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The Electric Era

Hi Mum,
sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, but I have been working on this project called The Electric Era, and it's been eating up all my time.
I know I should have called you for your birthday, but then I got this new idea for a song and I had to get it finished in time for the release of the new album.
It's all finished now and up on CD Baby.

By the way, that nice girl you liked so much, the one I brought home last year, she left me last month. Said I was way too much into my guitars, and how it made her sick. Anyway, my guitars never said that to me, so I guess it's all for the better. She ran off with my manager on Valentines Day. Man, I've been writing some killer tunes since.

You should check out the albums, it's kind of pop but in a good way, you know, not that nauseating bubble gum stuff, and not that sexed up stuff that turns up your eyes instead of your ears. It's kind of grown up and serious with a little tongue-in-cheek here and there. It's got the guitars up loud and plenty of vocal harmonies, but not the sirupy type. I call it anti-gloss pop from New Zealand. It has no make-up on, because make-up hides the real beauty, you know, the personality.

Okay, gotta go, studio's waiting. I will call you for Mothers Day, promise. (Or has that been already?)

The Electric Era