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William Spaulding Jazz Quintet

William is an African American born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His perfomance schedule ranges from New York Night Clubs like Cleopatras Needle, and Upover Jazz, to Corporate Events.

His Mom worked at the Brooklyn Baby Grand Jazz Nightclub, while he worked as a kid across the street at Seymours Restaurant and Newspaper Stand. He was exposed to Jazz though his Moms conversations about Musicians as well as exposure to the Baby Grand in Harlem, Blue Cornet in Brooklyn , and other rooms. His first memory of an actual Jazz album was "A NEW JAZZ PERSPECTIVE" by Donald Byrd, which he heard in High School.

William completed his Bachelor of Science at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina ,and sang in the Choir and Male Chorus. He had much exposure to the NEGRO SPIRITUAL PROSPECTIVE, having attended a HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE. He also attended Graduate School at Brown University in Biological Pharmacology.

Combined with the JAZZ PROSPECTIVE of Artist like John Coltrane and Miles Davis, he feels all the messages of those experiences, combined with Marvin Gaye "Whats Happening Brother", as more than just Genres, and in fact precursors of psycological life modes. These modes are Historical and as well as Spiritual.

William has always had a day gig in Corporate America. Now is the first time he can devote the quality time necessary to practicing, and learning the theoritical language which is necessary to speak the language. The next step is to produce precious musical experiences, as someone contributing positive and in depth life expression .

This first CD "Never Too Late", was a noble effect to jump in and get wet. Most thankful for the TOP NOTCH musicians that provided support.

Please support William in that effort and process.

Thank you.