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Stephen DeRuby

The extraordinary flutist and composer, Stephen DeRuby literally “crafts” his music. He is an acclaimed master flute maker who actually designs special flutes to give just the right voice to his mystical arrangements. With an emphasis on acoustic instruments, his music is earthy, natural and alive with woodwinds, strings and percussion. His global musical influences range from East Indian ragas to Native American, African, Middle Eastern, Latin and Oriental music.

And now, Stephen brings us a break-out album with an infusion of incredible world class musicians titled: AWAKENING “This album is a celebration of our awakening to the wonder of this precious moment.”

DeRuby has dedicated his lifetime to music, the healing arts and spiritual awareness.
Influenced by the music and wisdom of the East, he has been practicing yoga, tai chi, meditation and Eastern philosophies since 1968. As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner he uses the power of music to feed the mind, body and soul. “My earliest memory of music is rocking in my grandmother’s lap with my head on her breast and feeling the vibrations as she would hum. It was a deeply comforting connection.”

Stephen has been playing various musical instruments since he was 13. He has been singing and dancing all his life. “Music saved me. I grew up in a home of domestic violence. Amid all the discord, the guitar and jamming with friends, was my refuge. It was a place of peace, harmony and hope. To share music from this place is my great joy.”

In the 70’s, he began his career as a folk singer and performed throughout the US and western Canada. During this time he participated in ceremonies with the indigenous peoples of Santa Fe and Taos, N.M. These seminal experiences were the beginning of a musical and spiritual transformation.

In the 80’s, a vocal cord injury put an abrupt but temporary end to Stephen’s singing career. Once again, he turned this adversity into a creative process by embarking on a new musical path as a flute maker, flutist and multi-instrumentalist.
“I discovered that the ancient voice of the flute speaks from my heart in a way that words cannot. The tone of the woodwind is the breath of spirit into matter.” Inspired by the pure expression of the flute, he discovered the music of ancient cross-cultural traditions. He made ceremonial flutes, drums and rattles and recorded them along with his vast collection of modern and ethnic world instruments. He then appeared extensively at international festivals and events.

His previous albums “PASSION FLUTE” on the Earthtone label and “SACRED SPACES” (candidate for a GRAMMY nomination) on the Domo label have garnered many fans of his “earthy and lush” musical style. Kitty Norris, former DJ/Host Programmer at Iridium Radio says; “I keep SACRED SPACES in my medicine bag for my healing work. It’s also a favorite part of my personal CD collection.”

Stephen resides in the Sierra Mountains of California and continues to express his musical gifts.
He is the founder of the New Path Music label, Eternally Grateful Productions and Acoustic Revelations.