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Siikamäki & Kurki

Siikamäki & Kurki (abbreviated 'SMK') is a "one-voice-one-guitar" duo from Helsinki, Finland performing own compositions as well as cover songs from various different artists. The origins of SMK go back to May 2015 when Ville Siikamäki and Teemu Kurki were having a few drinks together and messing around with different ideas of recording some acoustic songs together. Although not called SMK at the time - the name for the duo came later - or never really thinking of actually taking the "project" to a level where the guys would perform live or officially release music, Ville and Teemu recorded a version of Bruce Dickinson's "Tears of The Dragon" mainly for their own amusement with Teemu on guitar and Ville singing.

Both Ville and Teemu were part of the Finnish heavy metal group called Adastra and as Adastra was starting to head back to the studio during the summer of 2015 both were committed to the next Adastra record. But as history would have it Adastra broke up during that summer and around the same time Ville and Teemu were already asked to perform together in a private event in Helsinki. The gig took place in September 2015 and with Adastra calling it quits a month or so earlier Ville and Teemu decided to take "the new acoustic-duo thing" that both enjoyed more seriously and keep on recording music, composing own songs and releasing their first EP in February 2016 called "Fate & Affection".