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Scotty Wright

A veteran musician for over 30 years, one can hear the entire spectrum of jazz singing in the performance of vocalist Scotty Wright.

With a warm, rich-toned voice and relaxed delivery, Scotty possesses a unique sound that is deeply rooted in the jazz tradition. His style features harmonic sophistication, a playful rhythmic approach and insightful phrasing of the lyric.

Writer Zen Delta in Bangkok Thailand states,
“ clear on one thing. When Scotty's in charge of the gig, then there's gonna be some great music and you're gonna remember in a heartbeat why it was you loved jazz in the first place.
Scotty lives and breathes the spirit of jazz, and he delivers the fine music jazz has to offer with style and musicianship and heart and soul.”

While his style is informed by the masters of jazz singing - Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy Scott, Carmen McRae, Johnny Hartman, Betty Carter and Billie Holiday, among others - Scotty has a way with a song that is unmistakably his own, particularly during his forays into wordless 'scat' singing.

Monterey California writer William Minor tells us,
"Wright is a fine instrumental who invents his own syllables - rich ones - based, he says, on his perception of ‘the sounds of the instruments: a musician’s way of speaking in tongues’.
“That only works if you hang around with, and listen to the right sort of players, and it was clear...Wright took on the timbre, taste and invention of the musicians who surrounded him.”

In everything he sings, one is certain that the song has never been heard quite the same way before, nor will be again. It is this element of the unexpected, what Scotty calls the 'music of the moment', that is the essence of great jazz.

Scotty is also a pianist: in his solo performances, the bass lines, counter-melodies and syncopated rhythms that his fingers create swirl around his voice, as if dancing together.
In his review of Scotty's first recording, Hugh Wyatt of the New York Daily News declared,
“Scotty Wright is becoming one of only a handful of authentic jazz singers...Whom does Wright sound like? Surprisingly, no one...the most gifted new jazz singer in decades.”

Wright's gift for singing jazz has won respect - from musicians and critics alike. John Barrett Jr, of Jazz Improv magazine, says of Scotty Wright, "he of the deep voice and resonant glow…He tries so many things, and succeeds so often, that I smile thinking of what could come next."

When asked about the courage required to play jazz, Scotty says, ""I think it's funny," he says. "I go for stuff when I'm singing, and if I miss it, what is there to be afraid of? Nobody kicks down my front door and takes my children from me. I either make it or I don't. So I go for everything that's out there."

Discover jazz singer Scotty Wright, as he goes for the music of the moment - and you'll smile, thinking of what could come next.