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Ted Narcotic

My Erotic Narcotic starts with the meeting of Ted Higgins and Kelly
Kristjanson in 1980. Kelly was the drummer for the band Brando Bogart
(originally called The Seattle News) who were signed to First American Records,
but were dropped before the album's release. After Brando Bogart's studio album
"Passing Lane" was recorded, Ted Higgins became friends with Kelly. The band
decided to record a single with Ted. "I Like Your Tanline Baby" was in "hot rotation" at the University of Washingtons KCMU for the summer of 1980,. Today KCMU is KEXP, an internet favorite representing all types of barely above ground music.

In the 80s Ted had recorded 6 songs that became singles
The band reformed with Kelly's sister Kerri playing guitar and
Kelly continued to play drums sometimes switching with his school
friend Matt Moody,
By 1993, they took some of their best
recordings and released a cassette album called "Surface of Venus" which
included 9 newer tracks and three of the six 80s singles. In February 1994 they
did another show at the off ramp, but Kerri had hurt her wrist while working
causing her to take a break from playing guitar for quite a while. Instead,
Kelly played guitar and Kerri used a keyboard to play bass. Kelly was an
experienced musician who also played guitar alongside Kerri in their old band
The Want during the 80s so it was easy for him to fill that position. The
collection of songs from the live off ramp shows was called "Irresistible
Impulse." That title was based on a song about the infamous Lorena Bobbit.
In May 1994 Ted's coworker Mike Russell auditioned to be their new bass player
and they ended up recording a full length album on the spot. This was titled
"Itch". In November they recorded the singles "Fake My Own Death" and "I Can See
Through The Telephone" without Mike present and Kelly overdubbing his own bass.

Bassist Pete Becktell joined My Erotic Narcotic just a couple months after Mike
quit. Camera man Cheez brought him in to fill Mike's position as he was his
brother-in-law. This is when the band really started getting active. During this
time period, multiple albums worth of music was recorded and Pete was even able
to redo all of the songs the band did before he joined. From 1996 until the
early 2000s, My Erotic Narcotic hosted a public access show called "The Ted
Narcotic Show" which gave Ted a chance to work on his improvisational comedy
chops as well as hone his skills as a musical performer.
Most music was done either in Kelly's studio room or Matt's garage and
most songs were improvised and recorded without rehearsal. There were also many live performances used for footage from their regular shows at the Art Bar in Seattle.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SCAN TV showed reruns of the Ted Narcotic show until April 2004 when they chose
not to renew their time slot. After this point, the band switched from doing
their master recordings on DAT tapes to digital recording on Kelly's Mac
computer. In 2006 the track "Ben Is a Has Been" was
Ted is still active with the band and recorded a full album in 2008 called "A
Deadly Combination" and My Erotic Narcotic performed live at The Monkey Pub in
Seattle in March 2009 after a long break from live performances. 5 more albums
worth of digital tracks from 2007-2009 are being put together by Ted titled
"Always Amazing Again", "I Want To Feel You", "Nothing To Do As Good As You.",
"A Coup D'squab", and "I'll Smoke Crack To Get You Back." .
A friend of theirs since 2008, Rick Stilwell is currently working on remastering
their old tape recordings so they can eventually put out cds and DVDs of their
older material including the Ted Narcotic Show. He is even working on getting
together material from Kelly's other bands: Brando Bogart, The Want, NW
Frontier, The Fabulous Love Oysters, and The Cunning Hounds.
Bass player Pete Becktell died Tragically on Saturday, January 30th 2010. He was with the
band for 15 years and really helped make the band what it is. Ted put together a
box set called "A Digital Box of Rocks" which includes all 67 songs made from
2006-2010. That's 6 full albums and a few stragglers that didn't make it to the
albums. The previous material that is stored on analog sources and DATs from the
80s and 90s will be put together in a separate box set in the future.