Anthony W Rogers | One Day (A Journal)

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One Day (A Journal)

by Anthony W Rogers

the latest spirited release from Appalachian psych artist exploring his own unique style and presentation on morality decency and values this is the sound behind enemy lines in rural america circa 2018.
Genre: Rock: Psychedelic
Release Date: 

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2. I'll Take the Blame
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3. Half the Picture
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4. Big House on the Hill
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5. Into the See
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6. Roman Candle
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7. Fly Away
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8. In the Water
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9. Ploom Mfs
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10. Range Rover
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11. And When They Ask You
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12. Mash (Reprise) / Cocks in the Field
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Album Notes

“One Day (a journal)” by Anthony W Rogers.
Audrey Rogers/Joe Rogers/Bart Lay/John Harman

Recorded 2014-2018 at home.

Prepared for release/edited by with Chris Biondo at his place in Kensington August 2018.
Special thanks to Greg Lukens for his help on “I’ll Take the Blame”.
Additional session recording engineering by Audrey Rogers.

Front cover “The Angry Flower” by Joe Rogers, 2015.
Graphic art layout by Kathi Smith at AAD inc, Cumberland.
All insert and label photos by John S. Harman.
Back cover photo by Caroline Hernandez courtesy of

Special thanks to my old pals Bob Mady and Mike Hounshell,
Thanks to Steve, Scott and all our friends at The Indie on Main.
Thank you all very much who support me/us and helped make this happen.
It makes all the difference.

All other songs and sounds by Anthony W Rogers
and published by Wildflow Unlimited (BMI) 2018.

2018 Wildflow Records (c).



Na na nana nana (universal baby language)
Mash mash mash
Come and mash my face in
in your red foam hat.
You’re out trying to change my world
but you’re just drifting off to sea so far alone
and you’re over your head.

Watch you think you took the purse
watch you drifting out on the water over your head
and you’re over your head.

We’re gonna get the mash mash man.
Gonna stop the mash mash man.
Gonna grab the mash mash man.
Get out your boxing gloves
and knock him right out.

Gave up their decency
they chucked in morality
you took all their dignity .....
now you can take my NFL (“I’m gonna cancel it, I’ll get to it”).

Get out the dumpster and
drop him right in.
Lid down
la la la la la la la la la la la
I’ll smile again..I’m already gone (Helsinki)
be happy again
be light and happy again.
Loving again
and smile again.

Bart drums
Audrey trumpets vocals

I’ll Take the Blame

The cows are out in the field
and nuthin’s seemed to change at the buffet meal.
Their vegetables soaked in butter fat.
They’re fighting against nutrition
here...where I’m at.

I see you pointed him out.
The loudest voice is always the first to get sussed out.
The bus drives by everyday.
He opened up his mouth
and everybody had to hear what he said.
In the crazy world of the finger point game
you’d think they’d all come with clean hands.
Is there any effort made to stop the hate?
My baby I’ll take the blame for that

Just a matter of time
till they come to get my guns
one inch they’ll take a mile.
Let’s strap on the carbine, man.
Hell. let’s get it on.. Everybody HAS to dance.

For every thought in your mind
your mouth foaming ass kicked school yard mind
All the times that you’d felt left out:
When you got your first piece you thought
you’d found a way to turn your self doubt out..

Or have to work my lazy ass..
I’ll take the blame for that. hate yourself?

It used to be okkkkk
just a choice of a color in a passing parade
but... now im taking your name.
Did you hear just what he said?

For every thought in your mind-
your mouth foaming ass kicked school yard mind.
All they times that you felt left out-
all the times you couldn’t measure up
no gun is gonna make it up.

In this crazy world of the finger point game
you know I’ll take the blame for that.
It’s not gonna change until you take the blame.

Audrey keys percussion vocals
Joe percussion sound fxs vocals
John vocals

Half the Picture
Under the framing the matting a secret it hides
behind the glass and the matting-
the ultimate find.

There behind the matt lies a surprise.
Its only half the picture
it’s half a lie.......showing

Man has his places
he keeps things off to the side.
Anywhere’s honey hole
place he turns the water from wine.
There behind the glass lies the surprise
but its only half the picture
it’s half a lie.........knowing

Way back when we were young
we could do just what we liked.
Slip away for the day
might last the rest of your life.

Peeling back the onion
there’s a find.
It’s only half the picture
it’s half a lie........showing

Under the framing the matting the secret it hides.
Deep in his secret space
the photographer lied.
Like the hazy heat on the blacktop
mess with my eyes.
It’s only half the picture-it’s half a lie

Everyone came to the gallery
no one realized..
But back behind the matting and the framing
the fingerprints....

and dream of days when I was young.

Bart drums
Audrey vocals
Joe vocals

House on the Hill

I used to live up in the big house up on the hill.
I used to live in the big house on the hill
Everyone in the family had it made.
Trickled down and pissed away.
Used to live in the big house on the hill.

When I was young I hit the city I tried to do what’s right
Was young hit the road and I tried to make em proud but
pressure weighed me down when I got locked up.
Couldn’t hold my liquor keep my mouth shut
Went to the city..I came rambling back home.

Once had a lover but I failed to do her right
Once had a love but I failed to treat her right
I drank, pushed, chipped at her dignity till
one morning she walked out on me.
Once had a love....

(Who) Left me lying in a cold sweat thinking bout what I’ve done.
Lying in cold sweat thinking bout all that I’ve done.
So hard to realize it all slips through your hands
cant say I never had my chance.
Lying thinking bout being alone now.
She left me alone now.

I’m dying here alone God have pity on me.
Dying here alone god have mercy on me.
Well I never had a kind thought for anything or anyone.
Now just.. no one bothers
no one comes.
Dying here alone God have mercy on me
Have pity on me

I used to live in the big house on the hill

Bart drums
Audrey vocals
Joe vocals

Into the See

I’m in a silent place
no stars in sight
shining without you
under your pair of dice.

Sky come up and fill me down
I stand the sound.
Dying without you
and the love in your pair of eyes.

When the lights come out
stars fall out into the light of the world you seek
lights fade off into the see.

I’m lying in my quiet space
no stars fallout
shining without you.
They’re reckless or paralyzed.

How could I pretend there’s nothing lighting me?
Brighter through the dark
to the light in your pair of eyes

When the lights go out
stars come out
into the light of the world you seek
into the see.

You tell me baby you’re ok
but I cant tell from things you wont say. why don’t you let it out?
Why don’t you let it out?
You tell me baby its all cool but
don’t want the negative fantasies to rule-
why don’t you let it out?
Why don’t you let it out?
Let it out.

I’ll move onto somewhere that I know I lack

crying without you
but we’re living in paradise
I’m lying in my quiet place no stars come out
shining without you
and when I look in your pair of eyes.
The lights go out
stars come out into the light of the world you seek
into the see.
Lights go out
stars come out
lights trail off into the see.

You keep telling me that you’re ok, but...

Joe co-lead vocals percussion
Audrey keyboards vocals
John vocals

Roman Candle(Rogers-Hounshell)

I’m making a list of all the things I will regret
cause you don’t know what you’ve got.
I don’t know what I want
Carrying picture in my wallet I don’t know:
all the places I don’t go.

From one desire:
lock, stock and liar.
Bounce sparkles off the wall

Under the wire.
I fell beside her.
She burned me with her fire.

and like a roman candle
more than I could handle
I can see how she’s flying around
but I cant decide
if I’m taking the ride.

It’s hard to put anything
in perspective in your mind
when you don’t know what you’ve got
and don’t know what you want.

From once admired
to uninspired.
I walked into the fire.

and like a roman candle
much more than I can handle
I’ve no clue what she’s talking about
but I cant decide if I’m taking the ride

The things you do for me-
but you don’t know me at all.
Running around is running away
The things you take from me-
you don’t have to know.
It all comes down to you.
But you don’t have to leave yet
What can I do for you?

I’m taking this picture here
all these things I will forget
cause you don’t know what you’ve got.

My one desire
till my soul expires
come.. light me with your fire

...and like a roman candle
more than I can handle
I cant see to the end of the line but...
I don’t mind.

Bart drums

Fly Away

I didn’t ask to go
was there something I didn’t know?
But you’d find a reason somehow
to always keep me down.

Cause I cant get to your tv things
but still you want to punish me
for all the things you know that
I cant help myself.
It’s just a waste of time.

I’ll fly away
over fools and jokesters lost in devices.
They’re waitin’ on me but I wont come round.
I spend my time looking over shoulders searching for wonder.
You could never bring me down
Can’t you see me there? Look up!

And in the words I say
just float right by right away
Until they spill out your mouth
four months down the line.

Unto the gang and your lips scene.
Tried to create your own Jeremy
but I’ll go the other way
it’s just purgatory for me.
Till a sweet voice called my name

and I fly away
over darkened clouds loud crackling with thunder
It’s a choice to be chosen one
I’ll spend my life
on the edge of madness miracles destruction (I’m on fire)
I’m not ever coming down
cant you see me there?
Look up!
But you cant see there...

The look on their face
as the jaw drops to the floor
some people need those satisfactory signs.

but I’m not your average Joe
I got some place I gotta go.
It’s somewhere never seen
something you might not understand.
So, please..
just let me fade..

Not coming down..

a beautiful mind
a beautiful life.

Bart drums
Audrey keyboards vocals
Joe vocals

In The Water(Rogers-Lay)

In the water.
Well they found me in the water
but its not what they’d said.
I was just relaxing no one was around

No one was around.
I hope if you stumble and fall
you could get back up
and float up through the ceiling
to the sky
to the sky.

but this home life
that you don’t want to know
it just drags you right down
till you feel like youve been
walking when you died
walking when you’ve died.

You see, I was a main man
someone lied and someone died (all till someone died)
The west end guitar sound its...
come to take you down.
The vending and the ipads
floatin’ all around..
round and round and round

I know if you fell right down
you would get right up
climb up through the ceiling to the sky
yeah to the sky.

His faith in a hollow place
when he lays his head down
and dreams of blotting out all of the light
he’s closing out the light.

Now I’ve lost my way again
my blinders on the road.
One day we’ll grow up and then
I know, I know, I know.

All in the water
taking a nice cool rest
under the Piedmont bridge
he wept.
21 lane and underneath the trussels.
He’s climbing up the flagpole..
just fightin all the time..
picking fights.

Someone lied and someone died...
in the water.

Bart drums
Joe vocals
Audrey vocals

..for Jimmy, Gary and Paul.

Ploom MFs

Bam! you cant hide it
Well there’s always been
that something wrong
That crazy in your eyes
been shinin’ since you been so young.

Bam! He cant help ya..
Well there’s someone here
cant handle it.
Well your church now
ain’t gonna save ya..
from the clamping down
in the small small towns..
and hate is rolling round and round
and murder in your..
devil in your...
murder in your heart.

No woman better or lesser than a man
and if
no man better or lesser than a woman
they’re human beings.

Guantanamera and gunga din
screaming !!
and pounding on the door
“mama !...let me in!”
“Wait until the “Christians” go
then I’ll come out again”

They’re messing with my skin.

Once in love - I kissed your lips
we had our love embrace.
I peered upon your darkest heart-
So glad I’m not your man

I keep it I keep it
hidden away
I keep in down under my pillow
I keep it down way down inside the bottom of my soul
I keep it hidden down
way down
between my legs
you wanna see it?

Hold me love me treat me right no man woman better or lesser than a woman man and if
flesh and blood will always rise no woman man better or lesser than a man woman and if
comfort treasure takes sacrifice
and you’re not bigger than life. (A wonderful person)

I’m hoping, stroppin’, I’m jumpin’, not humpin’.
I’m quicker, not thicker or hicker, no bicker.
I’m staying, upgrading
and just waitin’..... for you to come out.

King Crackel got a revolution
a tunnel to the bowels
you cant help him now
needs improvement now
King Crackle’s crown.

Audrey vocals keyboards processed trumpet percussion
Joe vocals pooh bear percussion processed trumpet

Range Rover

Like to show,
like to blow.
I see
you see
what you know.

Don’t matter much to me
cause im coming for you-see.

A vacuum life.. your vacuum lies
it sucks the dirt right out of the skies.
You can’t tell truth from lies-
end up turn out the light.

What are we gonna do about you now?
How are we gonna catch up to you
running in that blue range rover?
What are we gonna do about you now?

Where fashion rolls your passion flows
You’re in the game
you wont say no.
You’re turning black to red
got a puncture ahead.

Cause where I grow
they grim, they grime.
How those horses learn to fly.
Don’t run away you see.
Might be bad for you-
but fun for me.

What are we gonna do about you now?
The sun went down - let’s raise some hell now
Someone told me you like
What are we gonna do about you now?

Donna was smart
went to Penn State
her mouth fell open
found it hard to relate
she took the mirror home
to show to everyone
but no one wanted to know

Nuthin’ ever changes here
in this little town,
but the mirror hangs
where baby left town
and its there if you want....
But I’m thinkin’ now..
But what are we gonna do about you now?

Cause late at night
a creepy crawl.
We do not warn
when we come call.
It’s up to me to say
what games and where to play.

So, light the Barclay
start it now.
You never thought you’d get one now
but now has come the time
to deal with mine.

What are we gonna do about you know?
Red eyed jackals dance with laughter
around your flaming blue range rover
gone gone gone

change will come
so please come to me

Joe vocals whispers
Audrey vocals
dedicated to the spirit of Oscar Zeta Acosta

And When They Ask You

..cause there’s no prayer to speak
or no thoughts
for a heartless and wandering soul.
Cause you can’t have it now
when you don’t know.

And when they ask you what happened
tell me what you’re gonna say?
It’s hidden deep in that heartland feeling-
in the places where nothing ever seems to change
slow evolving.
And they will ask you what happened
and that’s when it might dawn on you:
they worked day and night just to make it happen
for someone unaware of it all.

For in this danger game
days of vain
self mythologized.

He (Ken) was bidding on that last job
but a piss test
like a napkin blown in the wind.

When he shook the fog
and looked round
found his way underground.

Ken is happy now
but Ken is gone.

And when they ask you what happened
tell me what you’re gonna say
“I just get tired don’t wanna speak up
when every thought you have
every word a punch to the face”
and they will ask you what happened
Hope it doesn’t fall on you
cause some keep going when no ones watching
and some people don’t care to at all
they don’t care at all.

Look what you’ve done-
I’ve been up I’ve been down
I’ve been everywhere in this town

Look at what you’ve won
everybody out on police
but not much love for those down and out.
Look what’s going down
they’re ripping out the heart and soul
of my hometown.
I think I see a family
standing out in the rain.
Mother brother sister father
dripping wet from the rain.
Tell me my God why I have to learn this lesson again?

Cause when you want to do
what’s right
you’ll walk alone.
The radio wont play
the signals jammed
from the shore
twenty miles out to sea.

They didn’t think of pause
or regret
watching the lava flow in the sea.
It’s so easy to forget
but I wont let it go.

Standing in the rain
Trippin’ from the rain
Tell me my God why I have to learn this lesson again?

I have a love that will not fade away.
Love comes pouring and
love comes tumbling down.

Audrey keyboards bells vocals percussion
Joe keyboards bells fxs vocals percussion

Mash (reprise)/Cocks in the Field (AWRogers-AGRogers-Paxton/
Genius cant hold his tongue
and when the shithole runs,
All of these “Christians” in shame
will excuse, accept and blame
then hide from the bully boy.

Mash mash mash
come and mash my face in
with your red foam hat.
You’re not gonna change my world.

Cocks cocks in the field
dock jocks cocks
Cocks cocks cocks in the field-
they poop poop poop in the field.
Cocks cocks jocks in the field.
There’s poop poop poop in the fields

Let me be the one- To bracket your dreams
Let me be the one-To tell you what you mean
Won’t you let me be the one?..I’ll direct your band
Let me be the one..In terms I can understand...

Cocks in the field.
They poop in the field

You will never change my world
Watch you drifting out to see so far alone.
You’re over your head..certain down..let’s roll

We’re gonna get the mash mash man
Gonna stop the bully plan
Gonna hang the racist one
Get out your dumpster and let’s drop him right in
Lid down
Lock on

La la la la la la la la la la
I’ll smile again
Be happy again
I’m already gone.
Be light and happy again..
loving again.

Joe vocals percussion bass and lead vocal (on cocks)
Audrey keyboards faux banjo pulse keys vocals
Bart drums

2018 p and c wildflow media

--------------------for top part above the color panels on insert pic side


> Ten questions for Appalachian psych artist Anthony W Rogers upon the release of his new expanded 2018 release on his own Wildflow label, “One Day (a journal):
> The new record expands your sound in a dark area in two particular standout cuts on the record.what going on with In The Water and Range Rover ?

There is just refraction of what’s going on around me. I feel more certain of my moral and ethical stances but maybe everyone does and that’s a problem. Water was about my home town and some shady clouds that hang over it..Jimmy died and mysteriously went off 21st lane railroad bridge. Gary jumped off a shortened bridge in to the water and there’s other stuff in there and people. And the water supply in know fluoride, etc..ha. There’s all kinds of ghosts hanging around here. My old girlfriend Tonya god rest her soul used to go chasing em.
The other one, Range Rover is just a vivid dream I had about the death of gluttony and somehow finding myself assisting Oscar Zeta Acosta in a desert hunt down...actually I’m not all the way sure I should say more....but it is dark ...but both places are warm and dry bum outs . Acosta was on the right track.
> You apparently are ambivalent about any kind of economic or commercial areas with your art.

Yes . I have a regular life where I pay to play here. I can’t hardly handle this as is. I don’t need or want attention or need any more demands on my schedule. I’m also not dumb enough to think this is for everyone. It’s a small special niche I’m looking to touch. Real people real hearts. Money has not much to do with it. My music is probably not for you. Hell some of family doesn’t like it and I know some of them are embarrassed by it still,....I know...have’s so ridiculous the scene I’m in sometimes..Ha I say..One Day....
> Why is this a journal?
It a report culled from behind enemy lines..dealing with drowning in a sea of non curiosity. Watching a bad dream come true that you never conceived was possible. My take on it. Viva Puerto Rico.
> Is it true you are an avid record collector ? What do you like or buy?

Yep. BART, the drummer on the record in fact owns a great store where I get the bulk of bounty. I like it all..I have several thousand, all genres..right now I’m listening to the first Sea and the cake lp..on deck Annette Peacock , Archie Shepp, Bob Willis, Wesley Willis for God’s much good stuff

> Is it your own policy to set such small pressings for your releases ? Very hard to find the old one especially.
The first record is not on vinyl yet and I know the cds used to be around dc ten years ago but it is scarce..I don’t think there’s that much interest and as it has slightly ..but this is all I want to do..Audrey and Joe may seek a different path one day but this is mine.
> You seem to have more participation on this album compared to Wrong?

I do. Audrey really blossomed as a musician during this time and Joe introduced his track “cocks in the field “. BART was also huge in the whole make up of the record. He’s a great musician..they all are. My bud John in addition to the pics contributed some vocals, so yes, it’s great to share and make this a mix of everyone’s feelings. I’m trusting more. Audrey and Joe are particularly all over Ploom MFs which they will always remember.
> Were you happy with the response to Wrong?

Oh yes, far more positive reactions from media all over than I ever expected. Real strong reviews from Belgium and Italy especially. One day I’ll tour Belgium, I swear. Thanks to all the writers. Hope you dig this one too.
> Are we going to see any shows in support?

At the time of Wrong 2014, I was not yet back out playing. The last couple years I’ve been performing my obscure covers and some of stuff at a small mic place . With Bart Audrey and Joe, it’s a kick to play stuff like picture book by the Kinks or Stones luxury or Beatles I’m only sleeping. Stuff like that. So, the answer is I’m back out playing and having fun. At some point, maybe some shows but probably no tour. Don’t have the time. If I have any spare time I am setting up my new studio first..
> In mash you sing “you will never change my world “..but don’t you think they have?

He has tried but you haven’t had the snap back of the rubber band yet. Erosion of respect and dignity. But we’re snapping back. Believe me we’re coming back. Won’t be forgetting Puerto Rico or Charlottesville especially . Ever. Substantive change will never come from hatred and fear. It’s never going to work. We’ve seen this movie before haven’t we?
> Why are you doing this? What are you trying to accomplish?

It is hard to do especially without a lot of support but if you think it’s important to do., And I do believe in what I’m doing ..I want to leave a trail like I said on Compromised.. I think it’s I important for little guys like me to keep giving an unfiltered view on how life sYs it is. Not the tv or corporate version. Other than news and sports ,I don’t watch. Mine is a brush your teeth kind of version and I’m if that’s not important in the long run, so be it But we’ll see I guess. I’ll take my chance. This is me and my chance ..with my friends and family beside me.



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