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The Balance of Power

The 80's is the time for me....It's when real instruments and synthetic instruments merged together seamlessly. And production and remixes really got me going. Even though my influences came from the 70's it was the 80's that bowled me over.

I had an interest in my fathers “Hank Marvin” looking electric guitar as he rifted Deep Purple and Black Sabbath tunes, while I was a child and I was given classical guitar lessons. I never learnt how to read the music or techniques to master playing, but I did know a lot of the tunes from memory and was able learn by regarding and hearing. “By ear” as you say. And my mum had the amazing ability to sing all the words to every word to every song that came on the radio. Not very well I may add but I was able to recognise The Beach Boys, ELO and Abba coming out of her mouth.

Then I got a Casio Keyboard in 80 something, with that the guitar started it's dust collection. Again, I was able to play tunes that I remembering hearing at some stage in my life. I played them to a friend and he knew the artists that composed them. Those artists? Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis (thanks Keith).I wanted to be Mike Oldfield and have an album out on my 18th birthday and composed my magnum opus, “Ominous,” but it never happen.

Since then, I became a bedroom composer and filled many TDK cassettes with ideas that have never seen the light of day, apart from a school concert and of course my GCSE's.

In the 90's, I formed a rock indie band, after refusing to be a live performer for many years (because I believed bedroom studios the future) and became the lead singer, which I never dreamed of doing (singing is not my thing). Playing every thing from Sabbath, Metalica, Blur and Oasis in Southampton as “Howitzer” (I believe are still going to this day.)

In 2000, I left them to make a cheesy trio “Eclypse” playing popular party music like Chak Khan, KC and the Sunshine Band and Kyle & Robbie numbers. That's when I started programming the backing tracks, which sounded a hell of a lot better that the GM files they were using. The band went through a few female lead singer and a decision was made that we should go out as a duo. “Pure 8” was formed at my wedding, from the love that Paul and I have of 80's music. We continue to play around Hampshire and Dorset all the synth hits we love from Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, The Thompson Twins and Erasure.

The Balance of Power came to me back in the 80's (here we go again.) I use to call myself Impossible Object because I designed my (imaginary) album based on M.C.Escher's drawings but after seeing and ELO album called Balance of Power, I thought of the balance control on a stereo system. This controls the pan, left to right. For example, if you listen to a song through the left speaker if will sound different to if you had listen to it through the right. What better way to describe the different styles of music I could produce and could remix. I will listen to anything, and will put Spotify radio on random for all decades and my MP3 player is always on random. One minute Marilyn Manson, the next Mozart, Fastball or Orbital.

That in my love of music....