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Hong Kong

Carol of the (Dharma) Bells

Ryan C Hunt

American by birth, I currently live in Hong Kong with my family, hold a regular job and commute every day by MTR (the local rail system). This is a great city that bridges many people, cultures and religions. While I have had the circumstances to work in Technology my entire professional life, I actually got my degree in Fine Art. Raised Christian and practicing Buddhism for more than 20 years, it seems my life is filled with many bridges of juxtaposing perspectives.

Several years ago I made dinner for my kids. I took all the leftovers from the refrigerator, dumped them into the largest wok we had, added spices and seasoning along with lots of cheese. The name I gave to this dish was Wismaroo (s pronounced like z). It was a major hit. They loved the food and the name. After that I made many other “Wisma” dishes, wismatata, wismaghetti, wismaroosarole, all following the same pattern of using leftovers to create something new and yummy. Something unique and special to that particular meal.

I realised the way I think and talk, and the poetry and prose I write could be seen in a similar light and so coined the term Wismababble to describe it, and using that label, I have started releasing and publishing creative works of mine that follow the “Wisma” pattern of transient assimilation and symbiosis. Enjoy!