborate productions. Sympathetic to the modern apartment lifestyle, Dr. Raza aims to push artistic barriers in a way that is accessible to anyone and sets out to prove that a person does not need elaborate gear and recording setup to make decent music.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Raza’s music focuses on the quintessential progressive rock elements: odd time signatures, concept album formats, non-traditional chord progressions, long song lengths with multiple parts. He emphasizes heavily that to fully and truly understand his music, fans must read the associated story that goes along with all his albums and is found within the release notes. Being a fan of heavy distorted synthesizers, he uses a dizzying array of sounds that are cycled through from section to section. A true DIY person, Dr. Raza is also self-taught on his instrument (he claims YouTube is his teacher) and has never taken a real lesson in his life. He is, however, very heavily active as a music educator within the Greater Toronto Area, sculpting young minds to appreciate music in a deep and meaningful way.

Dr. Raza’s album, “Clockwork Symphony”, has been featured as the top release of the week on Progmetal zone with the fans appreciating the artwork as well as the concept story. IT has also made the list of Top Sellers on the independent music store CD Baby. Dr. Raza also receives regular radio play on progressive rock and metal stations such as Morrow Radio, Prog Palace Radio (on its main feature show, The Prog Metal Show) and Light without heat.
His album “Ghost Light in the Green Room” was a critical hit among prog bloggers, in particular, Panda Brother, who in his column pre-shake, featured the album as the top release, and described Dr. Raza’s music as avant-garde rock/metal, jazz and classical/orchestral. He also wrote that the music is very wild, rapid, heavy, majestic, mythical, symphonic and akin to Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. He also cited the song "Morpheus And Panthera", a 10 minute piano epic, as his favorite, calling it hypnotizing and concluded by stating that this album is within his top 10 of the year.

Dr. Raza puts out, on average, a new album every year. To keep in touch with the latest musical developments and news on new projects, he recommends people sign up for his email list ( to definitively know when he puts out new music. He can be contacted regarding lessons or production work through his website ( or Facebook page ( 

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