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I think one of the most profound journeys is writing Music. It's not everyday that people get to enjoy what they do, and place their emotions, feelings, and even aspirations in sound. Devotions Recording does just that. We seek out Artists who want to take a journey through their own hearts, and come out the other end of their sound. I'm really happy, because these Artists (plus myself) are my friends. This is a journey of sound, and ranges from Electronica, Dance, Soundtrack, World, Classical, Ambient, to Progressive. Devotions Recording also works with Striking Concept Video-Film, which is also another one of my Companies Co-Owned by Jodie P. Floss. We produce the images of these profound sounds of the heart, mind, and soul. I think it is a good balance. Our purpose is quite simple, like everyone here, we enjoy listeners, buyers, and those interested in Soundtrack Work of an independent nature. I choose CD Baby because of it's international girth, and abilities to reach across the world.

Our Artists that you will hear on "Timeless" and "East Meets West the Album" are: Shade Law, Andrew Skelton, Beatmistresscait, Noise Flower, Ryo Utasato, Zaelon, and Marc Ceeney. The Mastering of these projects are presented by: Devotions Recording as well as LUNE Muzik.JP along with THE HIDDEN FACTOR. Future Mastering Projects will be done by THE HIDDEN FACTOR

These are Devotions Recording very first two Albums here at the prestigious CD Baby, we hope to do more. Enjoy.

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" Shokran le moussaadetikom Al latifa wa le shira ikom badaoutna al electroniya"