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Scott Underwood

Born and raised in California, Scott Underwood grew up with a deep love and appreciation of music. Both Scott's grandfather and father played guitar and sang. Their style was influenced by life in Oklahoma during the Great Depression, having to make the journey West to escape the Dust Bowl and an unfailing faith in the Almighty. Blues, Folk and Gospel all rolled up into one unique sound his grandfather played in the local bars on Saturdays and everyone sang in church on Sundays.
When Scott was 16 years old he picked up his first guitar and taught himself how to play. He loved the feel and sound of Neil Young, Led Zepplin, Bill Withers and many others. Since he felt he couldn't possibly play the songs he heard on the radio he began writing his own. He was in his first band later that same year called Eternity and performed in local churches. During this time he was also in the High School Jazz band playing trombone. Playing jazz really expanded on his ability to breath life into his own music and to create another layer of richness to his sound.
In college Scott played in churches and continued writing songs. He married, graduated and started his family. After playing for a church conference, a guest speaker asked Scott who had written the songs. Finding out they were Scott's, he asked for a copy to take to Vineyard Music. In 1995 the album Hallelujah Glory was recorded and released with his song Take My Life (Holiness) being one of his most covered songs to date. Two of his songs from Vineyard Music were featured on WOW Worship albums going Platinum. He has recorded over 14 CD's with Vineyard Music, New Wine Live Worship, and Forerunner Music. He is a sought after performer and speaker and has had the honor of traveling the world sharing his love of God and music.
Some respected musicians and friends share their thoughts:

"Scott's style of music is in a category all by itself. He teeters on the edge of folk and gospel but never to far in either extreme. His voice is captivating, pulling the listener into every lyric. Although his songs are known within churches across the globe Scott redefines himself by his creative ability. You can't help but label his music as deeply spiritual and timeless."
Chris Beland Chabot ~ songwriter/musician

"Somewhere in my formative teenage years, I got a blues-shaped void, which isn't easily filled within the "worship music" genre. Scott Underwood somehow makes it work with reverence, lamentations and even hilarious joy. Add to that foundation a love for American Folk, Celtic melodies and gospel and Scott is very difficult to get tired of. He is one of my few favorite songwriters."
Rick Kamrath ~ musician

"Scott has been given a divine favor that very few song writers could wish to have. Being truthful about what's in the heart and bringing out lines and melodies that truly draws the listener away from the song writer to the Creator God is truly commendable. "
Gem Gabriel ~ songwriter/musician

"Scott is a true songwriter, vocalist, priest of music and the most unpretentious force to be reckoned with. No rock-star persona to be found, no canned pop music, just three chords and the truth (as Dylan would say). ...We need his music because it grounds us and plugs us back into the Source."
Benjamin Lemburg ~songwriter/musician

"I have personally been blessed being around Scott, he has the ability to impart love and worship together, along with this incredible sense of gentleness and humor...his musical style is awesome...I pray that he will receive a double portion of the blessing and anointing in the days and years to come"
Godfrey Fernandez ~ musician/pastor