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Wanda Viola

About Wanda Viola

SHORT BIO: Wanda grew up in a musical family. She took piano and cello lessons in elementary school, and in junior high learned to play guitar. When on a ship sailing to India at 12 years old, she asked Jesus into her heart (her family lived there one year). At 16, she wrote her first song, moved by reading “Run Baby Run” by Nicky Cruz. In high school and college she wrote testimonial and praise songs. Over the years Wanda has studied with several voice teachers. She has led worship in home groups, at women’s retreats, juvenile detention facilities, and family camps. She has sung her own compositions and shared her testimony in various settings including the House of Grace, a drug rehab home for women. She has danced and also led or assisted in teaching interpretive worship dance workshops.

Wanda struggled with various ongoing health issues that started in junior high school. They increased after marrying in her twenties and becoming a mother to two active boys, so she continued to ask God to heal her. Finally in her mid-thirties, surprisingly, in answer to her prayers, God began opening up memories of various kinds of abuse that occurred when she was growing up. The song "Did this really happen to me?" expresses the shock of recalling the sexual abuse that she had buried for so long. This started her on a journey of processing deeply buried emotions. Wanda began to search for a way to heal from the extensive damage. She wondered how she could get well and asked God to show her the path to wholeness.

For many years Wanda felt as though she was treading slowly through molasses. When memories would come, she would get sick. Again and again she tumbled through her tears and anger, learning to forgive and seek the Lord no matter what people had done to her. Wanda spent several years working through the incest memories. Then the Lord revealed to her another nightmare that she would need to process. More years, more therapy, more tears…

One step at a time the Lord led her to many wonderful people who helped her find a way to heal. Some were true friends who cared and prayed with her through many disconcerting memories, as well as professional Christian therapists, pastors, and trained prayer ministers. In her search for help she also found herself alone at times or abandoned or hurt by those she had trusted ("Who has time to understand me?"). She spent a lot of time searching the Bible for answers to the reason for evil and how to heal her broken heart. She found many places where God called evil evil and judged both people and nations. He is a just God! She also discovered the multitudes of verses that spoke of the compassion and the mercy of God for our brokenness. "Sacrifice" addresses this issue, sharing how Jesus understands our wounds as He too suffered at the hands of wicked people and therefore can help us in our own suffering. As she confronted each trauma, she felt more wrapped in His love ("Wrap me in Your love, Lord").

Wanda also discovered the power and authority that the Lord Jesus Christ has as she fought the powers of darkness. Again and again the Lord of lords and King of kings helped her fight the evil ones which had tried to crush and destroy her. Scripture says Jesus is above all rulers, powers, principalities, authorities, thrones, and dominions. He is over everything in the heavens and on the earth. Wanda found that when the Holy Spirit showed her the lies and vows at the root issues of generational bondages, sins done against her, and her own sins (especially unforgiveness), that the evil spirits no longer had permission to stay. Her chains started flying off.

Wanda is continuing to heal and grow and know her dear Father in heaven more and more. She hopes you will also seek Him and find Him true and near.

You can find out more about her on her website.

Here’s a word from Wanda:

Emotional and spiritual healing is not for wimps! It takes courage and faith to enter the fear (or terror), shame, and pain of abuse. Whether you’re just starting out or in the middle of your journey, know that the loving Lord Jesus Christ welcomes you to Himself. As He heals you, you will be able to radiate His peace in a tormented world and reach out to others in their struggles.

If you don’t know God, feel He’s too far away, or even hate Him, you can still ask for His help. He will answer your prayer! He and I have had some pretty frank discussions about evil people, Satan, sin, and abuse (such as rape, incest, torture, etc.) He has spoken to me in many ways and He awaits your cries for help–no matter what has been done to you, what you’ve done or where you’ve been. Jesus shed his blood on the cross for each and every sin we could think or do. He just asks us to come humbly, open our heart to Him with our pain others have caused, and confess our own sins in response to them.

When I was hurt, I often lashed out in anger, had control issues, and held grudges--being unwilling to forgive. Bit God wanted to purify my heart, cleanse my conscience, erase my shame, wash away my guilt, comfort my grieving heart, and help me forgive. He wants to grow me up!

Jesus invites you to come to Him. He loves you.

Jesus hears your cry. He calls us to bring our pain to His feet, to the throne room of the heavenly Father, and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As I have grown to know and trust my heavenly Father more, I could then begin to love others with deeper grace and compassion. My marriage went through many ups and downs through this process and years of healing. As I walked step by step, day by day with my heavenly Father, I have gained greater understanding through listening to His voice and His Word. I continue to grow, heal, and share authentically about my challenges and victories.

We can all be children dancing with joy and adoration before our good and kind heavenly Father. He loves us very much. May the Lord deeply heal your pain and set your feet to dancing!

In His grace,
Wanda Viola