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Adidil Tial Buil Era Ongos

by Various Artists

Palauan String Band Music of the 1960s
Genre: World: Island
Release Date: 

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1. Adidil Tial Buil Era Ongos
Augustina Mechol
1:31 $0.99
2. M.I.K.
Christa Mersai & V.O.P. Band
2:01 $0.99
3. Mengurs a Ngurd
Monique Kiweluul & Tungelbai Band
2:50 $0.99
4. Ilechang Me Ailei a Di Uai Aikei
Tatsumi Tadong
1:22 $0.99
5. Ruriko Yo
Johannes Madracheluib & Friday Night Club
2:53 $0.99
6. Bechesiil El Ngara Miyako
Maria Melaitau & Lucky 7 Band
2:21 $0.99
7. Wakareno Isochidori
3:13 $0.99
8. Tomete Kureru Na
Yoichi Rengiil
3:48 $0.99
9. Natsukashi Omoide
Sawako Mabel & Friday Night Club
1:27 $0.99
10. Tsurai Koi
Jemmy Blelai & Tungelbai Band
3:10 $0.99
11. Ak Kor Oureng Era Soak
Julita Remengesau & V.O.P. Band
3:30 $0.99
12. A Kuldengei
Paulus Olmetelel
2:35 $0.99
13. Yo Wai Onna No Naku Namida
Kyota Dengokl & Tungelbai Band
3:26 $0.99
14. Ngeanges Me a Ngchelobel
Wataru Elbelau
2:56 $0.99
15. Klamiokel Berrous
Yaoch Iechad & V.O.P. Band
1:55 $0.99
16. Ke Di Tmesak
Martha Techitong & V.O.P. Band
1:59 $0.99
17. Bamboo Inn
Julie Tatengelel Aichi
3:33 $0.99
18. Ultoir a Uoi Meringel #1
Sawako Mabel & Friday Night Club
3:35 $0.99
19. Ngar Emel Era Ibeob
Tei-Ich Tiou & Friday Night Club
4:00 $0.99
20. Wakai Inochi
Kui-Roy Arurang & Friday Night Club
5:05 $0.99
21. Bechesiil Meng Uoi Meketeketang
Myuki Takataro & Lucky 7 Band
2:15 $0.99
22. Adidil E Ochedengei
Augustina Mechol
3:23 $0.99
23. Bechesiil El Uoi Meterkakl
Baslisa Takesh & Olbedekall Club
3:38 $0.99
24. Ultoir a Uoi Meringel #2
Rosania Matchiau & V.O.P. Band
2:39 $0.99
25. Meringel a Rengul
Rengiil Umedib & Sunrise Band
2:32 $0.99
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Album Notes
This CD contains recordings of string-band music made in the 1960s in Palau, an island nation in the Western Pacific located east of the Philippines and southwest of Guam. Palau is geographically part of the Western Caroline Islands, which, in turn, are a part of Micronesia. Palau has a current population of about 20,500 people, of which about 70% are native Palauans. It is estimated that another 7,000 Palauans live outside of Palau, primarily in the United States.

Palau was first settled about 3000 to 4500 years ago and developed a unique culture and language (the Palauan language). While there was interaction with other Micronesian islanders and Malay traders, significant exposure to outside cultures started when a British sea captain (Captain Henry Wilson) and his crew wrecked their ship in 1783 in the archipelago, followed by friendly interactions between the British and Palauans while the British sailors rebuilt their ship.

Local music in Palau can be subdivided into traditional (chuodel el chelitakl) and modern (beches el chelitakl). Traditional music consists of chants. While Palauan chants are historical (and pre-historical), they continue to exist in Palauan society today fulfilling specific cultural roles. In general, the chants are recitations of significant stories with very little melodic variation sung on a bending melodic scale, varying in pitch above and below what to Western ears would be actual notes of a scale. The performance of chants is highly structured, with the appropriate chant being performed by the appropriate person at the appropriate time. The lyrics of the chants are, for the most part, ancient, with no identified author. In some cases, the chant lyrics are believed to be the creation of the gods (chelid). It is generally held that the old chants form a closed body of texts and that no additions may now be made. Much of the language in the lyrics of traditional chants is archaic (words not in current use in Palau) or esoteric, so the bulk of the exact words may not be understood by contemporary Palauan listeners and, possibly, by the chanter himself.

Palau was made a part of the Spanish East Indies in 1885, and then sold to Germany in 1899 following Spain’s defeat in the Spanish-American war. While the Spanish influence in Palau was primarily religious in nature, the Germans established several commercial operations within Palau, including the development of phosphate mines on the southern island of Angaur beginning in 1909. The Germans imported labor from other Caroline Islands (notably Chuuk and Yap) as well as from Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Guam to augment the Palauan labor force in the phosphate mines. This cultural mix of people working and living together in Angaur resulted in profound changes to the music of Palau, creating a new form of music (beches el chelitakl) that celebrated love, heartbreak and village loyalty in newly-composed songs whose melodies were borrowed from other cultures. This new music in Palau supplemented, rather than replaced, the older chanted music and was (and still is) performed where people gather to relax or party in both informal settings and at dance clubs and customary gatherings.

Outside control of Palau passed from Germany to Japan in 1914 as a part of the League of Nations South Pacific Mandate following Germany’s defeat in World War I. The Japanese began to settle in Palau in the 1920s and developed a colonial government and a local economy. The Japanese language was taught to Palauans in school and Japanese language and culture had a great impact on the local language and music. Palau became a major battle site in World War II and following the war, most of the Japanese settlers were repatriated to Japan, although people of mixed Palauan-Japanese descent, resulting from the substantial inter-marriage between Palauans and Japanese settlers, were allowed to remain. In 1947 Palau became a part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (TTPI), under the control of the United States. The people of Palau approved a new constitution forming the Republic of Palau in 1981 and ratified a Compact of Free Association with the US in 1994.

The songs on this CD are representative of the String-Band era of modern Palauan music (beches el chelitakl) and were composed starting in the 1930s through the 1960s. The recordings on this CD are part of a larger body of recordings originally made by employees of the local radio station, Ngerel Belau (Voice of Palau, whose call letters are WSZB). Ngerel Belau went on the air in 1963 and to supplement imported American and Japanese music, their staff made recordings of ordinary Palauans singing their own music and played those recordings on the radio each day. Most of these recordings were made in the homes or public spaces where the singers or their bands lived and most were recorded with a single microphone. None of the singers were professional musicians and the recordings were done in a single take. These recordings were digitized from reel-to-reel tapes given to the Belau National Museum by the radio station after they could no longer be played because of the lack of equipment. Jim Geselbracht collected these tapes in May 2016 from the museum and digitized and restored the tapes in 2016 and 2017. Some of those tapes had degraded in storage, affecting their sound quality. Many of the recordings have discontinuities where the tape had presumably broken, at some point, and been spliced. An attempt to remove excess noise from the recordings was made, but noise was removed only where it would not degrade the quality of the music or singing.

Where we know the name of the composer, we have included it in these liner notes. While the singers’ names are identified for each song, the backup musicians were typically not identified on the source tapes. We do know that they included Kyosi Ngirangol (guitar), Ngeterio Henry (mandolin), Hosei Faustino (guitar), Aichi Ngirchokebai (guitar), Hidebo Sugiyama (guitar) and Tatsumi Tadong (mandolin), but we don’t know which tracks they played on and the names of others are unknown.

The Palauan string-band era, characterized by bands and music clubs where the singers were accompanied by acoustic, stringed instruments, started in the 1950s and lasted until the late 1960s. While in many cases, the term “string band” describes instrumental music, it is used here to differentiate the use of acoustic stringed instruments from electric-stringed or keyboard instruments. In 1969, electric instruments (guitars and bass) and drum sets came to the island and the bands became electrified. At that point, the acoustic instruments faded into the background, only used in the villages. In the mid-1980s, the programmable keyboard found its way to Palau, which ushered in a new (and the current) era of Palauan Keyboard music, pushing the electric bands off the stage. Although over time it has been accompanied in a variety of ways, this music is at its core “singing music” and these songs continue to be enjoyed in Palau today, in some cases 80 years after they were first composed.

Transcriptions of the lyrics (in Palauan and Japanese) are provided here for many of the songs, along with my translations into English. We hope you enjoy listening to these songs and use these recordings to remember the Palauan String Band era.

I would like to thank Olympia Morei and Simeon Adelbai of the Belau National Museum for their stewardship of these recordings and entrusting their restoration to me. I would also like to thank Ulang Ngiruchelbad for her tireless assistance to me in translating and understanding these songs. Any mistakes in the translation, though, are my own. — Jim Geselbracht, Oakland CA.


TRACK 1 — Adidil Tial Buil era Ongos — Augustina Mechol
Composer: Unknown. Instrumentation: Guitar & Mandolin

Adidil tial buil era ongos
E ta el omes er ngii a betik era renguk
E ngak a uoi kurusii
E ng diak kisa sungata er kau

Tsurai moi nanara
Mak kora di mengeuid era renguk
E chesebreng e ng meringel chi
me ng diak bok bad el imiit a medak
Marveling at the moon in the East
And the one who looks at it, my sweetheart
And I am rather in agony
And I haven’t even seen your shadow

Bitter, nobody anywhere
And my heart is rather confused
My heart is broken and my stomach hurts
And I can’t close my eyes and go to sleep

TRACK 3 — Mengurs a Ngurd — Monique Kiweluul & Tungelbai Band
Composer: Ymesei Ezekiel. Instrumentation: Guitar

Mengurs a ngurd ema kuluurureng a adidil
E tir a okeed a bedenged
Me kede kasoues e ngak a melebedebek era
mle kingelled el ngara bita era hamabe 

Wakare ta skoki wa yohake mak riedang
el kora di medidelangel a renguk
Le renguk a kmo ng di sei kid a melengelelek 
Natsukasi anata no hurusato 

Bokura no tanosi mi ua sel bol kebesengei
Ma bo dekasoues el tanosi 
Ng ungil a rengud a melebedebek a bo dekebii 
Kele debo dsecher el chamireng re kau me ngak
I am nostalgic remembering the arousing attractiveness /
as our bodies move closer together /
and we meet each other and I remember /
our place that was next to the beach

The plane departs in the evening, and I am just leaving /
my heart kind of cries lightly /
because my heart feels like it keeps being passed by /
dear sweetheart of my home village

We pleasure each other when it becomes evening /
and go see to each other’s happiness /
We will be happy remembering while we are separated /
or maybe we will get sick with heartbreak over you and me

TRACK 4 — Ailechang me Ailei a di uai Aikei — Tatsumi Tadong
Composer: Tatsumi Tadong. Instrumentation: Guitar, Mandolin & Percussion

Lek di ngerang era ngara sangeseu
Lek di ngerang era ngara sangeseu
Lek di kbo el siyo
Lek di kbo el eng sikalika
Ailechang me ailei a di uaikei
Because I am what at the community work day?
Because I am what at the community work day?
Because I just go “siyo”
Because I just go and “sikalika”
These and those are just like those

TRACK 5 — Ruriko Yo — Johannes Madracheluib & Friday Night Club
Composer: Shiro Bedul or Kodep Kloulechad. Instrumentation: Guitar

Koi mo nasake meng didiul 
Di mle beot e ke mo ikrak 
Nangaku matsidosi e kau a mel remiid

Make di olab a mla cheldechedecham e
kora di mengkekebelung,
ng kol mongera mo cheldechulel e ak okur lekong

Ruriko yo kau kekol melatk a
mla cheldechedecham rengak,
me ke mesngii a riid e choitak  e mocha el bechielang

Wasurenu kimi wasasiku
Mlo rektel itial renguk,
meng di kodall a olutii a renguk lileko e dikea el mei

Sarabayo kimi matachau
Tal lebol lungil besul
Bokuwa itsudemo kimi matsuba kari
Love and pity they go together /
it was simple for you to ignore me /
as I waited for you, my lover, and you just wandered away

I just hold onto what was your story /
just kind of driving me crazy /
wondering how I might make my way back to you

Ruriko, you kind of recall /
what was your story about me /
and you departed and abandoned me as you are getting married

I cannot forget that your tenderness /
caused the sickness in this heart of mine /
and only death will return my heart that went to you and has not returned

Goodbye, I will see you again /
one time when it is good for you /
I will always wait for you

TRACK 8 — Tomete Kureru Na — Yoichi Rengiil
Composer: Kodep Kloulechad. Instrumentation: Guitar & Mandolin

Tomete kureru na /
Desik el kmal mle betik era renguk /
Ngera dula mak chetikom /
Meke merort ma /
di ua sodel a sils leng /
di memochar ngebard

Maltae ng di mle beot a regnum /
e chosang aikal rengud /
me kede mo kebii e ak di medengei /
blulekngem rengak /
el ua sodel a teriobs leng /
di kiete yuku

Kurai yomitsi no /
ima tada hitari /
mak di ourureng a mla sidai /
era dungil kasoes /
e chelechae di meloaoch le /
kua uleiul a eolt kung
I hold back the tears as we come to an end /
We searched and you were the one who found my heart /
What did I say that caused you to come to dislike me? /
We are ending just like the sun that
is going down in the west

You were the easy-going one /
but you really disturbed our hearts /
we will separate and I just know /
your lie to me / like the breaking of sea foam /
it just goes and disappears

Your lies before, my lover /
I'm just nostalgic for our relationship /
when we were glad to see each other /
and now I just wander /
like a wind that is about to come and destroy everything in its path

TRACK 9 — Natsukasi Omoide — Sawako Mabel & Friday Night Club
Composer: Unknown. Instrumentation: Guitar & Mandolin

This recording starts on verse #4

(1) Natsukasi omoide /
ng meral meketeketang
Me ke ngar keltang lungil besum e di ousubes

(2) Ke di obeso rengak el di ourureng /
e melatk a omerellem /
Nasake nai koini  kmesengkedang 

(3) Yarusenai  omoide /
hitori  nayamu /
Ng diak modengei el chebuul el kmo ng uangera doltoir

(4) Techa dilu me doruul a aikang /
Me dodengei me bo el soad /
Ma bo dekeu  ak e aleko lekea  kuk bo dekebii

(5) Meral chetik a rebldekek /
el diak lodengei kuruul /
Me lolutii  a betik era renguk el mei me kisang

(6) Me te oba era rresiil  e kung /
Me ng dikea lebe el kongak /
Bechesei, ng di renguk rekau a tomella bedengek
Dear memory /
it has truly been with me a long time /
and where are you and your good position? Just forgive me

You are starting to forget me, who only hopes /
and remembers your behavior /
Miserably in love, I’m wasting away

Miserable memory /
I am alone in my troubles /
You don’t know the misfortune of how we could fall in love

Who told us to come and make these? /
And we know what we want /
And if we are brave, I intend us to no longer be separated

I truly don’t like my ancestors /
They don’t understand what I do /
Return my sweetheart so I can see her

And they take what you are about to hold over me /
and it no longer comes to my attention /
Sweetheart, it is just my feeling for you that is breaking my body

TRACK 10 — Tsurai Koi — Jemmy Blelai & Tungelbai Band
Composer: Ymesei Ezekiel. Instrumentation: Guitar & Fiddle

Tsurai koi, mengam a reng ema /
doltoir eng di mo ate nasini /
leng diak bomchub a, dolatk e doureng /
hatsu koi no omoide yo

Mak kora di mle, chansing era renguk e /
Bechesei el kmo kmei eng di mo ungil besul /
e kau okor e, tonget a reng ma /
ke chebuul el kora, di mengkekebelung

Meringel a doureng, e lak era rengum me /
dilak a me cholodii tial renguk /
mak di ourureng era, deleuill e ke cheridang /
meng mo uchul a mo chesebreng era renguk
Bitter love, breaks the heart and /our love just proceeds without hope /
because there is no compassion, we remember /
and long for, our departed love, no more than a memory

I was kind of confident, that a new love had come /
and we were in a good place / and then you ignore me and hold back your heart /
your miserable actions are kind of driving us crazy

What we wish for is hard to obtain, if your heart isn’t into it /
when we were together, you comforted my heart /
Now I just miss our relationship, as you go far from me
and that is the source of the pain in my heart

TRACK 14 — Ngeanges me a Ngchelobel — Wataru Elbelau & VOP Band
Composer: Bobai Weloi. Instrumentation: Guitar & Percussion

Kmal sabisi kaya nasuni dik be kbo era rriil
Di lomerengakl era chelechol a daob a renguk a mlo mekikngit /
Mak lotkii a bechesiil e raach

Mak di lotkii a bechesiil er a lekiei me di kumes /
Kidim kasoues a lekebesei eng kora mlo /
mechechelaod a renguk /
e chelecha e ke noyo bedengem

Ngeanges ema ngchelobel a kaiuekeed  e ua /
klechacheroid, toachel a mlo deleuill ema ng /
dimlak debo dungil kasoues /
e ke mesngii a riid  ema

Di lorolall  bechesiil er a tutau ra hamabe 
Kdechor era rriil el melmesumech e mlo klou a
lengelek era renguk /
e diak lodengei rebetok le chad

Ngka ua tara nasakenai lechad el diak lodengei
Cheldechedechal a chesebreng el kmong mo
meringel er a bedengek /
kau mlo rektel itial renguk

Ng kaeri era Asahi-maru mek bor Ngeaur /
me di kumes a ultil ochim e orae wa namida /
e ng mlolengoech a bedengek me a renguk
I become very lonely when I go to the beach /
just the waves breaking on the ocean’s beach, my heart was rather bad /
as I remember my sweetheart

And I only remember her where she lives in my thoughts /
we only get together at night and I become rather content /
now, with you, as I am with your body

Ngeanges and Ngchelobel are near each other /
and yet we’re separated from each other /
the deep-water channel was between us and it didn’t make it easy for us to see each other /
and then you departed

Just lead yourself, sweetheart to the beach in the morning /
I stand on the beach and say goodbye /
and the cries of my heart were loud /
and many people don’t know that

This one is like a pitiful person who doesn’t know /
the story of past heartbreak that hurts my body /
and you were the sickness of this heart of mine

The ship Asahi-maru returns and I am going to Angaur /
and I just look at your footprint on the beach /
and my body and heart were feeling drained

TRACK 15 — Klamiokel Berrous — Yaoch Iechad & VOP Band
Composer: Yaoch Iechad. Instrumentation: Guitar & Mandolin

Klamiokel berrous a mle lokisak 
Kerdel a btuch ma didichel  mengiil rekau
Natsukasi anata no ka oi 
e leng meral di uai a di kumes  ku  rengii

Adidil e darling
kulatk a kurusii 

Meral lonely place el Airai Village /
Kmocha era Uchul a Ngas e nangame era Ngewaol / Bai  rengul a aikel bilas
mochang malta e te kuk mo me te mesterir 

Delebeakl watasi 
el tada hitori 
A beautiful dream has awakened me
The star’s flame and its ray of light wait for you
Dear sweetheart, you are looking unwell
Because it’s truly just like I see what is about to be

Remembering back, my darling
I remember the pain

Airai Village is a very lonely place
I am just arriving at Uchul a Ngas and looking toward the horizon at Ngewaol
Lucky those boats going that way
Perhaps they will see them 

The curse is a private affair
Leaving me a person alone

TRACK 17 — Bamboo Inn — Julie Tatengelel Aichi
Composer: Dudiu Tutii, Instrumentation: Guitar & Mandolin

V1) Betik era renguk el anata e /
leng diak a me, mekesiur a renguk /
me ng omoi yosete mo /
leng kmal di kau a betik era renguk

(C1) Ochedengei di bom chebkak e /
bo dudidar itial renguk /
leng kmal di kau a betik era renguk

(V2) Kmal meringel a yamaii yo /
leng mla rektak e ochedengei /
sel kebesengei e ng meringel chi /
me ng diak bok bad el imiit a medak

(C2) Ochedengei di bom chebkak e /
mesengkedang era kmal di kau /
e ng uoi meringel a chesebreng

(V3) Sel lorael a rekodo e /
mo lotkid era ngara mong /
era di doilil era Bamboo Inn /
e lak a kora me mengesang

(C3) Sel morael e ochedengei a /
renguk a di okikiuellem /
e ng meral di kau el tang era renguk
You are the one who has found my heart /
because if you don’t come, my feelings are flat /
and my heart is with you even more /
because it is really just you who has found my heart

Brother, just pity me and /
make a connection to this heart of mine /
because it is really only you who has found my heart

This illness of mine is very painful /
because it was my sickness, oh brother /
when it is night and my stomach hurts /
and I can’t close my eyes and go to sleep

Brother, just pity me /
as I waste away over just you /
and it is rather hard to be broken-hearted

When the record plays and /
it reminds us of the times that have passed /
when we just played at the Bamboo Inn /
and nothing came to bother us

When you go, brother /
I think I will walk behind you /
and it is truly just you who is the one of my heart

TRACK 18 — Ultoir a Uoi Meringel #1 — Sawako Mabel & Friday Night Club
Composer: Unknown. Instrumentation: Guitar, Mandolin, Bass (?) & Percussion

(V1) Adidil e ochedengei
ultoir a uoi meringel
me a kumdid  era renguk
lekong loltaut a di klsuul 

(C1) me tia a renguk el di ourureng
meng irare nai
le ke di meteterkakl meng
isio wanai

(V2) Sel lebol kebesengei
lungil a buil e ngak
ak kmal mo dobedebekau  
meng molengoech  a bedengek

(C2) Mak mo melebedebek  era
ungil kelemolem  a reng
el kmal di tanosiku
el ungil cheltir 

(V3) Tia a renguk el di obengkem
meng di mengkekebelung 
oingera e ke mo nguu lungil

(C3) Mak di oureng mak di mengeuid  
mak di matsidosi
kanaete tsiodai
kau le betik era renguk
Remembering back, my sweetheart
Love is rather hard
And if I follow my heart
It is aiming toward your lies

And this is my heart that is nostalgic
And it can’t stay that way
Because you are rather careless and
We can’t be together

When it becomes evening
The moon is beautiful, and me,
I am really thinking about you
and I am feeling weak and alone

I think about that it would be
good to follow each other’s wishes of the heart
and just do so very happily
like a good cool breeze

This is my heart that is just with you
Because it is just really being misled
When will you go take its goodness?
Take care of it

I just hope that I’m only confused /
and I just long to meet with you /
please make my dream come true /
you are the one through whom I have found my heart

TRACK 20 — Wakai Inochi — Kui-Roy Arurang & Friday Night Club
Composer: Tekereng Sylvester. Instrumentation: Guitar, Mandolin, Bass & Percussion

Wakai  inochi  o mangokorowa /
ng diak kubes era kimi no omokange yo /
ukabu  yowa  ne munenu mamani /
ng kuk mocha tutau

Aitasa mitasa de tsurai yiyoru /
Berrusek era betik era renguk a me lorakt a reng /
Nanto nakumune simeni katsi / Kurusi boku

Anohosi harukani ker di ngar cheroid /
Sadame kanasiku kongia mata /
Kuleker e lak a chad e ak longela louroachel /
Leng di renguk re kau

Koi no stesu nasa minotsurasa /
Wanga mune koyo-i mo sinobeba /
me aika lengelek e ochedengei kmal urungulek rekau /
Me a ko el di mo mekerang?
Natsukasi omoide, kazu kazuto /
Kanasi ka nono, tori noyoni /
Tsubasa orarete, ng ko el mo oingerang /
a cheldedechad
A young life and a true heart /
I can’t forget you in my memory /
that comes to my mind in the dead of night when I cannot sleep /
It is almost morning

I want to meet to appease this painful night /
My dream of my sweetheart brings a sickness to the heart /
Oh my heart is crying wet tears /
I am in pain

Where is that distant star, so far away? /
My fate is sad again tonight /
I called out but there was no one and I am starting to cry and talk deliriously /
Because of my feelings for you

Love is sad and causes a pain in my body /
but my heart, tonight, will endure /
These tears of mine, sweetheart, truly express my desire for you /
And now what should I do?

Dear memories, they are many /
like a sad bird trapped in its cage /
with a broken wing, when will it be /
our story?

TRACK 22 — Adidil e Ochedengei — Augustina Mechol
Composer: Unknown. Instrumentation: Guitar & Mandolin

Adidil e ochedengei /
kurrenges a chais era merael /
chisem leng kora ngodech a rengum /
me ke di ousubes a mla sidai

Bedengek me a renguk a mle chemau kau /
e ke dorderta  mle ungil besul /
e chelechae ke merort ema /
medengei el kmo kid a chad era beluu

Bechesiil e kau a ngeltengat /
el bai merort e di ungil besum /
e dikea molebedebek era /
deleuiil e kid a chad era beluu

A kuldengei e ochedengei /
el kmo ng diak era rengum a lomelemii /
e kede bai mle kasmesumech era /
telkib e wakare  masio 
Thinking about my sweetheart /
I hear the news that is going around /
Your news that you have had a change of heart /
and you just overlook the relationship we had

My body and heart were faced toward you /
and you started to cut me off so that you could get in a better position /
and now you separate from me
knowing that we are people of the same village

Sweetheart, you are fortunate /
Instead, divorcing to improve your position /
you no longer think about /
our relationship as people of the same village

I knew, sweetheart /
that your heart doesn’t follow a straight path /
and we instead said in our farewell that /
our separation would be preferable

TRACK 23 — Bechesiil el Uoi Meterkakl — Baslisa Takesh & Olbedekall Club
Composer: Unknown. Instrumentation: Guitar & Fiddle

Bechesiil el uoi meral meterkakl /
di mocha ikrak /
e di merolang /
mak ko el di mo /
mekera er chelechang /
el di ua kcheloit era open sea

Ochedengei ng durengum /
e sel mengelakl leng diak modengei /
e ak kurusii /
e uoi di mengichiil /
era tal ungil /
el omelelkingem /
me a el kerim era taem

Tiang di kisem /
el di ngoura renguk /
di mocha ikrak /
me ng belual ku keltang /
ma lechul me ng mlo /
tara takai  loteruul er a Blue Lagoon /
mak rulii ocheraol
Sweetheart, who is sort of truly reckless /
just turning her back on me /
and just starting to walk away /
I am sort of just going /
to do what now?/
It’s like I’ve been abandoned on the open sea

Sweetheart it is your intention /
that I am waiting /
because you don’t know /
and I am in pain /
and just keep waiting for /
one good thing /
in your way of speaking /
and your question of time

This is your key /
that my heart is just beginning to get /
just turning her back on me /
and her village is about to be far away /
and if only there was /
one expensive thing sold /
at the Blue Lagoon /
I would make an ocheraol (to raise money)

TRACK 24 — Ultoir a Uoi Meringel #2 — Rosania Matchiau & VOP Band
Composer: Rosania Matchiau. Instrumentation: Guitar

Adidil e ochedengei /
Ultoir a uoi meringel ema /
Chebuul loltoir e kau a ng diak a modengei /
e kau a uoi diak komchub a reng

Sel bo kulebedebek /
e ngii a mo medidelangel itia renguk /
leng beluu a kmal chacheroid ema /
kioureng e dikea kisang a mle betik a renguk

Di mechikung e somebody /
aika kid a klmesmechek  er kau /
me el ta obes e ngak a diak kubes /
e leng di kau a tang el betik era renguk /
Oh, surely you’re the only one that I adore
Thinking back to my sweetheart /
Love is rather difficult and /
miserable in love, you don’t realize it /
and you are not about to show me any compassion

When I remember back /
it causes me to begin to cry /
because our villages are far from each other and /
while we hope for it, I no long see the one who was my sweetheart

So goodbye, somebody /
these are my farewell wishes to you /
the one who forgets while I won’t forget /
because you are the only one who has found my heart /
Oh, surely you’re the only one that I adore

TRACK 25 — Meringel a Rengul — Rengiil Umedib & Sunrise Band
Composer: Rengiil Umedib. Instrumentation: Guitar & Harmonica

Meringel a rengul ak mo medengei el kmo
Mo mad eng dimlak kdu rektel ko mbong

Eia ltal eke mei altang diak ke mei
Di ngak a uoi meringel a melebedebek

Mengard er a kerrasem me a sengerenger 
Le diak a lodengei me a loldingel a chelebuul

Meringel a rengul a betok le chad e
chomoikrak  bom iuul  me era rengelked 

Eang klochad, a klodam, klongalek ema
Lengelek era renguk er tir te ko el uangerang
A pitiful waste, I am understanding,
to die without me saying that her sickness was her way of leaving

The one that returns perhaps is not you returning
and I am rather in pain as I remember

Suffering from the cold and starving /
because they don’t know when they visit the poor

Many people waste their life away /
you all ignore me as the number of our children swell

Oh our sisters, brothers, parents and children
My heart cries for them, how will they be?
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