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Hey - I'm Sharron-Idol. I'm a singer/songwriter, and I'm attempting to help to entertain you with my music: I do hope that you enjoy listening to it. The best is yet to come. - 'More on that shortly. I just took a look at my profile and discovered from reading it that it was about a year old. I do like to update it from time to time - so here goes nothing...

I looked at this profile in July 017 and read:
"2016 is well under way at time of writing and/or editing. - Time flies when you're enjoying yourself or so they say."
- They're right; the years are flying past!. I'll be editing this again in 2018 before I know it. 0_0

My focus in 2015 was on growing as an artist, and the quantity of releases were less than they had been as a result of using more time for self-discovery and less studio time.

In 2016 I'm as usual I stepped up to the task, as well as up to the podium: Well you know what they say: "Practice makes perfect.- And in 2017 and 2018 I'm still practicing and still striving for perfection... An unattainable and undefinable goal seems like a silly thing to aim for; but it's far better and more productive than standing still, and, like a towel, I press-on. 0_0

Last year I appeared to have developed an arthritic knee and hip on my right side; which is about as welcome as a pork chop in a mosque. - This year it appears to have improved quite a bit; so pork chops are off the menu for now.

The road is long - in fact seemingly never-ending. Art can never be perfected as such; just expressed better and with more emotion, diligence, and passion.

There is no perfect artist. There is no perfect art, until one can positively and solidly define perfection, and then having defined the "perfect" art it is no longer art; because art by its very nature is indefinable as a universal constant and is unquantifiable. This is where art and science part ways eternally, except for maybe maintaining something akin to an artistic quantum state that can never be fully defined. - This for the purpose of keeping art in some kind of quantifiable constant for the sake of not having to alienate it from science totally. - But now I'm trying to pigeonhole art - akin to fitting a multidimensional peg with six triangular sides into a round hole. (Part-credit to Isaac Asimov there for the thinking behind the terminology used.)

I like that paragraph above - it was one of my deep moments- so I left it in.

You can still purchase my fundraising EP *C'est La Vin, C'est La Vie* here at a VERY reasonable price; which generates donations to BBC Children in Need. - No it doesn't pay my phone bill. That was a rumour which started when a male friend of mine said it jokingly. - There's no truth in it. - My friend is just a twat.

OK so this is my bio, and as much as I hate writing bios I suppose I'd better make some kind of further effort: -

More about me. (zzz) - I cut this bio down in this rewrite: It was too big before. I doubt anyone read all of it. If they did they'd have red eyes.

I can't boast many years of experience or a long musical history or history in entertainment. What I can bring to you, however, for your entertainment, is great and growing ability, enthusiasm, tinged with technological aptitude and the experience of a number of years.

I'm a born artist who nearly didn't happen: In my teens I knew I was a singer/performer, I loved singing/performing, and I was good at it too. I still know I'm a singer/performer now: Age and a disability aren't going to stop me living my dream. Join me on my journey; we're all stars - we just need a place to shine.

Summer 2017 started out hot through blazing June; but July's turning into a bummer of a summer in the UK. - Whatever the case, there's a lot of music happening regardless of the weather. - That can only be a good thing.

I'm not going to ramble on any more, other than to say "Here's my offering to the world of entertainment: I hope you enjoy it." - And I hope you'll support me by purchasing a few releases too. :) - Thanks in advance. (It really sucks when I say that. - I'm never saying that again. I said that back in 2015 and it's still displayed here... I still haven't said it again either; so I kept to my word.)