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Space Mirrors

The International Sci-Fi Space Rock/Prog Metal Collective 'Space Mirrors': Alisa Coral (synth), Martyr Lucifer (vox), Gabriel Monticello (bass), Sparky Simmons (guitar), Claudio Tirincanti (drums), Nik Turner (sax), Cyndee L. Rule (violin), Kevin Sommers (art) + special guests. Inspired by stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

Space Mirrors has been founded in 2002 by the multi-instrumentalist Alisa Coral, shortly after joined by the Australian axeman Michael Blackman, known for his Alien Dream project. In Summer 2003 she starts the recordings for the first Space Mirrors album “The Darker Side of Art”, involving in the process very special guests like the well known multi-talented musician Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon, Star One) from Holland, Steve Youles recorded acoustic guitar and solo for one track and Jim Lascko a.k.a. Finity (famous for the Strange Daze Festivals in USA) designed the artwork layout and booklet. The album, characterized by heavy, electronic, psychedelic, atmospheric and epic music based on a classic space rock approach (similar to Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles with a touch of Chrome), has seen the light of day in 2003 in cooperation with Dead Earnest Records (UK) and obtained a great feedback from press and public. The song "Pale Ghosts" has been featured on the Eclipsed prog magazine "Sampler Vol. 10" in the July/August 2004 issue. And a song "Dark Jedi" has become a fan's favourite.

But Alisa Coral and Michael Blackman didn't stop at what was achieved and started working on the new album, “Memories of the Future”, which showed a significant progress comparing to the first one. Themes of the album dealed with ancient civilizations and Ancient Astronauts theories, apocalyptic future and were inspired by Frank Herbert's "Dune" novels. Musically, this album represented a new step in the Space Rock path chosen by the duo; while remaining true to the progressive and psychedelic roots planted in the classic sound of Hawkwind and High Tide, it took the full advantage of the modern recording technology and brought the music to a new level. Songs of this epic album feature heavy guitar riffing allied to the soaring multi-synth, different types of vocals and pounding rhythms. Dark and apocalyptic, some songs have industrial flavour. As it was described “’the heaviest and closest to metal’ space rock album you have ever heard”. Guest musicians who took part to “Memories of the Future” are Metatron (The Meads of Asphodel), Keith Kniveton (Starfield, ex-Hawkwind), Martin (Litmus) and Amber (Shadow Realms). "Memories of the Future" was released by Sleaszy Rider Records (Greece) and did hit the charts at #22 in the Top 100 albums of 2006 in Gagliarchives, ahead of many famous names! (Gagliarchives is the leading Progressive Rock FM radio program and resource (USA)).

Between 2007 and 2009 Space Mirrors recorded their new album “Majestic-12: A Hidden Presence” featuring Nik Turner (Hawkwind co-founder, Space Ritual, Inner City Unit), Cyndee Lee Rule (Spaceseed, Scattered Planets), Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae, Opposite Sides) and Amber. Artwork by Kevin Sommers (Alan Davey, Hawkwind, Steve Swindells and many more). It was a new chapter in Space Mirrors history which brought the listener into a research in the UFO conspiracy subjects in the form of a modern Space Metal. The album has been released in March 2009 again by Sleaszy Rider Records.

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In late 2011 Monster Fuzz Records (USA) released the limited edition split single on red vinyl Space Mirrors / Acid FM “Dreams of Area 51 / Space Beyond Space”.

2011/2012: Michael Blackman leaves the band and Alisa Coral starts rebuilding the project, giving it a further direction to focus on fine crafted tunes and starts composing the new album, called "In Darkness They Whisper", the first in the "Cosmic Horror" series. The songs of the new album are inspired by the metaphysical, cosmological and occult concepts developed by H.P. Lovecraft in his stories.
The music combines elements from heavy and melodic space rock to dark and epic metal while staying true to the Space Mirrors style which marked the first three albums, characterized by space/psych rock and some epic sympho-prog elements. Artwork is once again created by Kevin Sommers. The new line-up includes musicians from Russia, Italy, UK, USA and Denmark, including the legendary Nik Turner (sax, flute) and Alan Davey (bass) of Hawkwind fame, the space/prog rock virtuoso Cyndee Lee Rule (Spaceseed, Osiris the Rebirth, etc.) on violin, on guitar Arke (Opposite Sides, Hortus Amimae), Fabio “Amon 418” Bartolini (Hate Profile, Hortus Animae), John Pack and Allen Welty-Green of the known American space rock band Spaceseed and Sparky Simmons (Acid FM), Bjorn Jeppesen a synth player well known for his Nattefrost project, and Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae) on vocals. Released on Transubstans Records in 2012.

2012/2013: "The new Space Mirrors album "The Other Gods" is the second in the "Cosmic Horror" series (and fifth in discography) inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. It is a wonderful blend of dynamic space rock, prog metal and classic hard rock with influences not only from Hawkwind but also Blue Öyster Cult, Eloy and Black Sabbath! "The Other Gods" shows a further development in terms of sound and musicians' line-up with the recruitment of Claudio Tirincanti (Blaze Bayley, Tim "Ripper" Owens, etc.) to play all drums and Gabriel Monticello (Spaceseed, Albany Symphony Orchestra, etc.) to play bass on all songs. Sparky Simmons (Acid FM) recorded most of the guitars and Fabio Bartolini (Hate Profile) played guitars on one song. Martyr Lucifer delivered his best vocals’ performance to date. Bless (Hortus Animae) recorded some wonderful piano. Cyndee Lee Rule provided a violin string section and Dr. James Hodkinson (Shadowlight, Pre-Med) played mellotron and moog. The legendary Nik Turner (Hawkwind’s co-founder, Space Ritual, etc.) once more recorded sax and flute. Everything was done under the coordination of keyboardist Alisa Coral, the creator of Space Mirrors. Artwork and 12-page booklet were again created by Kevin Sommers. Space Mirrors again confirmed its international status by having in its ranks musicians from Italy, USA, UK and Russia!
Alisa Coral about this record: "I think we have been able to successfully mix progressive space rock with classic hard rock in a modern suit here. We've got a very strong rhythm section with the same musicians playing on all the songs this time. Every musician gave it all to the recording and Martyr Lucifer really shows the great range of his voice. There is no programming and no triggered drums. Just old school real drumming, heavy riffs, hot leads, sax, flute, symphonic keyboards, spacey synth and vocals - all combined very nicely on this album."

2014: In 2014 line-up remains the same for the recording of the third part of the trilogy called “Cosmic Horror III: Stella Polaris": Alisa Coral (keyboards), Martyr Lucifer (vocals), Claudio Tirincanti (Blaze Bayley) on drums, Sparky Simmons (Acid FM) on guitars and Gabriel Monticello (Spaceseed) on bass and Nik Turner on guest sax and flute with Kevin Sommers creating artwork and visual side of the band.

2015: International space metallers 'Space Mirrors' are back with their "Cosmic Horror III: Stella Polaris" album which concludes the H.P. Lovecraft inspired trilogy! For the first time Space Mirrors features the same line-up as on previous album and it allows the band to show even more cohesive and solid musicianship and songwriting - Alisa Coral, Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae), Claudio Tirincanti (Blaze Bayley), Sparky Simmons (Acid FM), Gabriel Monticello (Spaceseed). Nik Turner (Hawkwind co-founder, Space Ritual, ICU) is again an honourable guest playing on 5 songs. Kevin Sommers created an outstanding artwork with 16 pages booklet. Get ready for mind blowing cosmic horror songs with catchy choruses and interesting instrumental arrangements!

"The Darker Side of Art" (2004) (Dead Eranest)
"Memories of the Future" (2006) (Sleaszy Rider)
"Majestic-12: A Hidden Presence" (2009) (Sleaszy Rider)
“Dreams of Area 51 / Space Beyond Space” (2011) split with Acid FM released on 7” red vinyl (Monster Fuzz Records)
"In Darkness They Whisper" (2012) (Transubstans)
"The Other Gods" (2013) (Transubstans)
“The Golden Path” EP Atomic Age Records 2014
“The Street Remains” EP Atomic Age Records 2015
“Stella Polaris” Atomic Age Records 2015