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no one can escape the 12

by Artur

Here's another wake-up call addressing important events that will soon come to pass. The Great Pyramid will be activated, Earth will receive it's protection, yet it will undergo in December of this year the precession.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop
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1. 911 calls
3:42 FREE
2. All Praise 2 the Creator!
4:12 FREE
3. wszelka Chwała tobie Boże! (Polish)
3:20 FREE
4. The whole Truth shall be revealed
2:24 FREE
5. Project Hakim
2:32 FREE
6. Projekt Hakim (Polish)
2:46 FREE
7. Projekt Hakim (German)
3:04 FREE
8. Project Hakim (International Version)
3:52 FREE
9. Anticlimax
9:46 FREE
10. Święta Prawda (Polish)
2:40 FREE
11. so perfect
1:41 FREE
12. no one can escape the 12
2:43 FREE
13. Pióro mocniejsze jest od Miecza (Polish)
2:34 FREE
14. dlaczego to Ego? (Polish)
2:26 FREE
15. erlaube es dich umarmen zu lassen von der Liebe (German)
3:44 FREE
16. We Are All God's Children
3:32 FREE
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Album Notes
Here's another wake-up call addressing important events that will soon come to pass. The Great Pyramid will be activated, Earth will receive it's protection, yet it will undergo in December of this year the precession. The living and the dead won't be able to escape this little judgement day. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, IT IS NOT THE END OF TIME, it is the end of one great cycle and the beginning of another great cycle, it is the resetting of the cosmic clock. WAKE UP and pay close attention to what the spiritual world, to what those who were send by the creator of all things, have to tell us about this. Many people don't believe, they don't take it serious or even laugh it all off, yet the messages that we are receiving for many, many years now from Enki, the spiritual guardian of the Earth, through Lucyna Lobos-Brown, are crystal clear and their credibility will be confirmed once the stone tablets and the hall of records will be discovered in Giza, Egypt. This will happen very soon and the mummy of the builder of the Great Pyramid, king Khufu, will be discovered in it's tomb underneath the Khufu temple. Then the Great Pyramid and the whole global geo-mantic network of Pyramids will be activated. Nibiru (Planet-X) will pass the Earth and people will celebrate that Earth was spared, yet our planet will enter 12/22/2012 a higher dimension. 12/21/2012 will be the last day of the old system and 12/22/2012, when the planets will align with the the sun and the first two planets will get in between the sun and the Earth, there will be 3 days of total darkness. The media, the governments, no official institution is preparing people for these great changes, yet the spiritual world is trying to prepare us for over 10 years now for what is to come. There will be a higher energy present on Earth, which will awake our sleeping genes and the human DNA will begin to change. Many people who disregarded it all and did not take advantage of all the help that was offered by the spiritual world in order to physically and spiritually prepared themselves will suffer and even leave Earth, for it is the great cleansing of the Earth.

Those who have the sign of life and die in process of this great cleansing will return to Earth, others will be born on another planet that will still have to go through the precession. Those who have the sign of death, who went through their last incarnation and refuse to better themselves, will leave their bodies and await the second death, the death of the soul. Everyone of us will undergo this little judgment day and see the condition of his/her soul. It is not the end of the world or the end of time, it is the end of a great cycle (26.000 years) and the beginning of another great cycle, the precession, the resetting of the cosmic clock. No one can escape from it, not in physical and not in spiritual form. The living will be affected by it as well as "the dead", those who are in the spiritual world. Within 1000 years mankind will clean up it's act, it will be welcomed into the galactic family and evolve beyond it's dreams. People will remember their incarnations, know that death is not the end and won't fear it anymore. We will have telepathy, teleportation, travel to other Earth-like planets and live in harmony with each other and with mother nature. There will be different races living with us on Earth, extraterrestrial races and there won't be any wars or violence anymore. Earth will become the paradise-like planet that god intended it to be and no one can stop him from realizing his plans.
Artur J. Domowicz

Here is what Enki himself has to say about this:

The new Earth, my loved ones, is going to be here -- as it was said. I am trying to count back in your earthly time -- the meeting of the Council of Gods happened eight and a half thousand years before the Age of Aquarius and six and a half thousand years before the coming of the Great Leader. At the meeting of this Council it was said -- Earth is going to be the "New Earth", a role model for other civilizations. Before this can happen, Earth will have to go through a cleansing. It will be inhabited by people of pure hearts and clear minds. The genetic code will change. Also your minds will go through a change of their polarity, means - will be adjusted to the new time. In the year 2012 the clock of time will be reset and everything will start from zero again. You will witness and participate in this great happening -- the beginning of the new time. You people call it "Precession", we call it: "Resetting of the cosmic clock". Therefore the new time begins in 2012.

After 2012 beings those that lived earlier in the past will come to Earth, meaning prophets and
those who will be still teaching and trying to save people. Because the cleansing will last "one cosmic day", meaning - one thousand earthly years. After this great cleansing, there will be the "first resurrection", and as you know - it will be the time of the Apocalypse. It will begin when the Triads, meaning the heavenly armies that were tasked with "the cleansing" will leave Earth. That's when the returns to Earth will begin. Others who were interested in the Earth and who were waiting for this time to come will return. Now you are still under the observation of other planets and other spiritual beings. They are watching to see how human beings are handling things. Humans acquainted with the work regarding Earth are depending on God, his sons and others. It was all about calling Jesus teachings into life, but they have been rejected. We, meaning the heavenly army are ready for the cleansing action, together with Jesus. We all are just waiting for a sign from the Creator. Amongst you live beings from the Second Earth as well as from Sirius B already. You can't recognize them, they don't differ from humans in anything. They are born and live amongst you, holding high and responsible positions. They came from a time long ago, from the times of building the Sign of Time to participate in saving the Earth. It is important to realize how serious the situation is. Those who will loose their life during the cleansing, but posses the "Sign of Life", will return to Earth, but pity the ones

that posses the "Sign of Death".

The first death is not as horrible as the second death. The second death is the death of the soul. Once all the down falling is done and there is no improvement, the stretched out hand is being rejected and you leave your body -- this is when you are waiting for the death of the soul.

Well -- you are all smart people these days, and if all people would start sending good energy, the energy of love to where the gods reside, than we wouldn't need this great cleansing. On Earth there would be the omnipresent energy of love and the Pharaoh would not be needed. But this is not the case... Therefore Earths protection must be activated because the cleansing of the Earth must happen, but it could have been much lighter than it is predicted now. If you could only see all the dirty energy that is surrounding Earth right now. How much filth, evil and hate surrounds Earth? That is why we need the cleansing. This is not why you were granted a free will, so that it would be like this. And only after the cleansing - Earth will be a reflection of the Second Earth. Earth will be a paradise like planet, the way it's owner - God of all things, intended it to be. You have it written in John's Apocalypse how the New Earth will look like, and that's the way it will happen. That is why there is a calling for people to open their minds. Soon the cosmic rays of the Sun will hit Earth with an enormous energy. If the energy channels of human minds won't be opened, it will end tragically since people won't be able to survive such energy. It can cause paralysis, strokes, heart attacks -- things that the organism will not withstand. It could be a sunstroke, the body will be attacked by rays where the organism is weakened. Therefore don't reject teachings about energy. Everyone who will have those channels opened doesn't have to be afraid of the comic energy coming from the Sun. Those that won't take our call serious -- wait, they won't withstand it. After 2012 teachers from Planet Ashun will come to teach what life really is all about, because what we have now you can't call life. And you'll see that even those that you consider as bad will also start to change. Because in every human being there is a spark of goodness - you just have to be able to reach the heart of another person. You will be taught what love really is; because what you call love today is a misunderstanding. Love really is seeing yourself in the other person and wanting to receive all the best from - and to give all your best to this person.

Love is when you feel safe. That is LOVE.

The assumption of the beings from the Second Earth is that you will reach after the cleansing a higher level of mind openness, so that we can unblock your minds in order for you to use instead of the %15 of your brain that you're using now - 30% and later on
even 50%. Before this can happen, people must learn how to choose what is good, to recognize what is good and what isn't. That's what the change of the polarity of your minds is for. Such a filtering process can't be done quickly. Your minds wouldn't be able to handle it, that's why it's going to happen gradually. That is also why Earths' protective system is necessary. Because the human nerve system might not be able to withstand the bombardment of the negative energy of the planet coming your way. New Earth is supposed to be populated by new humans -- cleansed, beings of clear minds. Those who have filthy minds, who don't want to be cleansed will leave, and that's the truth. On Earth there will be people left that will respect life in the whole Universe, not only on Planet Earth, but also other civilizations. New Earth, a New World Order, a new kind of human thinking. With your minds cleansed there will be a lot of work, because everything that has been destroyed will have to be reorganized. Towards the end I'll quote the words of our great Father: "Earth -- the jewel of the Universe. Earth -- the role model for other civilizations. Earth -- Planet of Love and Happiness." And the biblical "Great Prostitute" will get her head twisted and stomped on. That is how it will be -- Because it is our will.


"When the FISH will start to rule -- from the central point of Earths' axis -- that is from
the place where the Pyramid is -- the train, a train will depart in the year 33. The train was supposed to circle the whole Earth and it had 2000 years for that. The train is still picking up people who have a pure heart. The train departed on one of its routes. There are many routes to the central point of Earth. The Train is still picking up people who wanted to believe in our existence. People were getting on and getting off -- the Train had very long stops. From the moment on when the FISH will hand over its ruling to the AQUARIUS, means when the clock of time will be zeroed -- the Train will be going down a straight
line to the Pyramid, means to this zero point.

As I mentioned, the Train is being operated by the machinist, this machinist is the GREAT LEADER -- meaning ENLI, that is your Jesus. He allows people to get on and off, and I am on every stop trying to explain to those who are getting off to rethink and to
repent as long as the Train is at a stop.

Because when the Train takes off it won't come back. Right now there is only one stop left going in the direction of the Pyramid: 09. -- In 012 no one will be allowed to get on the Train.

"Aquarius already started to empty the jug, which is filled to the brim...We can compare this Aquarius to Jesus. Jesus already appeared to every human on Earth ... he is telling us now to think.

...what water should we choose? it the water that he must spill?
...or is it water from the other jug that he is carrying? This is the Living Water and
people may drink of it.

Living Water symbolizes LIFE as well as MIRACLE.
Water spilled by Aquarius -- does not bring any miracles. It is important to us, that our message will reach every corner of the world. It doesn't
matter of what color the skin is -- black, white, red or golden. To us every human is equally important. It doesn't matter of which religious believe a person is. We don't care what somebody believes in. We look at the heart -- we receive the energy of the heart.
It is not important if you are a Christian or a believer of any other religion, it really doesn't matter. God -- your earthly God, created us all equal, he gave us one right, one love and therefore we respect everybody, I mean everybody without exception. Everything has its own predestined time and there is a given hour for everything under the Sky.

There is a time for birth and a time for death,
Time for planting and time for harvesting,
Time for killing and time for healing,
Time for destroying and time for building.

What what will be again.
And what was to come that is already.
God restores the old order of things.

Commit the greatest act of free will, and in the mean time see in front of you, in front of your eyes the creation of a new, beautiful, vast and much more interesting world that you can't really see yet. At the last great Council of Gods, I've been entrusted with guarding the Earth and it was demanded to bring the human mind to its perfection. My task is to add to your thinking a handful of thoughts that can encourage a healthy outlook on the world. And by healthy I mean a consciousness that sees the righteousness of existence and that confirms with a certainty that it is worth it to live, to fall and to rise up again -- because such a way is leading to the defeat of chaos. I want to strengthen in everyone of you the strength of your will in the struggle with evil -- that is so important. I suffered myself a lot, thought over a lot and that is why everyone who is looking for help is very dear to me. To exactly such a kind of people, those who are trying to enlighten the mood of today's tormented soul, am I desiring to belong. Humble spirit, Son and Servant of the highest

With great care and love for the people,
Spiritual Guardian of the Earth - ENKI



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