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The Political Assasin



To stand strong when everything is wrong is simply my life. Those words come to mind when I think about all the things I’ve been through in my life. Everything I’ve seen, and everything I've done. Born in Philadelphia, my family and I moved around the tri-state area many times. As long as I can remember I grew up loved at home but hated at school. Bullied, beaten, intimated, and mentally tortured with every racial slur you could possibly think of. To be perfectly honest if it wasn’t for the love and support of my family at the time, I’m not sure what I would have done. Ever since I can remember I’ve always sided with those individuals who were at a disadvantage, I guess it reminded me of myself. It was during my senior year in high school that I began taking an interest in the politics of the Muslim world. My mother and father both Muslim never really talked much about politics. The underdog in me took over as I initially began to research the history of Palestine and the Christian crusades . The more I learned about the world’s treatment of Muslims, the angrier I got. And along with the anger came sadness, sadness that I could not do anything to change the situation of so many Muslims suffering around the globe. I started writing lyrics and putting them to beats. At the time I didn’t know that this was something I really wanted to persue, at the same time I was getting better, my flow became like the HIV virus ever evolving. I started producing my own beats and realized that this was something I wanted to invest my time and funds into. What better way to get my message across? I had already tried using violence to solve my problems. Jumping the gun and fighting battles needlessly fought had me locked up, on probation, or around the wrong type of people. At times my violence was righteous, fighting physically against those who would show prejudice and hatred against my faith or heritage. However, even then it would take me on a path built mostly by a state or perpetual self destruction. My mind was ready for battle as I started to look beyond the problems and issues of a single faith or color and began to look at oppression as a state of injustice that was widespread beyond, color or religion. Oppression became the banner against which Political Assasin would fight.

Political Assasin has performed at venues such as, The Arts Garage, Tracadero, World Cafe Live, Zion train, the legendary 15 North, and many more.

Political Assasin was featured on The Cave Radio 91.7 with J.I. Expect to see him back on The Cave 91.7 Wed. June 2nd 2010

Expect to see Political Assasin featured in an editorial piece in the next issue of Murderdog magazine, which has nation wide publication and can be bought at
your local Barnes&Noble.

Worked with:
Political Assasin has worked with J.I , H8trid, Gillie Da Kid, Hush, Black Dog Bone editor for Murderdog magazine, and many others.

Political Assasin has advertised with Faygoluvers, Datpiff, and will be soon advertising with Murderdog magazine