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Todd Norcross

Described as being "a multi-genre musical genius" and "the best musician in martial arts alive today", Todd Norcross has been writing and recording songs for over twenty-five years. He earned a Degree in Sound Engineering and Advanced Music Production from the prestigious "Recording Workshop" school in 1997.
He has written, recorded and produced 30 albums and well over 600 hundred original songs ranging from pop and folk rock to Japanese and Celtic instrumentals and movie soundtrack scores. Although primarily a finger-picking guitarist, he also plays five other instruments. In 1998, he was recognized as being a "visionary of sound for the next generation of musicians".
As a master martial artist, Todd Ryotoshi Norcross has been called "the teacher of teachers". Involved in the martial arts since 1984, he holds teaching licenses in Japanese Budo (8th Dan) To-Shin Do (3rd Dan) and in Budo Taijutsu/Ninjutsu _6th Dan) under Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. He was awarded the ninja warrior name "Ryotoshi" which means "Warrior of the Clear Blade of Truth" by Tenth Degree Black Belt Hall of Fame Member Stephen K. Hayes. He is a meditation teacher and lecturer on Philosophy/Cognitive studies in science and how it can be applied in the West. He was also given the spiritual name "Ho-Un" meaning "Dharma Cloud" in 2003. He has body-guarded for The Dalai Lama on several occasions. He co-founded a non profit organization in 2004 to help teach self protection and meditation to inner city youth. He owns and teaches at his own Budo Dojo in Southwestern Ohio. His writings, poetry and artwork have been published nationally. He is also an avid reader and oil painter. He earned a Bachelor's of Philosophy Degree in 2012.

Excerpt from magazine interview with Singer/Guitarist Todd Norcross on his musical influences:
"I learned to play guitar and create recordings from studying the style of musician Lindsey Buckingham. I had never seen anyone play like that. He is simply brilliant and a real musical genius. I immediately saved up money to buy my first left-handed electric guitar and amplifier after hearing Fleetwood Mac's single "Little Lies" on the radio in 1988. I was about eighteen at the time. I don't use a traditional flat pick but only my fingers when I play my guitars. Even the electric guitar solos are done with the "travis-style" finger-picking I learned from Mr. Buckingham. To this day I still love attending his concerts and supporting his albums.
My singing influences vary widely. I love Fleetwood Mac's diversity. In my opinion, there are no better harmonies on Earth than the Bee Gees. They still blow me away every time I hear them, especially their 80's and 90's stuff. The Mamas and the Papas were a great influence. The Beatles are icons to many, including myself. The singer Russell Hitchcock from Air Supply is amazing. He has probably the most beautiful male voice I have ever heard. I also like Celtic music and enjoy Loreena Mckennit and Enya. My classical compositions are a result of listening to movies like Braveheart, Conan The Barbarian and Lord of the Rings. These composers are at the top of their game and are constantly inspiring me to get off my butt and do more as a soundtrack composer. It is so nice to have role models who are still very much alive and active in their fields."

Albums by Todd Norcross

1. Demos (1994)
2. Invoking Moods Pop/Rock (1994)
3. Above and Beyond Pop/Rock (1995)
4. Rise and Fall Pop/Rock (1995)
5. Welcome To My World Pop/Rock (1996)
6. To Each His Own Pop/Rock (1996)
7. Irish Eyes Folk/Rock (1997)
8. Drawing Steel - Orchestral Pieces (1997)*
9. California Moon Pop/Rock (1998)
10. Cuts on My Hands Pop/Rock (1998)
11. Eleven Pop/Rock (1999)
12. Clash of the Kings –Orchestral Pieces (1999)*
13. Stress Cow Band “Live and Raw” Pop/Rock (2000)
14. Strings of Steel Pop/Rock (2000)*
15. Wonderland Pop/Rock (2001)*
16. Taiken –Instrumental (2002)*
17. The Cold Moon - Producer/Musician (2005)*
18. Todd Norcross Pop/Rock (2007)*
19. Brotherhood of the Moon - New Age/Instrumental (2008)*
20. Eastern View Series Disc 1- Finding Happiness -Self Help/Meditation (2009)*
21. Eastern View Series Disc 2-The Jewel Tree Heroic Visualization -Self Help (2009)*
22. Eastern View Series Disc 3- Conquering Stress- Self Help (2009)*
23. Eastern View Series Disc 4-Botany and the Mind/Personal Responsibility for our thoughts-Self Help (2009)*
24. Taiken 2 (2009) Percussive Rhythm Instrumentals for dance, martial arts, yoga and relaxation visualizations
25. The Best of Orchestral Pieces -Classical Music(2010)*
26. Taiken 3 (2011) Eastern influenced instrumentals for dance, martial arts, yoga and relaxation visualizations
27. Ancestor (2012) Piano and Guitar instrumentals
28. The Key of Life (2013) Guitar and Piano Instrumentals
29. Lineage and Lore (2014) Guitar and Piano Instrumentals
30. Taiken 4 (2015) Japanese Rhythm and Martial Arts Music
31. The Essential Todd Norcross (2016) Fan Favorite Instrumentals
32. Cover Songs by Todd Norcross - 2019 4th Quarter Scheduled Release Date TBA