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A fusion of sound created from around the world. Unique, uplifting, serene, tranquil are but a few words that have been used to describe his music.
Shibaten has travelled to over 30 countries since 1999 to date immersing himself in the culture and music of each.
Even after a near death experience in Africa, where he lived with a local tribe to learn the craft of drum making, Shibaten has not slowed down.
Instead the experience made his passion for life and music even greater!

Shibaten has successfully blended the sounds of: Didgeridoo(Australia), Djembe(Guinea), Sese(Mali), Foot Nuts Bell(Indonesia), Tibetan Bell(Tibet), Thai Gong(Thailand), Wind Chime(Indonesia), Chinese Cymbal(China), Clap Sticks(Burkina Faso), African Bell(Guinea), Chau Gong(China), Stomp box(Australia), ORB (Canada) Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, etc.

To date Shibaten has received great success with the release of his first 3 CD’S "Live at Free Times" and "This Earth" and "~Sound of Journey~".

It is a pleasure to listen to his music but it is a journey of the soul to witness it.
We hope to see you all at some time in the near future.
Without the support and encouragement of his fans this would not be possible.
Bright Blessings and sincere thanks to each and every one of you

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