Andy Fite | The Well-Tempered Singer-Songwriter (24 Moods)

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The Well-Tempered Singer-Songwriter (24 Moods)

by Andy Fite

24 songs, in all the major and minor keys, reflecting more different moods than the author even knew he was capable of.
Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals
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1. Good Morning
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2. Just When You Think You're On to Something
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3. An Invitation to Dance
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4. There's a Mystery
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5. Oh Wait! Oh Wait! Oh Wait!
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6. Never Had a Clue
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7. I Have to Admit I Was Hoping
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8. Here I Am, This Lovely Day
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9. I Liked You Better When You Were in Love With Me
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10. To Comfort Her
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11. Another Man
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12. Not Gonna Fold
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13. How Did You Think I'd Feel?
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14. I Want to Be Famous
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15. A Place Inside Me
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16. I Wish I Liked You
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17. I'm Afraid
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18. You've Seen Summertime
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19. To My Beloved
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20. It's a Great Day (November 5, 2008)
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21. Writing in D
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22. I Want to See You
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23. I Know You
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24. I Love Goodbyes
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Album Notes
Ag-39 – The Well-Tempered Singer-Songwriter: 24 Moods
Album notes

In my life as a songwriter, I have found that when a conception for what the 19-century guys called a song cycle occurred to me, that I can sometimes get a lot of songs written, and sometimes they come so fast that it feels as if they were all planted in the moment the first idea came, and that the process of writing the songs was more a case of just letting them ripen and digging them out of the ground.

This suite is just such a case. The idea here is an old one, going back to Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, and favored also by Chopin and others: to write on the complete major-minor key cycle. I had already composed and recorded 24 Preludes (2004) following the same principle, and thought originally that each of those piece might serve as a prelude to a new song in the same key. I still do pair them sometimes in performance, and I do have a playlist where they’re lined up together. (If you get both albums, I do think it’s a pleasant way to hear them.) But soon the new project took on its own special life, and some things happened that I think would never have crossed my mind otherwise. To start with: as a jazz musician, I naturally favor the flat side, and when once in a while I write something closer to the rock or folk-pop tradition, I’ll hit G or D or E or A. But when do I write a song in G-flat, or B, or C-sharp minor?

So in 2008 I thought I’d see what thoughts and feelings a run at the complete key cycle would shake loose, and the experience was even richer than I imagined. Every new key seemed to open up a new world of feeling. They felt so specific! So, though I started with the idea of 24 keys, what I wound up with was more deeply an album of 24 moods:

1. Good Morning. C Major. First greeting. The morning after a night of sweetness. Tenderness and uncertainty.

2. Just When You Think You’re On to Something. C Minor. A burst of pessimism.

3. An Invitation to Dance. F Major. A plea for freedom, especially for women.

4. There’s a Mystery. F Minor. I had a chord and a small bit of melodic motion which together evoked for me a feeling of mystery. And what rhymes with mystery? So suddenly I’m into my history. Then the soft rhyme ”wish to see” and the mosaic rhyme ”misdemeanors” put the subject clearly in my hands. Some of this painful story was already accessible to me after many years of various therapies, but the play of words and music here gave me a new chance to revisit, and again experience, some of the pain and loneliness of my childhood.

5. Oh Wait! Oh Wait! Oh Wait! B-flat Major. Panic! I believe in writing from the material life presents you with, when it’s any good, and here I thought I had something when I woke up on the 8th of August, 08-08-08! Even so I didn’t know where the song was going till I got to the last rhyming pair. It turned out more serious than I expected at the outset.

6. Never Had a Clue. B-flat Minor. This, I guess, is the inverse of track 2: the pessimist pleasantly surprised.

7. I Have to Admit I Was Hoping. E-flat Major. Yes, it happened! You’re in love and it’s wonderful. Your heart is open, you discover a generosity that was never there before. Here I might like to say a word about Wes Montgomery, whom I have always loved but never made much effort to emulate. The way he plays octaves though! What phrasing (like a singer!), and what beautiful intonation. This, I think, is the first octave passage I’ve ever recorded that expressed any of that.

8. Here I Am, This Lovely Day. E-flat Minor. Abject longing, even surrounded by every conceivable comfort.

9. I Liked You Better When You Were in Love with Me. A-flat Major. A lover’s lament, close enough to the end to embrace the humor in the situation.

10. To Comfort Her. G-sharp minor. Another song at the end, perhaps in fact the moment when the thing breaks and dies for good.

11. Another Man. D-flat Major. In Swedish they call it ”gubbsjuka”. Shall we translate? ”Geezeritis” then: that a man getting along into middle and senior years still feels a pang of longing in the presence of the younger women. I don’t actually see much sick about it, to tell you the truth. Seems like a sign of health to me. That you’re going to get your heart broken though, is as sure as it gets. I kind of wish, by the way, that I’d written down that multi-vocal interlude….

12. Not Gonna Fold. C-sharp Minor. Courage.

13. How Did You Think I’d Feel? G-flat Major. Fight fair now people!

14. I Want to Be Famous. F-sharp Minor. Yeah, yeah, be careful what you wish for…. Worth mentioning perhaps that this is where I pulled out the electric guitars and effects and things for the first time since 1985. That was some fun after that many years, and I couldn’t resist doing it a few times more before the album was done.

15. A Place Inside Me. B Major. The deep well-being you sometimes feel, and realize was there all along, through all the trouble and chaos of a life on earth.

16. I Wish I Liked You. B Minor. Liking and loving are two different things, not a question of quantity, but a difference in essence. I think love is what we feel when someone stirs us at our core, where, whether there’s connection or not, the soul’s energy is set in motion, and a connection is felt. To like someone is a question of something perhaps not as deep, but just as wonderful, of simply getting pleasure from knowing them, seeing them, thinking of them. We like it best (and love it most) when the two come together, but sometimes they don’t. Liking without loving is good fun. Loving without liking is my subject here.

17. I’m Afraid. E Major. Here is a case where the song came as a result of just monkeying around on guitar in the given key. I’m a theory teacher—theory nerd you might go ahead and say—and have thought long and hard of chords and their possible resolutions. I have a particular fascination for the idea of loosening up from the idea I got from my life in jazz playing the great songs of the 20s, 30s and 40s that the way to get to a new key is pretty much always by way of its dominant. What about IV, I start to think, the subdominant? Not as strong, but kinda sweet. This tune started as a little study of secondary subdominants (major and minor, depending on the resolution chord) climbing up an E scale. A cunning little chord progression, I thought. A melody began to take shape. And then around that, the words started coming and took me into the terror of a promising new love.

18. You’ve Seen Summertime. E Minor. The bitterness of an autumn of romance.

19. To My Beloved. A Major. For real now. Love is good. I am happy.

20. It’s a Great Day (November 5, 2008). A Minor. When I was twelve years old I wrote a song on three chords and called it Democracy. On the day after Barack Obama’s election, which I sat out over here in Sweden (and I understand I missed a magic night), as I waited for news from the congressional race in San Francisco where I hoped against hope that Cindy Sheehan might unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who here represents not only herself but that whole run of Democrat in politics, like for instance Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and, as I feared, Barack himself), I took those three chords and let them serve as the basis for this prediction. Some months later I sat down to record it, and that’s when I got the idea for the song collage here, inspired by Bach’s art of the quodlibet: Stars and Stripes Forever, Yankee Doodle, John Brown’s Body, Dixie, and whatever else, all intewoven. I’m not one who admires or believes in patriotism, but here I guess is the concentrated essence of my own patriotic feeling as an American. What a tragedy it’s been! There’s a video on this one at if you’re interested.

21. Writing in D. D Major. When I had the problem, I didn’t have the words to describe it, but here’s what I went through those first couple of years with the guitar in my hands. This to me is funny. You’ll see what you think.

22. I Want to See You. D Minor. Desire, plain and simple.

23. I Know You. G Major. Recognition, echoing, as it sometimes seems to do, down through through the centuries, through many lifetimes.

24. I Love Goodbyes. G Minor. I used to say, I hate goodbyes. And then one time in the middle of a particularly big one, it occurred to me that if I hated them THAT much I wouldn’t have taken the time to gaze for a last time on each of the four walls in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the view from the roof, the door to the roof, the stain on that one stair. I LOVE goodbyes! One more hug please. Goodbye, goodbye! I love you. Goodbye, so long, goodbye!

The songs were written in the summer and fall of 2008, and I recorded it all at my Stockholm studio in the spring of 2009. It’s all me, Andy Fite, on voices, guitars, bass, bongos and snare drum. Words and music ©2008 by Andy Fite.

Here are the lyrics:

Good Morning

Good morning.
How are you today?
And did you sleep all right, my darling?
Does it feel okay
to have me here beside you?

That was some night we had,
and I know, quite unexpected.
Still I hope you’ll be glad you let it happen…

Good morning.
How is it today?
I could just go if it’s too much now.
But I’d love to stay
and talk a while
ad love you one more time.

I know
there is only so much room in your life,
and I may be too near now already,
but it is just where I want to be.

So what do you say
you blow off the day you’d planned?
I’ll understand if you don’t—
if you can’t, or you won’t—
and even if you don’t
want to see me even one more time,
oh I’m
in love with you
this morning.

Just When You Think You’re On to Something

Just when you think you’re on to something and you’re really gonna make it now,
Just when you think
that you’re really gonna show ’em all, you take another look
and you don’t know how.

Just when you think your luck is changing and it’s all about to come your way,
Just when you’re sure
that at last you’ve found the cure for all the troubles in your life,
whoops! They’re here to stay.

All you ever wanted was a little of this, a little of that, a little of something
little enough to hold you snug.
All you ever asked was to be given a kiss and given a pat and given a chance to
give somebody’s heart a tug.

Just when you think you’re on to something and you’re never gonna weep again,
just when you know that she’s never gonna go away,
you realize there’s something that she realizes—
someone she idealizes—
and you’ve reached the end.

An Invitation to Dance

You’ve been together for a couple of years,
a couple of dears who really do love each other
like lovers don’t always, you know,
but you
feel a little bit restless,

so you start to read the personal ads.
It’s one of those fads that’s hard to resist.
You fantasize,
and decide one of these times
you might even do something about it.

It’s not a crime to spend an hour or two
with someone new,
at least not in this country, I believe.

So you’ve been together for a couple of years,
I know it but here’s the thing to remember:
I’ll be true,
just like you,
meaning I swear I won’t breathe a word
to anyone
about it.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your man—
I know you can
be drawn to someone else for just a while.

When you’ve been together for as long as you’ve been now,
is it a sin to dance with another?
Maybe so,
’specially, oh yes, if when he does it too,
you can’t find it in your heart to forgive.
But otherwise, you have only one life,
and girl, you have a right
to live!

There’s a Mystery

There’s a mystery
in my history,
and I wish to see
just what misdemeanors have been perpetrated
on that dear little boy I was,
who never hurt a soul,
and who trusted the world around him.

Who was the first?
And how did it happen?
And why did it happen?
And when did it start to take its toll?
If I only knew! Well—
what good would it do me?

The damage has been done.

Though I do recall
my one brother’s friend
and the things he did,
or at least a few select small childish tortures,
what I don’t understand at all
is how I ever could
even let such a person near me.

What was it that was already dead inside me?
And why was it impossible to find someone and tell?
What was it that had already made me weak, and afraid, and at home with that? I wonder…

There’s a mystery
in my history,
and I don’t suppose I’ll prob’ly ever know.

Oh Wait! Oh Wait! Oh Wait!

Oh wait! Oh wait! Oh wait, don’t go!
Oh wait! Oh wait! Oh wait!
There’s no way I’d be ready already for this.
Don’t leave me—

Just wait! Now wait! Oh wait, come on!
I hate this fate, this state,
this conversation we’re having.
I’m having a terrible time.

Don’t you know what you’ll be doing to me?
Don’t you care?
Really don’t you see what a wreck I’ll be
if you’re not there?

Oh wait! Oh wait! Oh wait a while!
Just wait! It’s great! You’ll make me smile.
Even one more day will be one more day together.
Oh my!
But after you’ve gone,
how will I go on?
Oh please, baby, please don’t die!

Never Had a Clue

Never had a clue that there was anything for you
in my little smile and my little fingertips
but now
I see
you really do
enjoy me.

Never would have guessed you’d want to put me to the test
and now when you have, oh wow,
do you really really mean
what you say when you say
you want to come again?

I know for sure,
my dear, that you’re too good for me—
well at least a little—
but if you say okay I’ll respect your choice.
I’m not crazy honey!

Never had a clue that one as beautiful as you
would ever want to stand so near,
but you’re here
and I’m here
and it’s true:
baby, you
really do make me happy
but I swear I mean I never had a clue!

I Have to Admit I Was Hoping

I have to admit
I was hoping.
I have to admit
I thought it would be nice.
I must confess,
I was obsessing just a little bit
about it.

And when it came,
it was so nice!
It’s just a shame, I think, that everybody doesn’t get to feel this way
all the time.
Now that I’m so happy I can see it’s true.

I have to admit,
you are something.
I have to admit
I didn’t even know
but here we are,
and boy we are a lovely pair—
tell me you agree!

I wonder how
it happened now,
when everything seemed so hopeless
though I’ll have to admit,
in spite of it all,
I was hoping.

Here I Am This Lovely Day

Here I am,
this lovely day.
The sun is shining warm upon my skin.
I’m in
a perfect heaven,
or so it seems.

There is no pain.
It’s all so nice.
I can’t complain.
Or at least it wouldn’t seem quite right, I think.
I might, I think, deserve to lose it all
if this is all the good it does me.

Why am I
so ill at ease?
And why am I so sad?
Why do I
lie awake at night?
And what would it take
to make me happy?

Here I am,
a lucky guy,
with everything I ever thought I’d need.
I see that but I don’t know how
to love it like I should.
And I would
if I could,

but if you’re not here
the sweetest rose
is just a thing with thorns,
and the bluest sky
is only blinding,
and the softest bed
is still as empty as can be.

I Liked You Better When You Were in Love with Me

You talk too much, you eat too much,
you work too much, you sleep too much,
and heaven knows you watch too much TV.
And even when you stop for once,
you treat me like a total dunce—
I liked you better when you were in love with me.

You read too much, you phone too much,
you leave me all alone too much.
You always seem to have someplace to be.
And even when you do get back
we just can’t seem to get on track—
I liked you better when you were in love with me.

the days when you laughed at the things I said?
the days when I didn’t have to ask you to give me things?

You mope too much, you cry too much,
you look like you want to die too much,
it really isn’t difficult to see.
It was for sure, you were the one
but now, my dear, you’re just no fun—
I liked you better when you were in love with me.

how once every night was a pleasure fair?
I’ll never forget but I look for it now and it isn’t there.

You’re much too cold,
you’re much too mean,
but much too much, you’re still my queen.
I guess I’ll wait around, and hope you see:
there can’t be more than three or four on earth who’d love you that much more.
I’d like it better if you thought you could agree,
cause I liked it better when you were in love with me.

To Comfort Her

You thought you knew just how to comfort her,
so you said the words
you knew she liked to hear.

You had some clue, you thought, to what it was
that had her looking
so distracted
and dismayed.

You spoke so softly no one else could hear,
and reached across to her
and dried a lonely tear,
and she pulled away.

You thought you knew just how to comfort her, I know,
but maybe the best way now
is to go.

Another Man

I want to be
another man
for just one day—
someone who can
maybe walk right up right now and tell you what a thrill you give me.

Yes. I wish I was
as brave and free
as so many rotten bastards
(I’m so jealous)
who get all the breaks
and all the girls
and all the really interesting gigs—
I mean, I just—

I want to be
another man,
like that one there—
who seems to be
someone you don’t mind exactly having in your line of view.

But I’m only my small, plain, and I guess much-too-old-for-you self.
I want you
so badly,
but for me I know it’s never gonna happen.

Not Gonna Fold

I’m not about to fold.
I’ll keep trying.
I’ll go on
for some damn reason.
I don’t know,
but somehow I know
it’s all gonna be okay.
And I pray,
won’t you stay around to see?

I’m not about to fold.
I’m not dying.
I’ll go on,
and like it even
and I know—
whatever I know when it’s through—
that to do it is better than just to give in to the mood
I’m in.
No matter how much it weighs,
I’m not gonna fold.
I’m staying.

How Did You Think I'd Feel?

I don't know why you had to say the things you said but now they're said, okay?
I don't know why you had to take it out on me and why you had to be so mean about it—
How did you think I’d feel
when you made it out to be all about my character?
How did you think I’d feel?

I don’t know what I could have done to make it better but I tried, okay?
I don’t know why you had to say you thought I never even cared.
I cared a lot
and I thought you knew it too,
and I think you do.
But I think that you just had so much on your mind that you
didn’t actually care if it was real,
so you said it,
and how did you think I’d feel?

I don’t know what I could have done to make it better but I tried, okay?
I don’t know why you had to say you thought I never even cared.
I cared a lot
and I thought you knew it too,
and I think you do.
But I think that you just had so much on your mind that you
didn’t actually care if it was real,
so you said it,
and I’ll never forget it,
and I AM gonna let it affect me cause whether or not it was true when you said it it’s true today.

You think you can say what you want but come on, get real.
If you have any feelings at all, sweet baby,
how did you think I’d feel?

I Want to Be Famous

I don’t want to be able to ride on the buses in town.
I don’t want to have the use of the subway trains.
I don’t want to go walking
and ever be undisturbed.
I want to see shock on the faces of people who see
it’s actually me.

I don’t want to be able to walk into any old bar.
I don’t ever want to just have a plain good time.
I don’t want any loving
I’ll ever be certain of.
When everyone’s shoving to get to me,
that’s when I’ll know
at last I’ve arrived,
and not until then
will I call it living.

I want to be famous!
The stuff of young erotic dreams!
I want to be famous!
I want to be everyone’s mad obsession
and be famous
and hang with Kool Moe Dee—
is that his name?
I want to be famous.

I would want to have everyone know if I did something strange.
I would want to have them shout from the highest hills:
Did you hear about Andy?
Say isn’t that guy a nerd?
I never could stand him at all.
Don’t you think it’s a shame
that he’s got a name?

I want to be famous!
The stuff of young erotic dreams!
I want to be famous!
I want to be everyone’s mad obsession
and be famous
and hang with
Bob DeNiro and the guy from what’s the name of that show?
I want to be famous.

Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin and Marilyn Manson and Moe,
Homer and Gomer and O-man too,
tell me true—
wouldn’t you?

I want to be famous!
The stuff of young erotic dreams!
I want to be famous!
I want to be everyone’s mad obsession
and be famous
and hang with—
oh forget it, I can never remember any of those people’s names!
I want to be famous.

A Place Inside Me

There’s a place somewhere inside me
where I know I’ll be okay.
Where I know the hell I’m paying
is the hell I’m s’posed to pay.
There’s a place that knows for certain,
this is everything I need.
There’s a place somewhere inside me
where I’m so extremely pleased.
I’m so extremely happy.

There’s a place somewhere inside me
where I’d never have believed
that a day would soon be coming
when I’d know the sweet relief
of knowing you
and everywhere
to know that you love me.
I’m happy now,
no matter how
the future plays.

There’s a place somewhere inside me
where I know that it’s okay.
Especially when
I think that when
these lovely days
have flown away,
you’ll still be there,
and I’ll be fine.

I Wish I Liked You

I wish I liked you.
I wish I didn’t get so annoyed.
I wish I liked you,
but it’s impossible to like you.
Yes it’s impossible to be anywhere nearby when the sparks start flying
and not to feel like I’m gonna die,
and maybe hope I do!

I wish I liked you.
I wish I knew how to be your friend.
I wish I liked you,
because I do so dearly love you—
to the end!
But you don’t care about anyone, do you?
Least of all, not me!
I love you
and I wish I didn’t.
Yes, I love you,
and I wish I liked you.

I wish I liked you—
or at least that you liked me!
But I don’t think you even love me.

I’m Afraid

I’m afraid to come out,
I’m afraid to be clear,
I’m afraid just to tell you I love you.
I’m afraid to be seen,
I’m afraid to be known,
I’m afraid to be wrong when I break into song and it’s awful to hear…

I’m afraid to come out,
I’m afraid to come on,
I’m afraid of my shadow with you, love.
I’m afraid to be one
who’ll be taken in fun,
who’ll be laughed all the way to the dawn of the day when there’s nothing to say
but I wish I had never been born.
I wish I could just disappear.
I wish I could live with the fear of destruction and not be destroyed—
What’s it matter what you say?
I love you!
And you have a right to know it!
And to show it would be
a good thing for me, I’m sure.

I’m afraid to come out,
I’m afraid to get real,
so afraid that I scarcely can breathe, love.
I’m afraid of your hands,
I’m afraid of your voice,
I’m afraid when I see you there smiling at me with what looks like desire…

I’m afraid that I’m wrong,
I’m afraid I’m a fool,
I’m afraid that I’ll shock and offend you.
And afraid, I’ll admit, that this just might be it—
What’s it like? I don’t dare to know.
Why can’t I bear to know?
Why, when I clearly know
this will be heaven for sure?
The wildest, most wonderful year!
Can I learn to live with the fear of destruction and not be destroyed?
What’s it matter what you say?
I love you!
And you have a right to know it!
And I have a right to show it!
And you have a right to your reaction…

I’m afraid.

You’ve Seen Summertime

You’ve seen summertime, summertime was pretty nice, don’t you think, this year?
It seemed as if it might not end
but oh my friend, it did.
Didn’t it?

You’ve seen summer and summer was fine but I’m not seeing it now.
That was some cold wind
I was caught up in tonight.

It was nice
for a while,
but I see which way it’s going.
Comes the ice,
I can’t bear to be around.
I don’t know why you must pretend there’s still a shred of hope to cling to—
just take off your string bikini and put on your thermal drawers.

To My Beloved

It’s not that I
forget to say
I love you dear,
and to show it even,
but I still don’t think
you really know
how happy I am.
As restless as I seem,
and even believe myself sometimes,
it’s so
every time
I step through the door, and I’m home.

It’s not that I
don’t let you know
I love you dear—
well, of course you know it—
but you’ll never feel
what I can feel
when you walk into a room:
how everything
is harmony,
including me, I swear!
But when you’re gone,
my heart goes too,
and that’s why you
ought to know,
you’re everything
that means a thing
to me.

It’s a Great Day (November 5, 2008)

It’s a great day!
It’s a great day!
It’s a day to remember.
It’s a great day, and I mean what I say. I do.

It’s a great day,
and the future seems a little less hopeless maybe
but if Nancy Pelosi
gets back in....

It’s a great day!
It’s a great day!
It’s a shame to deny it.
It’s a great day! I was certainly NOT for McCain.

It’s a great day!
It’s so great to see old Cheney led out to pasture.
May he rot! May he suffer
deep in the bowels of hell.
(Is that saying it too rough?)

Do we really have to go into Afghanistan?
Do we really have to bail out Goldman Sachs?
Do we really really need to be adding ninety thousand people to the military?
Can we really not have a single-payer healthcare system?
Can we really not raise some taxes on the rich?
Did you really have to pick this man from the Banking State for your VP?

It’s a great day!
It’s a great day!
It’s a day to remember.
It’s a great day, and I mean what I say. I do!

It’s a great day,
and the future seems a little less hopeless maybe
but if Nancy Pelosi
gets back in....

Writing in D

Well I’m writing in D because D is a key I can play in.
I’d be writing in E if in E I could find me a Five chord that I can play.
But the B which is Five in E major and minor both is such a problem to play—
There’s a D-sharp in the middle and it clashes with the E’s I can’t help sounding.

I’m writing in D though in D for the relative minor,
there’s this barre chord to make and my lord how you ache when you set down
your fingers that way.
And the dominant there has a Five of its own, which is Two, then, of Six, or else
just Seven-seven,
which has no open strings at all—
Wait, one!
No two, if you make it a sharp-nine…

Somebody told me it don’t even
Somebody told me to try
this thing you put on and it
holds down the strings for you.
Where do I go to buy one?

But if then I’m in E and I just play the B like an A-form,
then I still don’t quite see how I’d modulate to G, if the G looks like F, which is
If I can’t even get to the parallel minor’s own relative major, what then?
And the secondary dominants that take you around, well except for F-sharp,
which you play like an E and the D-form that’s really E, which is
One but may really be more of a Five of the G-form (that’s A) I don’t
where you’ll find them.

Somebody told me it don’t even
Somebody told me that I
should really just stop being
quite so pretentious,
and yes I’m willing to try now— my, how
light I feel inside.
Oh but I’m glad I tried.
Oh but I’m glad I tried!

I Want to See You

I want to see you today,
I want to see you tonight.
I want to see you tomorrow too.
I want to see you whenever the sun’s shining bright in your mind.

I want to see you at work,
I want to see you at play.
I want to see you on bad days too.
I want to see you forever whenever you say—
like, can i come over now?

I wonder how I got along before I knew you.
I wonder how I’d get along if we should part.
I wonder how you feel about it,
cause if you feel that way too,
then maybe you and I will truly find ourselves in a situation

where I can see you today
and I can see you tonight
and I can see you my whole life through.
I want to see you, oh baby, in all kinds of light,
and you know I’m telling you the things I’ve so wanted to say almost from the
day we met:
I love you.
And I want to see you.

I Know You

it’s a coincidence
but somewhere
I’m so certain I’ve seen you before.
I know you,
yes I’m sure of it,
oh but where on earth and when
have I seen you?

time recently I’m sure.
Otherwise I know I couldn’t have forgotten and yet somehow
I hardly can believe
we haven’t been together every day and every night
since heaven only knows when.

when I know that we never could have met,
can I feel such a sense of deep connection?
I wonder how this magic works and what it all might really mean
and where I ever can have seen
what I’m seeing in you now.

it is really a pleasure to meet you
and if all of this is ordinary fantasy I’ve never had a fantasy that felt to me so
My friend,
I’ve known you before,
in another life or something,
and I’m glad to see you again.

I Love Goodbyes

So long!
I’ll see you.
Have a wonderful day.
I love you.
Thanks for this morning and I’ll see you tonight, okay?
Come kiss me.
What are you doing for lunch? Whoops, I gotta go!
Talk to you later, dear.
Here, by the way’s twenty dollars if you want to drop by
the bakery.

I’ll miss you.
Say, couldn’t you write me a message later?
Gee but it’s late, gotta go, hey come here, give me a hug!
Yes I know I’m crazy— ooh,
but you do look nice—
so long, so long, arrivederci!
Kiss me again,
it’s a thing I can never disguise:
With all my heart and soul,
I love goodbyes!



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