Greg Coleman | There's No Recession for the Poor

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There's No Recession for the Poor

by Greg Coleman

A Tribute to President Obama and a Musical Account of the Conservative Right Wing Hate Movement’s Unprecedented Attacks Against America’s First African American President.
Genre: Urban/R&B: R&B Pop Crossover
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  Song Share Time Download
1. You've Won the Battle, (But You'll Never Win the War)
4:34 album only
2. I'm a Conservative
3:53 album only
3. Hate!
4:11 album only
4. That's Your Neck of the Woods, (But This Is Not Your World)
4:51 album only
5. Patriotism, (Hatriotism)
4:40 album only
6. There's No Recession for the Poor
4:19 album only
7. For What It's Worth / Occupy
5:51 album only
8. Their Trying to Buy America
8:05 album only
9. Evolution-Solution-Revolution
7:18 album only


Album Notes
Introducing the CD that says the things that President Obama could not say while in office about the motivation behind many of the unwarranted, unjustified and vicious attacks against him, his family and his supporters.

There’s No Recession For The Poor By Greg Coleman is a Tribute to President Obama and a Musical Account of the Conservative Right Wing Hate Movement’s Unprecedented Attacks Against America’s First African American President.

For many years, a majority of Americans thought that most of the Racial Hatred and Division in this country’s 238 year old history had become a thing of the past, and ceased to exist to any degree that would give cause for alarm or panic.

This falsehood was socially acceptable as fact prior to November 4, 2008.

Between 2006 and 2007, rumors of a young African American Jr. Senator from Illinois, by the name of Barack Obama, began to circulate throughout the country.

Rumor had it that he was being groomed as a potential Democratic Presidential Candidate.

These rumors began stirring and reheating a pot that had never been completely turned off, but that was left quietly simmering on America’s Back Burner.

On November 4, 2008, those false assumptions came to a screeching halt when Senator Obama became the First African American President of the United States of America.

At that point, the pot began to boil over and spill out into the streets of many cities and towns where Racism was still prevalent and never ceased to exist, but that was for the most part, reduced to an outside, underground movement that had been neutralized as a result of Federal, State and Local Laws that were enacted to protect the Rights and Freedoms of people,( who these people), considered to be inferior to them and not worthy of the same Freedom, Justice and Equality that they were entitled to under the law.

These Hate Movements were also neutralized by the Natural Evolution of the Human Species towards becoming better human beings, aspiring to be more considerate, tolerant and respectful of others,( even though they may be different).

One of the most notable hate groups during this time was the Tea Party; which was cooped by New York Billionaire Donald J. Trump. They helped him to create “The Birther Movement”, which was one of many attempts by The Right to delegitimize this president.

On November 6, 2012, after a very tumultuous, divisive and chaotic first term for President Obama; all hell broke loose again, when the Rightwing conservative Hate Machine failed in their attempts to make President Obama a “One Term President”.

He was reelected to a second term; and the intensity and number of Hate Groups that sprang up when he was first elected continued to escalate to levels that had the potential of creating another Civil War in this country like the one fought from. April 12, 1861–May 9, 1865.

For most people, these acts of Racial Hatred ended the illusion of “A Post Racial Society”, which many people thought America had finally become just because of the Election of the First African American President.

It simply was not true then and it is definitely not true now that Donald Trump a Democrat, conveniently changed his Political Stripes to Republican, in order to coop these hate groups to help propel him to President Trump with all his Hateful, Racist, Sexist and Dangerous Rhetoric in combination with a Cult Like Following of people who do not care about or recognize how Selfish, Greedy and Dangerous this Pathological Liar is for America and the world.

The election and reelection of President Obama awakened and exposed the sleeping giant in this country known as Racism.

He successfully completed both of his terms as President against Unprecedented; Fierce Opposition like no other president has had to face in this country’s history before, because no other Official President in this country’s history had been Black before.

But in spite of all the negativity and hate directed at him and his family, he did manage to bring the country back from the economic collapse left behind by the previous Republican Administration, save the auto industry and provide healthcare to millions of Americans who previously did not have it; in addition to a number of other Historical International Accomplishments.

He also managed to create a Spirit of Unity, Cooperation and Tolerance of others among most reasonably sane Americans.

His Presidency like the white ones who came before him was not perfect.

However, in view of what he did accomplish in such a Hostile, Racist Political Environment, I think that his legacy should not be tarnished by Hatred, Racism and Lies. And I can’t help but think how much better this country would be right now if Congress had tried to work with him, rather than trying to destroy his Presidency and his Legacy; ( while lying about him not trying to work with them).

And in the face of all the Hatred that he and his family had to face while trying to effectively govern this nation for all of its citizens, they dealt with these attacks and sabotage with Style, Class, Dignity and Respect.

There’s No Recession For the Poor is my individual contribution to protecting President Obama’s legacy by musically paying tribute to the 44th President by countering the continued attempts of America’s Right Wing Hate Machine to destroy it.

Join the movement to protect President Obama’s Legacy now and forever.

Get your copy of “There’s No Recession for the Poor” today.

Greg Coleman is a Guitarist, Vocalist, Writer, Producer, Arranger, Performer, Entrepreneur and Social Activist who believes that without access to GOD’s Master Plan; the only explanation that he can come up with for our existence is to help, (not hurt), each other as best we can while we are alive.

The Songs
Song 1: You’ve Won the Battle, (But You’ll Never Win The War)
A testament to the survival and progress made by victims of evil thoughts, practices and deeds that continues to be inflicted upon oppressed people throughout America and the World by those who are in positions of power that allow them to oppress certain Ethnic, Racial and Social Classes of people such as, Native Americans, African Americans, Jewish Americans, Japanese Americans, and Poor and Disadvantaged People, etc.; who they deem to be Inferior and not worthy of the Equality that they themselves experience as citizens of the United States of America; and how eventually this evil is defeated through Resistance.

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Theodore Parker, Freemason Commander, Seth Brooks, Jacob Kohn

Song 2: I’m A Conservative
An explanation and definition of the Economic Austerity and Inequality, Hate, Greed and Racism that is actively practiced by the Modern Day Conservative, (Republican Party), Movement in American Politics today; and how these practices actually escalated to very dangerous and destructive levels as a result of the election of the First African American President, Barack Hussein Obama II, in 2008 and again in 2012.

These same dangerous and destructive practices are still a threat to our Democracy and all the progress that our nation has made over the last 239 years.

This Political Toxicity is also threatening the Spirit of Cooperation and Tolerance that Americans of all kinds worked so hard to develop in an effort to make and keep our country safe, sane and fair for all.

These Dangerous Political Practices are now in full effect as a result of the election of Donald J. Trump as President. He is one of the most divisive figures ever to enter American Politics.

Song 3: HATE!
The Media, Washington, Politicians and a Considerable Percentage of Americans Citizens are trying to make the Insane Sane, by Normalizing Hatred, Greed, Violence, Sexism, Classism and Racism, which is putting our country in a position that makes it conducive to destruction from within, (Implosion); much like the Civil War which was fought from 1861 to 1865.

A prime example of this madness is the Media’s Insistence on adopting the term “Alt Right”, which is actually code to describe White Racists, Nazis, White Supremacists, Skin Heads, Klu Klux Klan and other very Frustrated, Fearful and Terrified White People who are fighting to keep White Privilege and White Supremacy alive in a country where the Changing Demographics will no longer allow these Injustices to continue.

Using Euphemisms to cover up Hatred and Racism is a very dangerous practice, since it is giving cover to people who are as dangerous and deadly as wounded animals.

Song 4: That’s Your Neck Of The Woods, (But This Is Not Your World)
There are certain segments of our country located in certain geographical locations, (particularly in the Deep South and the Midwest), where people still believe that GOD created the world for them and only them, and that everyone else being here is a mistake in the “Master’s Plan”.

This is actually an Oxymoron, since according to scripture, “The Master” GOD, does not make any mistakes. Many also believe that the people who are here that are not like them are here to serve them at their pleasure.

This song is a Rebuke of this Foolish, Dangerous and Non-Fact Based Notion
Song 5: Patriotism, (Hatriotism).
This song is about the Government’s Indoctrination Process beginning in elementary school with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the Singing of the National Anthem,(in schools with broken desks and chairs torn and dirty books and other inferior equipment), that leads African Americans and other Minority Children to believe that everyone is Equal and Free in America to achieve anything that they want through hard work and sacrifice, without Resistance and Sabotage as a result of Institutionalized Racism.

In spite of the reality of Slavery, Jim Crow, Discrimination and Racial Bias in all segments of American Society; many Conservatives continue to deny or explain away these realities as figments of Lazy Minority’s Imaginations.

Song 6: There’s No Recession For The Poor
This is the title song. Simply put, no matter how great the reports are about the economies of Wall street and Main street are, or how great Washington says things are going economically; these reports don’t seem to have much of a Positive Effect on People of Color who are not a part of Wall street, Main street or Washington.

Although I agree with Conservatives that Personal Responsibility and Individual Effort is absolutely necessary for success in this country; I also have to argue that due to Societal and Structural Inconsistencies coupled with other factors such as Skin Color and where and how you start in life means that all personal responsibility and individual effort is not created equal.

Song 7/8: For What It’s Worth/Occupy
During the Early Folk Music Era when groups like Peter, Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio and individuals like Pete Seeger and later Bod Dylan were the Top Stars of folk music because of their powerful messages about Morals, Principals, Values, Citizen’s Rights and Human Rights, I loved to listen to this music. And even though I enjoyed it on an emotional level, I was far too young to understand it on an intellectual level.

In 1967 when “The Buffalo Springfield” recorded “For What It’s Worth”, I was only 11 years old when I heard it. I immediately fell in love with this protest song and it was the very first protest song that I actually understood on an intellectual level. And I have loved it ever since.

Although it was recorded more than 27 years ago, it is still relative today to what is going on in our country and around the world.

So I just felt compelled to cover it on this album for all those reasons and the fact that the Wars between The Races, Government, Law Enforcement and the Citizenry are still very much alive and appear to be escalating to very dangerous levels day by day.

In that same spirit of protest against Injustice, Inequality and Inhumane Acts against Humanity; Occupy is also a protest song to encourage people to continue to fight the status quo for the benefit of all people in this country and around the world.

It is also a tribute to the Grassroots Movement that sprang up during the Obama years known as “Occupy Wall Street”, which became simply “Occupy”.

The good thing about this movement was the fact that they were Non-Partisan and did not favor any one political party over another.

They were fighting against everything that they saw that was wrong with this System of Government regardless of party.

Because, there are some things terribly wrong with this country that need to be recognized, acknowledged and addressed in an open and honest manner on an ongoing basis.

For instance, the ongoing problems that we continue to experience with Racial, Sexual and Religious Intolerance as well as far too frequent incidents of Police Brutality against People of Color and those who Peacefully Protest for the causes that are important to them.

Song 9: Their Trying To Buy America
In 2010, the Conservative Pac Citizens United won a Pivotal Supreme Court Case that allowed Political Campaigns to receive Dark Money, (money that comes from unknown sources in unknown quantities). In effect, it allowed Millionaires, Billionaires and Mega Corporations to buy elections by drowning out the will and voices of the people by spending excessive amounts of money on Smear and Sabotage Campaigns against Progressive Candidates and Causes by utilizing Excessive Negative Advertising against these candidates.

This movement was originally designed to promote the Presidential Candidacy of Mitt Romney to prevent President Obama from winning a second term.

However, in spite of National Racist, (Rush Limbaugh’s) wishes for a failed president before his first term even began. And House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s agenda for the country, which was to “Make this a one term president” - not jobs, healthcare, education, infrastructure, foreign policy, the economy or many of the other dangers, issues and challenges that this nation was facing at the time.

Instead, Republicans just wanted to undermine and sabotage President Obama.

This Supreme Court Victory was the main reason why Mitt Romney was going around the country proclaiming that “Corporations are people too”. Because this statement implied that the money of Gigantic Company’s was just as important in our Democracy as “One Person”, “One Vote”.

This ruling did not succeed in defeating President Obama for a second term.

However, I believe we are now seeing the long term effects of this ruling with the election of Donald Trump as President over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who won almost 3 million more popular votes than Trump.

Song 10: Evolution-Solution-Revolution
This is a song about the fact that no matter what Dark, Evil Forces come into play to stop the Natural Evolutionary Progression of the Human Species and its tendency towards Honesty, Fairness, Justice and Equality; it is true that these forces experience several temporary victories.

However, they eventually fail, because the values that they fight to promote are Contrary to Human Nature and they are not in alignment with the Natural Laws of the Universe.

This cycle of Dark Victories and Enlightenment is part of the Human Condition and is a constant that must continuously be kept in check by “The People”.

Right now we are in a Dark Cycle that in time will be reversed by the Power and Unity of those interested in cultivating the Better Angels of our Human Nature.



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