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Zen Fuse Box

Zen Fuse Box is a genre-bending collaboration between 3 friends whose stylistic differences blend to create something that isn't quite pop, isn't quite rock, isn't quite hip-hop, and isn't quite country, but somehow all seems to fit under the gigantic, leaky umbrella of Zen Fuse Box's sound.

Once upon a time, ZFB was the Meare's Pond Quartet, and even long before that they were friends who enjoyed jamming on a Beatles or Stones tune or two, until someone got the bright idea of trying out some original material. The first set of ZFB tunes was released on 2010's "Zero Down Time." The title reflects the circumstances of the album's creation, which took only a weekend to record.

After that, the band decided that slowing down might be fun too, and the recording of the band's sophomore album "Dogs in Helicopters" spanned 2011 through 2014. "Dogs" has been well-received and shows a definite maturation in the band's songwriting and arranging. Between the releases of "Zero Down Time" and "Dogs in Helicopters," ZFB released an EP entitled "Confused: The EP" which contains some tracks from the previously released debut album, and the then forthcoming DIH album. The EP also features some unreleased material from the guys' days at the Meare's Pond Quartet and an acoustic demo of DIH's first track.

The band followed up DIH with a series of download-only singles, including "Taylor Swift Broke Up With Spotify" and the sister tunes "Old Ed's Eye" and "Old Ed's Other Eye." To commemorate their brief, but epic, East Coast Tour, the band released the single "Greenhouse Blues (live)" in November, 2015.

In February, 2016, ZFB released the quirky single "Volcano!" which serves as an appetizer for the future release of a future full-length album of new, original ZFB material.

The horrific shooting in June, 2016 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando pushed the band in an unexpected direction. The track "Pulse (The City Beautiful)" was released as a single, with proceeds going to support the families of the victims. ZFB's efforts were noted in news outlets around the Orlando area, and funds from the song will continue to be donated.

On August 12, 2016, the band released "Sound Revival," a full-length album of cover tunes. Originally planned as another EP of 5 or 6 songs, the recording process was so fun that the band decided to expand it to a full CD project. The artists that ZFB chose to cover show the wide stylistic range of the guys' musical influences, from classic rock stalwarts The Beatles and Rolling Stones, to current pop artists such as Meghan Trainor and Jessie J, with a bunch of other stuff in between.

The band released three singles in 2018, the punk-rock inspired "John Oliver," the politically charged "She's a Liar," and the goofball "Space Force: The Official Anthem."

Also in 2018 the band released it's fourth full-length album, "Turnpike to Jupiter." The album contains arguably some of the band's best songwriting and performances. Standout tracks include "Decide Tonight," and "Ultramodern Ninja." Also, in a first-time move for the band, each member is granted the spotlight for a completely solo track. Pete's song is "Mean Mistreater," Rich's is "Rock Springs Run," and Steve's is "She Gone (Away)."

Christmas 2018 was greeted with the release of "Subtropical December" an EP containing the original songs "Subtropical December" and "(Ain't No) War on Christmas" alongside several holiday standards.

ZEN FUSE BOX is Steve Davis, Peter Preston and Rich Marcil

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