Kris Katsuko Oster | Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms (feat. Shaun Oster)

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Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms (feat. Shaun Oster)

by Kris Katsuko Oster

Three guided journeys to help you feel centered and grounded while soaring to the starry heights and diving down into the deepest waters of your soul.
Genre: Spoken Word: With Music
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1. Communing With Your Inner Beloved (Feat. Shaun Oster)
19:38 $4.99
2. Returning to Your Inner Divine Feminine
11:40 $4.99
3. Meeting Your Inner Divine Child (Feat. Shaun Oster, crystal bowls)
9:54 $4.99
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Album Notes
Magical Imaginings: Journeys Into Your Inner Realms
Companion Booklet to the Audio CD

By Kris Katsuko Oster

Special thanks needs to be given to these beautiful souls for the formulation of this CD:

…to my husband Shaun Oster, my Dionysos, for lending his incredible drum and sound editing talents, and for his loving support throughout the project.

…to my Mentor Goddesses Erin Stewart, Kathleen Robertson and Mara Freeman for guiding me and supporting my service work. This meditation CD is an expression of their profoundest teaching: to step into my power, which ultimately empowers others to do the same!

….to my friend and photographer Rachel S. Thurston whose inspired vision of my Goddessness produced the beautiful front and back covers that grace this CD. With her vision, I stepped more fully into my Goddess-self to embody the divine energy of the Muses.

…to my talented mother-in-law Nancy Oster for editing this booklet to perfection!

…to all of you who have participated in workshops and circles where I introduced much of this material in its raw state. Your willingness and support during those early experiments helped me to move forward fearlessly with this project!

…to my friend Elizabeth Robinson who simply stated, “Why don’t you record a CD of your guided meditations?” This was the third time that Goddess whispered in my ear to create this project. I never waver after the third call.

I promise to Her that I’ll jump in sooner in the future!

Why wait until the third prompt, right?

I am so thankful and blessed to possess the skills and talents necessary to produce this CD as my gift to the Earth.

I am eternally grateful to the Invisibles who so divinely guided this CD project at every stage of its inception, its conception, and its birth through the grace of the all-pervasive Universal Source!

I reverently release this work into the world now to bring joy, healing, love, self-empowerment and realization to all who listen to it.

Blessed be!

“The self is our life’s goal, for it is the completest expression of that fateful combination we call individuality.”
-- C. G. Jung (CW 7, par 404)

The imaginal realm is the invisible place where the sacred lives within us, touching us deeply, moving us towards our destined path of grace. In this “real” place we meet inner world beings who have much wisdom to grant us. This rich inner life is found just below the surface of our conscious mind. We just need to close our eyes and breathe.

The visible world, known as the Ordinary World in mythological terms, often serves to distract, confuse and confound us. We believe we can solve all problems and conflicts by thinking through them. We obsess over our problems and life obstacles. The clutter of our mind space blocks us from hearing the song of our soul; the song of life that leads each one of us, like Ariadne’s thread, through the labyrinthine valleys, peaks, rivers and oceans of our lives.

It is my hope and intention that Magical Imaginings will guide you into the stillness. Listening to each guided journey, you will feel centered and grounded while soaring to the starry heights and diving down into the deepest waters of your soul. In this state your psyche shifts, moves, runs and plays inside the mundus imaginalis, the imaginal world. The Greek word “psyche” translates as “breath” and “butterfly,” and is likened to the soul within each of us always transforming, becoming, blossoming, emerging.

Gift yourself this luxurious sacred time and space daily to rest your soul inside the healing cocoon of the vision journey meditations. Emerge from your chrysalis with newfound wisdom and rediscover parts of yourself, feeling revitalized, calm, and centered. Relaxing, and most importantly, breathing allows resolutions, evolutions, and awakenings to our own inner truths to occur naturally and effortlessly.

The meditations are written in mythic language that comes and goes directly from the wisdom of the invisible, and what is thought of as unknowable. Mythic comprehension is inclusive of all aspects of Self—mind, body, spirit and soul—and transcends outer world beliefs and mass consciousness.

For each of the meditations I use the drum, a sacred technology, to guide you into a light trance and to attract the inner world beings of light to impart their wisdom and love.

The music and rhythms for the meditations are minimal. Too much rhythmic/sonic complexity increases mind clutter, A relaxed state allows you to move deeply into your inner spaces—the space between breaths, between heartbeats, between thoughts. The music has been composed to allow the fullest state of relaxation, to balance both hemispheres of the brain and lure you into the center of your soul. Let Ariadne guide you through the labyrinth with her thread.

How to use this CD:
I offer three small tips to introduce you to this form of inner work. For those of you who are experienced inner world travelers, it never hurts to have a refresher on a few basic guidelines.

First and foremost, begin by listening to the meditations in a consistent and ritualistic manner. Create a sacred space in your home or office where you can sit or lie down comfortably each time you journey. Lighting a candle, using incense, even holding a crystal or stone can enhance your experience. Also, try practicing the meditations in early morning to help you clarify positive intentions and goals; practice them in the evening before bed to invite healing or prophetic dreams. Find the rhythm that works best for you and try to stay as consistent as possible. Be open to switching if your intuitive guidance leads you in a new direction.

My second tip is to choose a meditation based on your intended focus for the day, week or month. If you are beginning or in the middle of a creative project, seeking inspiration and encouragement, the Inner Divine Child meditation will work wonders. If you are focused on increased financial abundance or resources and wish to manifest miracles, both big and small, use the Inner Divine Feminine meditation. For working in the realm of relationships or to help manifest your desired beloved, make time to practice the Inner Beloved vision journey. Of course, these meditations are not limited to these areas of human concern and you can jump off from many other places. Later on in this booklet I will go into detail about each of the archetypes you will encounter on these particular journeys and how their energies work in the visible and invisible realms.

My third tip, one of the more overlooked guidelines of inner journey work, is to document the details of each of your journeys. Even if you just quickly jot down a few of the main bullet points, you will find immense wisdom coming through. In my own experience with vision journey work, messages from my inner world beings come through with much more clarity, color and sensate details when I honor them by documenting my observations. I’ve had book and workshop ideas just given to me through my contact with the inner dimensional beings during journey work. By opening ourselves to listen and engage our inner guides in conversation we attract more blessings than we can ever imagine. If I had not written about my experiences, I would have lost integral information that has helped me on my outer life’s journey.

It may be difficult to come in and out of your relaxed state to write down your experiences, so I suggest working with the CD first and then journaling upon coming back to your waking self.

Eventually, you’ll be able to go on the journeys without the CD to roam more freely throughout the inner planes. Check out other chambers of the Divine Child’s temple or meet your Inner Beloved in a great oak tree instead of inside the stone. The possibilities are endless!

Archetypal Resonances Within the Meditations:
The archetypal resonances experienced in this set of meditations will be unique to each each individual. Life experiences mold our view of the world specifically to provide life lessons that we attract consciously and unconsciously.

According to C. G. Jung, archetypes are invisible and unknowable until the right set of circumstances allows them to appear in consciousness. They act autonomously, and are not controlled by the will. Jung carved the phrase “Bidden or unbidden, the God will come” over the threshold of his home.

Meditation #1, Communing With Your Inner Beloved
The journey to commune with your Twin Flame is in itself the rite of the Great Marriage, also known as hierosgamos. The celebration occurring in this vision journey is modeled after the Celtic cross-quarter holiday, Beltane, which generally falls on or near May 1st.

Like the other Celtic cross-quarter holidays Imbolc, Lammas and Samhain, the veils between the worlds at this time are very thin, which makes it a perfect time for spirit communication, healing, manifestation work, and divination. I’ve done this guided meditation at Beltane and the effects are potent! Relationships magically deepen and have a tendency to correct imbalances. If you wish to manifest your beloved Twin Flame, this meditation will be a powerful ally on your quest.

The presiding high priest and priestess highlighted in this journey are models of the Green Man/King Stag and the Goddess (known by many names and who is a personification of the land itself). In traditional Celtic lore, the sexual joining of these two deities during the rites at Beltane insured the fertility of the land and all of Gaia’s creatures.

The Sacred Marriage is an archetype of integration and wholeness, where the Masculine and Feminine come together in sexual union to balance the cosmos within and without. Don’t worry if you’re already in a relationship and your beloved on the inner planes is not that same person. In fact, your Inner Beloved will often change over time as you progress in the work and this is a good sign.

Spoken word and Remo buffalo drum: Kris Katsuko Oster, Digeridoo and crystal bowls: Shaun Oster

Meditation #2, Returning to Your Inner Divine Feminine
There are countless roads in our mythic lives that lead to the Mother, the source of life itself, soul nourishment, and wisdom. The Goddess is the feminine half of the Universal Manifestor. When we are in right relationship to our archetypal Mother (and possibly our earth-plane mothers as well), we are able to receive the abundant good we deserve in our lives.

As the Void, also known as Sige to the Gnostics, the Great Silence is the source of all wisdom. Her daughter Sophia is God’s feminine consort and the Goddess of Wisdom. She is a deep well that will restore your psyche and spirit.

Spend time nurturing yourself, loving yourself and indulging in self-care modalities like massage, reiki, yoga, meditation and naps to quicken the manifestation process.

Spoken word, crystal bowls and Remo buffalo drum: Kris Katsuko Oster

Meditation #3, Meeting Your Inner Divine Child
Play is an important component of discovering our personal mythology. The archetypal image associated with play is the Divine Child. Connecting with this image activates the imagination. The Divine Child also represents newness, openness, innovation, potential, possibility, a sense of hope.

In Joseph Campbell's work, Myths of Light: Eastern Metaphors of the Eternal, the heart chakra is where the Divine Child resides (65). Campbell describes the cave as the scene of the initiation, where the birth of the light takes place. The cave of the heart is the womb, the place of the virgin birth in Christian mythology.

According to Jung, the Self is symbolized by the appearance of the Eternal or Divine Child. It is a metaphor for the individuation process. The Divine Child symbolizes our potential as adults. Dialoguing with our inner Divine Child is like finding our buried treasure.

Myths of the Divine Child are beautifully illustrated all over the world: the Buddha is the Divine Child of the East as Jesus is for Christianity. In Greek myth we find numerous examples of this archetype, including Hermes (who steals Apollos cattle and lies when he gets caught; then wins Zeus' favor because he is so cunning), Dionysos (“twice born”—after his mother Semele is destroyed by Zeus, her underdeveloped fetus, Dionysos, is sewn into Zeus thigh until he is ready to be birthed into the world again), Athena (who emerges from Zeus' forehead after he devours her mother Metis), and Artemis (the first born twin who assists her mother with the birth of her twin brother Apollo).

Spoken word and Remo buffalo drum: Kris Katsuko Oster, Crystal bowls: Shaun Oster



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