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AMI REKORDS Inc. “African Musique Industry”

ABOUT AMI REKORDS: AMI Rekords is new face of the African Music industry network that cover all music departments such as digital distribution and online marketing, music production, performance, shows or concerts, promotion with a growing array of artists, labels, producers and content creators across Africa on our platform with radio and TV rights to all content licensed. AMI Rekords was founded and established in 2014 by multi-talented music producer Mr. ESAIE SCHNAPS as a well known African music record label, Mr. SCHNAPS who wanted to represent the beauty of the African Arts & Cultures in emerging genres worldwide. Operating on a non-profit-making basis, AMI Rekords is now the new face of the largest African music. AMI Rekords is the new bridge between artists and the businesses and organizations that want to put an input on their music publicly.

AMI REKORDS MISSION STATEMENT: AMI Rekords is to expose our African artists and talents worldwide so their content can be markets outside of their core region or country in order to broaden their reach and/or ignite interest in their brand. AMI Rekords is here to produce, distribute, promote and showcase African artistes and their music to the largely untapped non-African population in Africa and to a global audience. We are all about getting your content heard or watched but most importantly bought so you can get paid; we want you to make a living doing what you love.

AMI REKORDS ROLE: AMI Rekords support its artists, songwriter, composers, publishers and producers by taking care of an important aspect of their careers-getting paid. AMI Rekords supports productions, businesses and organizations that contributed to the African music publicly so all the parties save each time and money.

AMI REKORDS LEADERSHIP: AMI Rekords executive team consists of experts in the fields of music career, artist development, technology, finance, licensing, royalty, new media, corporate strategy & copyright law. As recognized leaders in music rights management, every day, our executives build relationships to best serve our clients. Our senior management team is also committed to modernizing the African music new system and is at the forefront of efforts in Las Vegas, Nevada., to update laws that protect African music artists and the value of our African arts and culture around the world.

AMI REKORDS MUSIC SERVICES: AMI Rekords has the ability to power the new African music industry establishments through any music platform.

AMI REKORDS PROCESS: There are multiple processes in place to assist our clients in achieving success. At AMI Rekords we have built relationships and partnerships with other highly successful industry professionals and companies to ensure, with our best intentions, the best possible outcomes for our clients and their brands. Our successful industry experts and professionals are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share their resources and knowledge without clients, in hopes to elevate the talent and brand onto new platforms and up to new levels.

INCREASE EXPOSURE & FUNDS: Whether the talent and brand was popular in the past or relevant now, there are always markets in uncharted regions that are waiting for access to the talent and brand. Exposure is key to growth and increasing funds for the talent and brand. We understand that our clients have responsibilities in which we believe our process will enable them to manage effectively.

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