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Rise of Realism

The philosophy and working methods of Rise of Realism are different then your ordinary rock band.
Led by van Amerongen, RoR gives a platform to artists of any kind, be it musicians, lyricists, artists or any other medium.

Rise of Realism was formed back in 1995 by Robert Hugo Moorman and Andreas van Amerongen.

Based in the legendary Studio Aluna complex in Amsterdam, Moorman and van Amerongen formed a duo which combined heavy pounding industrial beats with rock and ancient poetry. Together they recorded many tracks, did many shows and produced the video for ‘Brian and Pereene’.

KC Jay joined as drummer and in this line-up the ‘Greetingz Strangers’ album was recorded. This earned Rise of Realism their first contract.
After this it went quiet; KC had to move to Australia and Moorman and van Amerongen both went their own ways. Moorman rocked on with the Chemical War Babies and van Amerongen went on to play with Exide, which played many Rise of Realism songs.

Exide formed their own booking agency ‘Johnny Flinck Music’ and organized a tour in England where they, among many other places, played in the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.
After the inevitable band split-up, leaving van Amerongen and Erik Jansen (drums) on their own, they decided start with an ambitious recording project combining the spirit and philosophy of Rise of Realism with the soul of Exide.
Van Amerongen met old school-friend Richard Tseng with whom he played long ago in their first band ‘Whatever!‘ at a Nightwish concert in Amsterdam and the Rise of Realism formation was complete again.

Disaster struck when shortly thereafter Erik Jansen was victim of a terrible accident and suddenly died in 2008. Had it not been for sound-engineer Steven ‘Gadge’ Nieuwendijk (10 Gauge, The Nitwitz), who filled the enormous gap Erik’s death left behind the project would surely have stopped there. During the recording process the decision was made to use as many of Erik’s drumming wherever possible. Old recordings of Erik were therefore digitized and he can be heard on many a song.

Now the recordings are done. No less then five EP’s hit the shelves. Heavy pounding industrial beats carefully woven together with symphonic and heavy rock influences. You will hear flutes, violins, synthesizers, different guitarists (LJ Robijn, Richard Tseng, Robert Hugo Moorman, Dre van Kouwen, van Amerongen) and the like. Even KC Jay (didgeridoo) makes an appearance!

Rise of Realism is live a heavy rock formation consisting of four experienced musicians; Andreas van Amerongen (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Richard Tseng (lead guitar), Martijn van Rijssel (Bass) and Bas Moerbeek (drums).

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Andreas van Amerongen
Richard Tseng
Martijn van Rijssel
Bas Moerbeek

Former members and special guests:
Dre van Kouwen
Robert Hugo Moorman
KC Jay
Erik Jansen
LJ Robijn
Olivia de Quartz
Fiona Campbell