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After many years learning, playing music and several instruments since his childhood, Jérôme discovered the Hang and Handpan world.
With his musical and eclectic background as well as his unique approach, he plays music and themes which can be groovy as well as deep, mysterious but also really peaceful and relaxing, telling stories.

He also uses his Handpans, and some other instruments, to do sound healing, to accompany Yoga courses and Pilates workshops, to connect with people and with animals (he plays in some farms and in sanctuaries)

This last part is important to him and because he's involved into Animal and Children causes (*), he decided that a part of the benefits of his albums (this one and the followings) will go to Associations, NGOs (like, for example, L214 in France, Sea Shepherd, the one mentioned below via the (*) part) and Animal Sanctuaries he knows and trusts.

So by buying this album and what he'll produce next, you'll enter a positive circle and you'll also encourage him to pursue his goals, producing peaceful, motivating, melancholic, powerful and groovy musics in order to send good vibes all around.

"Hopefully, let's make the world a better place."

Some outside reviews:

Claudia H.: "I am a 100% fan! :) From the beginning and forever! :D"

Anne I.: "I love it!"

Fabrizio A.: "It really looks like movie music."

Dino C.: "Congratulations on the album! It's very nice all the sound design and soundscapes you created, it works well, and musically I really like, it also tells a story! When you add small instruments in addition, it does it well! It's very immersive!"

Barbara M.: "I love the sound of your handpan music. Beautiful Jérôme".

Clara P.: "Jérôme is a passionate musician who loves to convey his love of music to others! Always available, attentive with very good advice."

Pierre D.: "I like the sound of the Handpan, it is the instrument that emits sounds most apparent to the vibrations emitted, those circulating in the Universe. I give 5/5 stars".

Carlos R.: "Keep the good work brother."

* : You can check out his dedicated playlist "Handpan Music for Animals" here on YouTube: , to make, he hopes, people evolve, with his own musical way (he started this concept and project in 2015), and to show how sentient animals are... ;
Check out also The Dragonfly NGO's project and compilation album "The Art of balance: a Handpan Journey" he's in with other amazing musicians & friends, to help children in Africa ;
Check out also the 3 discs compilation album he's also in with some other great musicians and friends, through the "Healing Handpan Alliance" project for which the intention was to Create a free album of healing handpan music featuring artists from around the world, to Collaborate with members of the Handpan Community for a good cause, to Encourage participants to volunteer to play at health and wellness facilities AND to Donate all proceeds from a handpan and hard case raffle to a health / wellness charity.