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The Shared Nightmare Club

Some know him as Bar. Others dare to whisper the name Barjeelik, but they will only do so behind closed doors, when the wind rattles the windows and lightning prowls the sky and the sub-bass drops through the floor, shattering the crockery.

He invented sampling, the story goes, and white-boy rapping, and spur-of-the-moment, rambling lyrics. His second greatest edifice is the ground-breaking, awe-inspiring Jazz-maths Guitar style. It's said by some (mostly those prone to bending the truth somewhat) that Mark E Smith himself travelled to the wilds of Essex to prostrate himself on bended knee, begging for the secrets of Jazz-mathematics. In the event, though, he got drunk(er), ate a bowl of soup and wandered off, shouting something about losing his keys and bleach.

I said second greatest and I meant it. His greatest edifice is the rickety, labyrinthine structure of the Shared Nightmare Club, towering above the surrounding countryside like a broken-down fairy tale tower. Imposing, dramatic and forever on the verge of collapse, it is held together by his insatiable will, a deft hand with MIDI, and the combined efforts of Ttocs Plan and UnhipKid, his cohorts and conspirators.
Like the Club, the music is eclectic, bolted together from various bits and pieces into a glorious whole, greater than the sum of its parts and, in fact, devouring them whole. Gentle, Eels-esque piano collides with earth-shattering Aphex Twin beats, dub bass and his signature, sparkling guitar lines, although not necessarily in every song, or indeed, at all. Therein lie the dichotomies of the Nightmare Club, where no song is the same as the last and musical styles twitch and thrash like living quicksilver.

Nevertheless, at the heart of the chaos is a moment of calm, not always detectable, but present and in the hands of one man. He is Bar. and he has arrived.

(thanks to long-time collaborator and friend, UnhipKid for the words of, ahem, truth, above)