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Shirley Hadley

Channels of Consciousness is a collection of my very first songs on my keyboard. The year was 1993. I had been without an instrument to play for 8 years. During that time I used my dreams to help fulfill my desires to be making music. In my dreams I would be playing the keyboard composing songs, sometimes playing with other musicians. When my keyboard finally emerged into my life, I immediately began to find my way on it and began to remember the songs I had created in my dreams. The title song Channels of Consciousness was written from this most amazing dream I had. In the dream I was in this valley, surrounded on all sides by these jagged peaks rising up and into the spacious sky above. I was standing on this wooden stage. I had this instrument that was mounted on a stand. I have never seen an instrument like it before. There was an audience of people sitting on the grass surrounded by wildflowers. The sounds would echo off the sides of the mountains and elevated us all into very ecstatic states of awareness. I use the word channel because I see it as paths along which energy or consciousness flows. That is what it is like when I am playing music. These inner pathways are found by me and I, as consciousness travel them. Each song is like a step along the way, no destination, just a journey into the infinite realms of the sound spectrum's that emanate throughout the universe.

On the track list, it says there are only 2 tracks...actually there are 13 separate songs. Here are the titles of each track.

l. Feeling Tones 4:28
2. Crossing Over 6:02
3. Pure Energy 4:27
4. Sound of Color 3:17
5. Gates of Horn 4:00
6. The Shiny Ones 5:20
7. Alternate Worlds 4:19
8. Wise Man of Innocence 3:32
9. Spectrum's of Emotions 5:34
10.Crystalline Lucidity 6:19
11.Tree Songs 6:07
12.Beyond the Speed of Light 6:26
13.Channels of Consciousness 5:37