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Composer, arranger, film & music producer, Nikolai R Pankratz’s also known as RUSCHA life reads like a living legacy. Born in a forced labor camp in Siberia Nikolai was exposed to persecution early in his life when he refused to wear the pin bearing the picture of Lenin. When leaving Russia in 1974 Nikolai made his first recordings in Austria, Germany and Sweden titled “The Russian Classics” which became popular in Russia and are still loved by many today. The first 5 CDs in the Russian language go back all away to 1975 and were released in 2012 for the first time under the name Nikolai R. Pankratz. The first three CDs “Добровольцы мы”, “Скоро день тот придет” and “Я хочу быть твоим” were recorded in Austria in 1975-1977, the fourth CD “Оркестр Бонн” was recorded in Germany and Sweden in 1978 and “Ах Журавли” CD was recorded in Sweden and finished in the U.S. in 1980-81. The recordings were created strictly for Russian radio and were broadcasted into Russia by Earl Poysti, Alex Leanovich, Peter Deyneka, Voice of America, BBC and many others. The radio programs targeted a primarily conservative audience which explains why Mr. Pankratz’s wasn’t able to use percussion instruments.

After coming to America the band became known as “The Russians” and recorded two more albums “Believe It Like It Is” and "Lover Forever More”.

In 1988 the band went through a name change and became “RUSCHA” releasing “Come Alive” and “Invisible Hands” adding to the incredible legacy and collection of Nikolai R. Pankratz’s work. Re-released in 2012 all nine CDs can be obtained in hard copy and download. Songs like “Come Home”, “Come Alive”, “The Word Stands Forever” and “Broken Heart” were played all over the world and charted on Billboard. More recordings of the band never released to the public will be made available soon.