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Trippo Marx

I am guitarist/composer/producer Trippo Marx. This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

I was born in Pasadena, Texas, and grew up in the Houston area. My earliest memories are of listening to music. Growing up I listened to the radio and my parents' records almost constantly. By the time I got my first tape recorder for my 11th birthday, I knew that I wanted to make records and play music. Unfortunately I did not have many opportunities for formal music instruction until I was in high school. As a teenager, I taught myself to play guitar using a variety of acoustic guitars. I did not play an electric guitar until I was 19. I moved to Austin, Texas, in 1988.

My earliest surviving recording dates back to 1987, but I place the start of my "music career" in August, 1989, when I began producing my first 4-track projects in Austin. I had been picking up some mixing skills running sound for a few bands, and I bought a guitar & amp. I tried to work as a live musician briefly, but my musical chops were not up to par. I decided to go to college and study engineering instead.

During my college years, I was distracted from my studies by the lure of making 4-track recordings at home. My skills at this were greatly improved, however my musical chops were still not fully there. I eventually dropped out of school to pursue music once again.

In 1996 I adopted the moniker Trippo Marx. My first project was an acid jazz trio that never quite got off the ground. When I bought my first computer capable of producing CD quality digital music in 1999, I began the laborious task of digitizing the hundreds of analog 4-track recordings I had made over the years and began releasing digital albums at

I released my first digital single on June 1st 1999: "Praying With 5167 People" b/w "Tennis Eyeball". "Praying" eventually became a featured track in its genre. The review: "Real treat for the ears...Use headphones." Between 1999-2002, I released five digital albums: Heterodox (1999), The Moon Is English For Luna (2000), Songs For An Imaginary Audience (2001), Tubular Smells (2001), and Mugwumps In Mukluks (2002). folded in 2003 so I focused my efforts on finishing two more albums of 4-track recordings: Bleeding Head Good, Healed Head Bad (2003) and Water Damage (2004). I was also working on a side project called Greater Than, which has recorded several albums yet to be released.

The "modern" Trippo Marx era began in 2009 when I released Rhesus Pieces, a collection of odds and ends I recorded while working with Greater Than. Also in 2009 I began rehearsals in preparation for doing some live performances, but this was abandoned until I had finished my next two albums, a collection of songs called Inside The Frame (2010) and a collection of guitar improvisations called Blustering Tunnel Puppets (2011). After 20+ years of producing music (mostly anonymously) in Austin, I played my first live showcase November 13th 2011. I was one of a handful of independent artists selected to play the first Indie Entertainment Summit in Hollywood in 2012.

Since the conclusion of the Trippo Marx Show, I have produced three projects: a sequel to Blustering Tunnel Puppets called Playa In Twilight (2012), an avant garde rock musical called At Last The Lie Can Be Told (2013), and my first multi-volume set Box Not Included (2014), a collection of unreleased songs, improvisations and live tracks from the Trippo Marx Show.

To be continued...