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The Echoes

Following a succession of CD singles and 2001's "The Echoes Sound Off" EP, The Echoes' first full-length release, "Listen Up... It's The Echoes," in 2005 earned them international recognition with the success of "If I Do" on the Britcaster charts, large scale MP3 sales of "Love Never Dies" and "More Than Ever," as well as repeatedly being named Artist of the Month by the UK's own Songstuff.

Heralded in Jersey Beat by famed rock critic Robert Barry Francos ("The songs are full of love and tenderness... an easy listen on many levels, including a joyful melody line and a to-the-point lyrics structure... it's a style that is very listener friendly. Like cocoa and a blanket on a chilly evening"), journalist Joe Viglione would go on record to note, in both the All Media Guide and on, "In a world of high-end explosions and music with nothing to say, these new Echoes communicate their feelings well over a stripped down framework that Nuggets fans will eat up."

Receiving hometown support from both their native Louisville, Kentucky and adopted hometown of New York City--including airplay from WFPK of Louisville, WKMS of Murray, and WKDZ of Cadiz, Kentucky--The Echoes would cover the East Coast by playing a variety of benefit concerts and venues such as the Baggot Inn and CBGB in Greenwich Village, the C-Note in Alphabet City, Downtime in lower Manhattan, the Orange Bear in Tribecca, and the Turning Point in Piermont, New York. Again, the group would receive international exposure in the wake of a live cybercast from CBGB shortly before the famed New York nightclub closed its doors for the last time.

2007 would see the release of "NOW HEAR THIS" and show the band not only expanding its repertoire, but skills as both performers and recording artists. Again taking note,'s Joe Viglione wrote: "Two years after the 'Listen Up' release, [The Echoes] return with 15 more selections that continue the charming journey they set out on--picture Half Japanese with more structure and a better attempt at going commercial. The six-minute-plus 'I Couldn't Stand' is truly modern-day underground rock;" with toting the fact "'I Couldn't Stand' has a great hook" in its appraisal of the act's second full-length offering.

In 2008, The Echoes were once again honored as Artist of the Month, only this time at West Coast music store Yesterday and Today in Oregon, following another mention in the All Media Guide: "Minimal underground rock has always had a place on college radio and in the caverns that cater to live music, with jangly, primitive, and attitude-heavy instrumental backing performed by musicians who play for the fun of it. Mark Alexander and Teresa Starr of The Echoes take full advantage of the genre, as does the ensemble on Rew*'s that*S*rite CD. Combining the angst of L.A. punk rockers Piss Ant with the spirit of The Echoes results in a risqué approach to light sounds and pretty melodies smashing into heartache... and the mania that sometimes follows."

The overwhelming response to and success of "Now Hear This" is further illustrated by the following fan letter / review taken from The Echoes Official Website:

"Dear Echoes, What am I going to do with you guys? I open up this CD, sit down and mellow out, hit play and then got blown to bits! You did a great job there, you Echoes you, and have a disc with many highlights. One of my favorites is 'Stained' where your voices blend so very well together. The vibe of the album is mystical and haunting and, although it's reminicent of the 60's, it's more of that 70's rock sound to me... you know, the sound before disco came. For a brief time, 70's rock was good and you've recaptured that small window. 'Take Me As I Am' and 'I Was Dreaming 'Bout A Woman' have been going through my head ever since the second time I heard the disc. Besides Teresa's voice sounding strong, I was impressed by the harmonica... and was that a dobro on 'If I Could Take You Away?' Wow, what a vibe you've stirred on plastic and in my own heart! To have all of the elements of accordion, dobro and the likes with that haunting, nostalgic feel is just incredible. I would be very, very proud parents of this 'bad boy' guys. This is, without a doubt, your strongest to date, instrumentaly sound, and just and pure in nature and intent. The way that you've incorporated things like banjo and metal guitar is unique and, as far as I know, it's never been done."

"You both provide great vocals to the cutting and sometimes choppy guitar work. The bass lines run well with the drummer and provide a solid and powerful rhythm section--especially when Mark gets down and lays down licks. I hate to compare songs, but I had a firm indentation lain across my head the first time I heard "Troubled World" in that it felt like two of my favorite licks were combined like peanut butter in my chocolate. It almost seemed like Jethro Tull's 'Aqualung' and the Moody Blues' 'I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band' met and transcribed a totally new and better lick and you guys jammed the living snot right out of it! I'm not saying 'Troubled World' sounds like them, but rather lets off a similiar vibe in my heartstrings. Following it with 'If I Could Take You Away' was perfect and, although that song is much mellower, I was still hanging on to "Troubled World;" but, as I allowed it to be a transitional step, the new song captured my senses. Teresa's voice dominates a wonderful tune here and, accentuated by Mark's 'below bass' voice, took me to a brilliant world and left me with the memories of a time when I had the energy and passion to take someone away."

"You Echoes have done incredible work throughout and the sound is so very well balanced. Everyone knows that it takes more than a couple of good songs to make a good disc. Although this album's song list is a strong one, it's supported by a great balance and overall sound. I don't know how you got some of the sounds, but at the beginning of the album it sounds like you were running things through a Leslie cabinet and achieved that 'coughing' effect that it brings. It's not always the right way to go but, if that is what was done, you used it wisely! 'Prove You Love Me' is yet another strong song that almost convinces me that I was the second gunman at the grassy knoll on November 22, 1963... purely because of the urgency (or did i say that already)? I just love the blend of electric/acoustic with that voice. Teresa, oh, Teresa, why do you visually take me places that I haven't been for quite some time or maybe a place I thought I already was? And you, Mark, most definitely you belong in long robes as you write and discuss a lifetime of expression and joy in this music/Echoes' music. When Clapton plays, he gets choppy to prove a point--and you do the same thing, but for totally different reasons. Your solos are biting and cutting to the bone and, as you drop ol' 'Steamboat Willie's' boat back into the water, you take no prisoners... be it someone to emulate you or hang as a barnacle. Much like the Bible, this disc dances and trades and supports it's own self in and throughout. The packaging and the concerted effort to have all of the words printed is a wonderful addition. The artwork and color photographs are done so beautifully. Without a deliberate action, you have touched me in a couple of dozen different ways. In essence, this is a fine disc. Thanks for getting 'er done!"

Forever living up to their motto, "Songs You've Just Got To Hear Again And Again," The Echoes continue to perform, record, and delight audiences wherever they appear.