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Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home of the world’s largest celebration of Irish music and culture, Reilly belts Celtic Rock that, while irreverent at times, differentiates itself with raw high energy rather than punk. Riding the edge of original music and tribute to traditional and contemporary Irish music, Reilly's signature sound revolves around a foot stomping beat assaulted by accordion, fiddle, banjo and mandolin, Reilly truly has a multidimensional sound, with 5 lead vocalists all having a significant songwriting background, there is plenty of creativity and spontaneity at live shows and in the studio. Truly a 'must see' live, every show is different as Reilly engages crowd participation more akin to a stand up comic than a traditional Irish band.

After a few years of back room jamming at Hanley's Pub at 35th & State in Milwaukee, the band formed by Brian Reilly, rest his soul, hit the pub scene hard circa 2001. Reilly never actually met most of that 2001 cast. After his untimely death, Brian's friend from the Milwaukee Hurling Club, John O'Donnell, carried the torch. O'Donnell hired his hurling buddies Jim Kiley and Chris Carter, and his neighbor Patrick Moores to drink and play. Already a semi-pro musician with a love for Irish music, Jim Kiley called on old original rock-band mate Brian Bruendl and the sound began to happen. When it was time for their first demo, Bruendl called his buddy Bruce, from another original rock band, to produce a demo. After laying way too much accordion on the demo, Bruce was forced to join against his will. Irish luck would have it that Michael "Tinker" Tierney, while on a drunken stooper, thought he heard a bar fight in the back room of Hanely's Pub. Determined to break it up, he walked in on rehearsal, and never left. Looking for a shot of energy drink, Reilly pulled off a high seas heist and picked up Kimberly Unger hot off her gig from Milwaukee legend Misses Murphy. Hoping for just one more lead singer, Reilly found Joe Neumann just in time to sing those really high parts on their 2008 release "Kick Ass Celtic Christmas" on Oglio Records.

Fast Forward to 2013 - the long awaited release of "Revelry and Regret", the most diverse album released by Reilly to date.

Several hundred gigs, beers, arguments, laughs, cries and celebrations later, Reilly forges on true to their 2001 sound and spirit, higher energy than ever!

Brian Bruendl- Drums, Percussion, Vocals, relentless re-arranging and counting, 7/7 if you must
Michael "Tinker" Tierney- Guitar, Bouzouki, bass, harmonica, vocals, rock star, half and half
Kimberly Unger - Fiddle, Vocals, personality, foofoo drinks with redbull
Joe "Travolta" Neumann- Bass, Vocals, hair, whiskey (whatever Tinker has in the flask)