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Sam Green

I grew up in church of god in Christ my father being a preacher play guitar and sang him and my sisters I was to little to sing with them he started letting me sing solos on his broadcast radio services every Sunday morning but I wanted to play guitar he suggested that I should play bass because I was left handed, and I was having problems trying to learn the chords, my brother Lynn bough a bass , but he played lead and my other brother John played drums , and we played for the church and other churches. Our church was in their holy convocation meeting on Sunday Aug 19, 1972 a friend of my father came up after church to pick his wife up from church she was a member and he ask my dad if I could go to practice with him he played for a quartet group my dad said I don't know but he talk my dad into letting me go, and they loved my playing they hired me you didn't never get paid that was just a saying if you were good enough to play for them but I pass all of their tests ,and on Tuesday August 21 1972 was suppose to be my sweet sixteen birthday we were in church all the week enjoyed my birthday you not going to get to much of nothing anyway but church, with nine kids. My oldest brother Lynn wanted me to play drums for the group and he play bass I told him no because I am no drummer my brother John would of come in and took my spot because he was a drummer while we were thinking about it on Thursday even August 23 1972 before church time a friend of the family had Lynn car at his house getting ready to put a Transmission in it he got on the Motorcycle and I drove dad truck to see if he was working on the car but he was not home we left to go for a ride down the highway, and a car came up from behind they were drinking and smoking weed and hit Lynn on the motorcycle from behind and killed him. So you know that messed up my so call sweet sixteen that was the worst thing in my life I did not want to play music any more and I would always say when I would hear BB King sing about his sweet sixteen i always say what sweet sixteen . After that another brother from the church named Sammy Ray Honey came up and ask if I would teach him how to play lead guitar he would be my lead Guitar player I told him that I would think about it. I had to learn how to play to help him and to learn for myself we put a band together and never looked back we played for groups together choirs bands he move to Dallas Texas he still playing and they have their own band I move to California in August of 1979 and keep playing for bands and groups greats musicians they just didn't seem to want to do anything but out play each other and talk about how they kick the other group but and curse all on the church ground. And the night club guys some not all get high and talk about recording ,but I was not satisfied with just staying out late for a few dollars and drinks and wonderings how are you going to stay awake on that day job so 1986 I got out of the clubs and met this Brother from another mother Kenny McCloud who was putting a studio together and I went with my bass and lead guitar, and I paid out of my pocket to record, if you believe in yourself take a chance on yourself, I done One Album in 1986 and another in 1987 before I got my first backer Junior Denton he was a great man, another reason I cant quit not only did I believe in me but he also believed in me many said I was going to quit when he died I'm still on it He told me lets do this the sky was the limit he pass from a massive heat o tack in 1990 it set me back I had to go back in my pocket . Then the Owner of the club saw how serious I was she wanted to cut an Album on me and we worked all over California until she died, I keep on moving I move back to Mississippi in September 2004 . Stop for a while started playing for a church and it was more drummer in their than it was working on a job where the supervisor wants you to be the members and he be God . I cannot be a yes man theirs One God and One son which is between man and God that's Jesus Christ. When you are right I'm with you but when you are wrong I can not go along with you, right and wrong don't mix, Thank God for having a father who raised us up in holiness you may not be save , but at least you know what you got to do to get right, you are not confuse. Then some want to know why you sings blues and R & B now, my real answers is snakes like some of these give's you the blues. So much for that. This Album is a Tribute to my big brother from another mother and a Legend. Brother Al Green, Who I got to meet in California ., He inspired me and as long as I live I'm going to help keep his music alive along with mines.