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The Goldilocks Enigma

The Goldilocks Enigma

The Goldilocks Enigma.., is by definition.., the explanation of the fact that physical laws that are present in our atmosphere, on our planet, and in our solar system are required in the exact amounts and levels to sustain life. Even the smallest variances could have catastrophic results: i.e., gravitational pull of earth to moon would result in changes in tide levels which could alter all life on the earth.., less or more oxygen levels.., less or more sunlight.., less or more distance between the earth and the sun..,these variances and their effects, + thousands more could be argued endlessly, as well as, their origin whether it was by: divine creator.., an intelligent designer.., accidental explosions.., (which nothing can ever be improved/created by the destruction of an explosion in humanities trials).., or inter-galactic space travelers who seeded us for their own experimental organ harvesting programs…., this all requires study, interpretation, and an ability to accept the outcome of such an enormous undertaking with obvious results that most people would just rather steer clear of.


"The Husband"....,- Writer, Vocalist, Guitarist, Drummer, Bassist, Recording Engineer, Producer.

Has an accumulated 16 years in a past Indie touring rock band. During those same 16 years he handled booking, promotion, and day to day operations of an all ages music venue. He was a self employed small business owner and entrepreneur. At a certain point he found himself exhausted and unfulfilled. It is then that he took all of his toys, packed them up, and locked them away, with no intent to ever explore any of their possibilities..., ever...., again.

Upon an inspired leap of faith and gentle coaxing from "The Wife", "The Husband", unpacked his guitars and equipment and started writing music that spoke to himself and his wife. Some of the music directly dealt with problems and issues that needed addressing by "The Husband" since his departure from out of the world. All of this obviously was in desperate need of Christ's help!

T.G.E.'s music is inspired, multi-genre, self recorded and produced. The artist is seeking no fame, no immense fortunes, or reputation, and welcomes humility while avoiding the normal pitfalls of the music world. We are releasing our musical doves and allowing them to speak to those who need to hear their messages.

We have no need of attempting to plaster our pictures, "selfies" all over this site or the internet and want our music to be the focus towards Christ and are currently dying to self on a daily basis.

"The Wife" - Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician

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