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Shawn Harris

OK do you remember when you would buy a "Record" or gasp "Cassette" and you would know that there would be different types of songs on it - not the same 2 song 6 times each? Well I really tried to do as many styles as I could on this cd so hopefully I did that and did not lose too many of you - and NO I am not a country artist (gesh - you do one country-ish song and everyone says "Hey I didnt know you were country) and NO I am not a Christian artist. I am just an artist who likes many different styles and likes to write about positive things if possible. So sue me - or buy my cd - but please don't label me as anything other than an artist trying to find a few people who enjoy their music :)

Every song has some kind of meaning, so instead of talking about me I thought I would just talk a little about the songs because I am kind of boring :)

So music is like art - everyone has a different opinion about it - well except mine is more like modern art without the art part, and I am not sure if I am modern. Hmmm, I guess that analogy kind of sucks - I will work on it and get back to you.

So in other words if you hate my music - it is ok - if you like it - COOOL :) If you love it - I am going to have to Baker act you....... It's really for your own good....

Let's Roll: This is my tribute to the 9/11 victims and I hope I do them justice. I have a video that works on IE browsers at: We need to remember these people forever and if I had my way it would be a national holiday. This is the only song I have ever written where I wanted the listener to know EXACTALLY what I am talking about - all the rest are kind of non pointed with room to wonder.

Darker Side of Love: Funny thing about creativity - it is not practical nor convenient - so I had finished the cd and gone thru the mastering process and was sending the cd out on a Friday when all of the sudden on Thursday while home sick with the flu I came up with this song. I wrote it jamming along with a drum loop I was working on and thought - hmmm I really think this needs to go on the cd. Soooooo I had to throw that master away and go back into the studio and mix down this song which I recorded at home. Then remaster the cd and change all of the media - artwork - cd cover - yada yada to reflect this new song :) What price creativity huh.... I think the song was worth it and hopefully so do you.

Before the Fall: This is a love song about those bad times where you wish you could just take back the parts that hurt you both. I put rain in the beginning and end because it reminded me of being at the beach during a thunderstorm when I wrote it. That is where the line "I see the wind sweep up the sand" came from.

Sweet Charity: I always wanted to write a fun song that had kind of a sing along chorus and this one came to me while actually working on another song. This is probably the most fun song to play and sing so far. Yes I had a sore throat after singing this from the growling I did.

Real Life: This was actually my attempt at a 70's style song like "Papa was a Rolling Stone" -- BUT -- when I found the drum loop I thought - "Wow that works too" - so I kept that beat and tried to get that feel as best I could - so it's my modern beat - um - 70's song - yea - that's it.

House of Cards: I was at work - really hoping to NOT get laid off, and it kind of came to me that- life is just a house of cards, that you try to build up until some one comes along and knocks it over. Then I kind of thought that we all just want to succeed and not make a fool of ourselves - so I wrote that feeling as best I could. With a touch of humor :) Of course I thought all of this on my lunch hour not at my desk if my boss is reading this - whoops.... who left the typewriter on while I was talking..AKWARD....

Moon in your eyes: Ahh this was a tough one - I DO NOT like the sound of my own voice so a song with just guitar and me was touch and go, so I asked my friend to play flute over it, and then asked him to write some music with his trio. He did and this is the result - For me there is a lot of ME in there which still makes me cringe ever so much:) The drummer listed to it and laughed and said hey man no drums for this one for sure... In case you didn't notice there is no meter what so ever on this song because I never write to a click so it just comes out how it comes out. I prefer to think I am meter agnostic - or whatever, and we're walking..

Don't Know the Way: This was a weird one, I was watching some youtube videos of guitar players and got on to some really great fast picking country guys and thought "Hmmmmm wonder if I could do that".
This song was a nightmare for the drummer and the bass player to find the groove and it almost didn't make it on the cd. I was unhappy with everything, so I decided to mask my voice with distortion and add heavy reverb on the drums and then put some chorus on the bass. I was looking for that old Led Zep feel with the effects. Only you know if I achieved it.. And no I did not just compare myself to Led Zep only the feel of a Zep song - get over it man... Let it go....

In the Bayou: I was watching the news and they were talking about how another hurrican would destroy Lousiana, and the rest just kind of came to me. like "When the Levee Breaks" kind of a song but with more of a Cajun feel - I hired a fiddle player and a harmonica player as well for this one. I think I did a country song justice if I do say so myself :)

Taking with us all we know: I have never really written a love song to a specific person - I actually never write directly about anything - except "Let's Roll" and "Crown of Thorns" - which isn't actually about Jesus it is about the trials of life and the trials are the thorns - sorry guys who want to make me a "Christian Artist".I prefer to be a little vague and make the listener put the pieces together but I thought how about if I write about love itself and just how much stuff we carry with us to each relationship. How it changes our perception of everything. This is my take at absolute love and the depths and breath you go to achieve and keep it alive.

A Moment of Truth: This one was not about a specific thing it was me singing in a really really high register while I was playing around.Then the chorus just came to me so I had to build the song around it, my favorite part is the part where I just start talking. Kind of different I thought..

Promises to Keep: We have all had friends or family pass, so we all know the pain. This is kind of a tribute to many people but it is from the point of view of a child during the verse and the person who passed during the chorus. I took some license with the point of view of my own feelings towards my father and of the children I knew who had parents pass. My goal was to have people remember just some part of me after I go even if it is just this song.