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Rhonda Mills

Rhonda Mills and Bradford Smith have collaborated to produce several CD's:

On the 'Guided Practices to Simply Live and Evolve' series they share ancient practices distilled from the Himalayan Tradition and the healing and balancing sounds of Tibetan Bowls to support your life journey and to expand love and joy on the planet.

On Yoga with Rhonda, they share a Yoga practice in the tradition of ParaYoga and the Himalayan Institute, accompanied by Bradford Smith's meditative music.

About Rhonda Mills:

Rhonda is a curious, intuitive, playful spirit in a dancing body. Her purpose is to inspire, awaken and expand love and joy through playful embodiment. A dancer and performer since childhood, she has a diverse background as a professional dancer, choreographer and movement teacher in her childhood home near Tulsa, Oklahoma, then Los Angeles, California, Japan, Las Vegas, Nevada and now St. Louis, Missouri.

Rhonda was initiated into the Himalayan tradition of Yoga with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute in 2003. She completed a 500 hour master training in ParaYoga with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga, in 2009. These teachings are fundamental in her life and work. Included in the Himalayan Tradition is the Yogic right hand path of Tantra, Patanjali (or classical) Yoga, Ayurveda, and a wealth of practices to support students to quickly and effectively undo any and all limitations in their body, mind, heart, and spirit. The scope of Yoga is much larger than most people realize - Yoga is not limited to the asanas / Yoga poses in Yoga classes! Practices include many approaches to physical practice, meditation, systematic relaxation, Prana / energy work, Chakras, Breathing / Pranayama, Kundalini, chanting, devotional practices, prayer, healing practices for oneself and others, and more. Rhonda is happy to share these many powerful practices from the Himalayan tradition with others.

Despite the apparent differences in our life circumstances, we as human beings have so much in common: our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and fears and the way our minds, hearts, and bodies integrate is universal. Beauty is everywhere. Learn more at

About Bradford Smith:

Bradford Smith, an accomplished musician on woodwinds, piano, and Native American flute, joins Rhonda on the 'Simply Live and Evolve' series with the Tibetan Singing Bowls, also known as hand-hammered Himalayan chakra bowls. These bowls create entraining sound wave interference beats that slow brain waves to a conscious dream state. Brad is certified as a Sound Healer with Tibetan sound healer Suren Shrestha, who teaches sound healing techniques he learned from Tibetan monks and the yogi Tahalkishor Maharaj. Brad offers sound healing sessions with the Tibetan Chakra bowls and other instruments and leads kirtans - devotional singing, sounding, and music - several times per month in St. Louis, Missouri.

Brad also handled the recording of each of these CD's, and provided accompanying music for the 'Yoga with Rhonda' CD.

Learn more about Brad at