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Various Artists

The Battle of the Bands May 16, 2009 was an unforgettable night in the historic annals of media: a fusion of Ark-La-Tex/Shreveport regional unity amonst fans of music and motion picutures and a celebration to grow those industries.


William Bolton-guitars/vocals
Jason Strange-bass/vocals
Anthony Tamaccio-drums

About Expletive
we are an extreme technical death/grind band from Shreveport,louisana and have been around for about five years.consisting of three members dedicated to writting the most brutal music that comes to mind.we dont hold back anything and we are not here to start a new trend.we do what we do and are happy with that..

Keeping Crescent:
Sami Khan- Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Nick Vitter - Co-songwriter, Musician, Track creator, Producer
Marcus Lambert - Music ManagementGenre:
Alternative Pop Rock
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

About Keeping Crescent
Talented songwriter, producer, and singer Nick Vitter. Sami Khan writes his songs from self experiences, with his debut single, "Secret Remedy" (2010). Keeping Crescent strives to continue its project name in a new direction, bringing fresh styles of music to the Crescent City.

Tyrants of Steel:
Jayden Alexander - Guitar
Dee Everette - Drums
James Helfyre - Vocals, Guitar
Ben Franklin - Bass
Genre: Metal
Hometown: Shreveport/Bossier

About Tyrants of Steel
Tyrants of Steel is a kick ass vintage metal band with a modern bite. Based in Shreveport, La, the band never fails to deliver an explosive, high energy show, and firmly believes in giving the smaller crowds the same show that they would the more larger crowds. Members include: James Helfyre - lead vocals and guitar, Jayden Alexander - backing vocals and guitar, Ben Franklin - bass, and Dee Everette - drums. The band willing to play any and everywhere, so make sure to be on the look out! You never know where the Tyrants will show up!

Pandora's Kyn:
Guitar- Jeremy Lawson
Bass - Ricky Dalme
Vocals - Carson Reynolds
Drums - Gary Smith
Recording with: Firetower Recording

About Pandora's Kyn
Pandora's Kyn is an eclectic yet positive band from the Haughton , La area. We are currently working on our first album , " Open to Interpretation " due to be out early 2010. Check out some tunes on our Fan Page!

Fallen to Rise:
David Lee Whittington
Ronnie Bennett
Michael Chavez
Will McLeod
Colt SanAngelo

About Fallen To Rise
Fallen To Rise hails from Bossier/ Shreveport, Louisiana located in the north-west corner of the boot. We've been together since March 2006 and feel that we are heading in the right direction in the way we write, play, and develop as a band. With the addition of a new guitar player, Michael Chavez, our ability's as musicians and live performers feel refreshed and limitless, ready to take on a new era of Fallen To Rise. Our music is upbeat with a mix of heavy breakdowns and technical instrumentations. All shall parrish meets In Flames/ Killswitch type of music we would like to think. We have been fortunate to have shared the stage with national acts such as RECON, American Me, Dr. Acula, Seneca, Life Ruiner, Beneath the Sky, to name a few metal bands. Our song Watching Angels Burn was chosen for the compilation series number 5 of Downtown Metal produced and destributed by Quick Star Productions LLC. and sold on the internet through well known distributers I tunes, Amazon, and Walmart. The compilation is also sold throughout the United States by the 18 bands that also participated. We look forward to meeting everyone and making new friends in our future travels and hope the best for everyone in success and life. Keep it real, real real

Scared of the Dark:
Jarod Martin-Vocals
Austin Savage-Guitar
Jake Roberson-Guitar
Josh Turner-Bass
Steven Womack-Drums
Genre: experimental death tech-grind
Hometown: Marshall, Tx

Scared of the Dark was formed by guitarists, Logan Cammack and Jake Roberson, in March 2009. Soon after, the two were joined by Drummer, Steven Womack and Vocalist, Josh Lofton. The three of them immediately started writing and were soon joined by bassist Chris Denmen. On the weekend of Easter 2009 the band recorded their first EP with Tonal Records in Dallas, Texas.

In the late summer of 2009, Chris Denmen and Scared of the Dark parted ways and Josh Turner, long time friend of the band, took over the low end of the string section. They proceeded to play shows steadily during the following months until they once again came upon rocky times. Early 2010 brought new challenges. Logan Cammack, a founding member, decided to leave SotD in order to pursue other endeavors. His departure was unsettling for the remaining members but things started to look up after meeting guitarist, Austin Savage. He was quickly included in the recovering lineup. Austin began learning the setlist, and soon played his first show with the boys in Shreveport, LA.

It was only a matter of weeks before the times again spelled trouble for Scared of the Dark. Vocalist, Josh Lofton, one of the three remaining original members took his leave as well. The band had almost been pushed to the breaking point and were discussing the end of SotD. They ultimately decided to pursue their music for a while longer and hope for the best. They made their search for a new frontman public and soon were receiving requests for auditions. After only a few tryouts during February 2010, the boys met Jared Martin. After his initial audition, Jared was asked to return to future band practices and was shortly offered a full time place in SotD.

Things have been going pretty smooth for the newly re-completed lineup with the exception of a few money issues. SotD recorded two lo-fi demo tracks at home during March 2010 to showcase their new sound and members. They were both well received by fans and have earned the boys plenty of local and distant praise. The band has recently become sponsored by several music companies as well as a clothing brand and are now preparing to record their first album. They are also working to book a Summer tour which is still proving difficult at the moment.

There are still several hurdles that the boys must clear as quickly as possible before things can be considered "smooth sailing". Most of the band's equipment that was lost during their many lineup changes and through normal wear-and-tear is still slowly being replaced. Money for the album recordings, new merchandise, a trailer, Summer tour, and a number of other things is also posing a problem for SotD, but they've gotten through worse!
The saga continues...


Trimphant Return:
Casey Benoit: Vocals/Bass
Blake Brian: Drums
Matt Trimble: GuitarsGenre:
Gangsta Fite RockHometown:
Vivian, LA