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Ryo Utasato

Ryo Utasato, is a composer, singer and writer. Began listening to the music of her father's classical guitar, and her mother's folk singing along with the samisen from the age of 3. Her grandfather is half Japanese Ainu. At the age of 14 Ryo started singing in a rock band and by 18 she was singing professionally with a foreign artist and appearing on Japanese TV. At 28 her career expanded to include composing music for film and television, such as the theme for World Heritage, and others. Her original soundtracks have been used in scifi, historical, drama, horror and action films & TV. As a singer, her style is best identified with world music, ethnic singing, ancient singing of Japan, healing new age, pop and rock. She respects the history and culture of all races on this earth. This is deeply expressed in her music.

Shade Law is brand new to the scene, she basically started to write Music because of You Tube's rules and regulations about Music with Video. Not really understanding why certain Music could not be used.... a good friend of her's suggested that she writes her own. Hence she started her adventure at Reverbnation with her trusted band members, "MAGIX16 AND ACID7, "Cakewalk" just joined the Team, soon to arrive more samples from Native Instruments." Shade now enjoys her own Music with the Videos she creates with her Film-Video Partner at Striking Concept, as well as not getting into trouble at You Tube.

Ryo and Shade met at Reverbnation and started a deep friendship as they enjoyed each others work, Shade asked Ryo if she could do a Video for one of her works, and from there they began to work on "East Meets West," it was Ryo who then suggested after the completion of the song "East Meets West" that they do an entire Album. Hence "East Meets West the Album" came about. Produced at two ends of the World LUNE Muzik.JP where Ryo resides and Devotions Recording in the US where Shade resides. Two worlds, many experiences, enjoy "East Meets West the Album."

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