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O.M.N.I. | Laniru and Andar

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Laniru and Andar

by O.M.N.I.

O.M.N.I. presents the next episode in the adventures of Captain Funktion; although it's not really the next episode, this one actually happens before the other one but we did after; anyways - more backstory of the story and some BOMB-ASS electro-dub!
Genre: Reggae: Dub
Release Date: 

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  Song Share Time Download
1. Emerald Caribbean Sea (feat. Timothy James Allen)
3:17 $0.99
2. Runnin' (feat. Robin Hood)
3:06 $0.99
3. Dark Depths of Space
2:53 $0.99
4. The Mind Focused on the Unfocused Mind (feat. Timo)
3:21 $0.99
5. Island of Montserrat
3:55 $0.99
6. The Port of Plymouth
2:52 $0.99
7. Usual Flight Suit
3:13 $0.99
8. The Father's Tools
3:21 $0.99
9. Dreams of Destruction
3:39 $0.99
10. Juan Benavides (feat. Pia Paez)
3:23 $0.99
11. Pieces (feat. Wednesday Ball)
3:51 $0.99
12. The Man's Voice
3:06 $0.99
13. It's All Relative
5:59 $0.99
14. The Beard and Smirk
3:30 $0.99
15. The Treasure
2:47 $0.99
16. Visions from Jenet Sais
3:57 $0.99
17. Two Quick Shots
2:51 $0.99
18. Andar (feat. Ras Tony Bell)
3:51 $0.99
19. Small Ship
3:05 $0.99
20. In Meditation (feat. Ras Ayo Francis)
3:24 $0.99
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Album Notes
O.M.N.I Presents:

The child ambled lazily along the beach, poking and prodding the sand with a small stick. A
palm tree rustling breeze blew in from the 1) Emerald Caribbean Sea (03:17), and the child
looked up at the swaying fronds. Laniru was about nine, but the thoughtful young face had a
brow that hinted of a mind 2) Runnin' (03:05) processes far beyond the years of an ordinary

Jenet Sais' voice came into the child's mind from the wind over the sea, through the
atmosphere, rumbling from somewhere in the deep, 3) Dark Depths of Space (02:52). Despite
the distance, the call was clear. Dark skin baking in the sun, Laniru sat cross legged on the hot
sand. Eyes closed and 4) The Mind Focused on the Unfocused Mind (03:21), the child
entered meditation.

Laniru looked up and saw a hole in the sand just out of reach. Hands on knees, palms up,
straight- backed and completely still, Laniru knew how to receive the vision and was not
confused. The mind’s eye floated over the shallow hole and revealed a sizable crate, crafted of
wood and mostly buried. The child accepted this crate without a wonder as to its contents. It
was realized in an instant that something was more important.

A face came into focus of a person bending down to grasp the crate, the face of a stranger.
Laniru knew that Andar was important, and the crate was important to Andar. He looked at
Laniru pleadingly, and the child knew at once that he was supposed to be helped. Andar, the
crate and the hole dissolved from view, replaced by a vision of the small island which the child
called home. It was 5) The Island of Montserrat (03:55). From a bird’s-eye view, a spot beside
a road drew the mind’s eye’s attention. Laniru would remember this spot and knew instantly that
Andar needed to be shown to it. The mind’s eye dropped like a stone to the spot in a clearing by
a patch of jungle overgrowth. The child did not fear the falling, and as the ground rushed up to
the young face, Laniru's eyes slowly opened, blinking into the bright light of the afternoon sun.

The boat rocked gently as it approached the dock. Andar leaned on the railing near the bow
and smiled as he looked at 6) The Port of Plymouth (02:52). Just a week before, Hurricane
Hugo had blown through and destroyed much of the island. The airport, miraculously, was still in
working order, mostly being used for supplies and international aid. Andar’s shoulder length hair
blew in the breeze, and beads of sweat gathered on his receding hairline. He had swapped out
his 7) Usual Flight Suit (03:13) for a light tan linen blazer and matching slacks. He was tired
from his travels but excited to have finally made it to Montserrat. It made sense to approach in
the common way so as to not attract attention.

The vision he had seen had told him of a child he would have to meet, a local citizen of the
island. He knew he had to be discrete and take the ferry. Since the airport would have been too
suspect for a civilian, the only other way to go would be by helicopter or spacecraft, both of
which would certainly be noticed. The color of his skin was hard enough to hide. The
Sextraterrestrial grey was not easy to conceal, and he wasn't sure how long the make-up might
last in the sun’s heat. As soon as his feet were on solid ground, he headed off to find the child,
the grin still plastered on his face.

Juan peeked under the lid of a pot of water heating on the stove in his tiny kitchen while his
only child sat at the table coloring. Laniru noted the impatience. The small house sat on a quiet
lane slightly inland from the water and was spared any serious damage from the hurricane. One
would not have noticed much of a change from before anyhow. The house had not been in good
shape for some time. The father and child shared one bedroom, and the other room, a glorified
hallway, contained only an old broken couch and 8) The Father's Tools (03:20). A few years
before, the child had slept in the hallway, and Juan and his wife had shared the bedroom.

The wife had begun speaking of confusing visions and 9) Dreams of Destruction (03:39)
and tried to convince Juan to take her and their young child away from Montserrat. He was
dismissive of her and her visions. He accused her of losing her mind, and besides, they were
doing well. He had a good job at AIR Studios Montserrat doing groundskeeping. The star
musicians coming to the small island were intrigued by him and the island vibe, and he enjoyed
mingling with them. He felt good about his life and begged her to think of the young family and
their future.

But 10) Juan Benavides (03:23) would party and drink. He would come home to an unhappy
wife, who would often try to tell him about her latest unsettling dream. One night, in the pouring
rain, she cowered at the door while he screamed and threatened her with a spoon he had
grabbed from the sink. He had chased her through the kitchen and it was the first thing within
reach. Laniru stood wide-eyed in the hallway as Mother looked from spoon to Father, to child,
back to spoon and suddenly disappeared out the doorway. Juan tried to follow after her but
tripped over his own drunken feet and smashed his head into the wall beside the door. Laniru
ran to help his father, who was lying on the floor moaning.

It was a desperate, long night for a very young child, and in the morning Juan's wife was
nowhere to be found. After a search lasting for several days, she was presumed dead, and Juan
was devastated. He tried to pick up the 11) Pieces (03:51), but his drinking grew worse until he
was eventually let go from AIR Studios due to several absences and general tardiness.
Since being fired he had found some work here and there, but it was sparse. Now with the
devastation wrought by the hurricane, his future seemed very uncertain. He wanted to be better
for Laniru, but felt himself growing resentful. Laniru was a family name from his wife’s side and
constantly reminded him of her. Thinking of her led him to the bottle, and the cycle of drink and
depression continued.

Laniru informed Juan that they would soon be receiving a guest. He turned around from
checking the pot again and asked when. "He'll be 'ere for dinnah."
"Chop'um vegetables dem, my yout and quit now wit de colorin'."

He looked suspiciously at his child as Laniru picked up a knife from the counter. His child's
visions had started this year, but Juan noticed that, unlike his wife’s visions, Laniru seemed
more in control of them. At least he seemed to be more aware of their meaning and importance,
and so far no mention of disasters. Juan had wondered a lot about the relation between the
hurricane and his wife's visions. He tried to probe Laniru about it. At this point Laniru offered up
nothing that made sense to Juan, and he was forced to let it go. It was still in his mind, however,
if not in his mouth.

Andar was sitting on a waterlogged, abandoned car in meditation when a man approached
him asking for help. Andar opened his eyes and smiled at the man. He loved the sound of 12)
The Man's Voice (03:06) and the accent that he used. He felt sad for a moment when he
thought of how quickly the Dark Currents would ravage this planet, but pushed it aside trying to
enjoy the moment. After all, there still was very little sign of brainwashing taking place here. In
fact, compared to most affected areas, Earth was relatively stable. 13) It's All Relative (05:58),
he reminded himself.
The man was waiting patiently for an answer. Andar said two words. "Juan Benavides."
"You wan' a fine 'im?"
"Very much so."
The price was negotiated, and the man told Andar to follow him. Andar, smiling, grabbed the
man by the shoulder and together they walked off toward the small house.

As they approached the house, the man became hesitant. Andar knew why and handed him
the money. He thanked Andar and headed off. For a moment, Andar watched the man walk
away, then turned and started toward the door. As he approached, the door opened, and he was
greeted by the child. Laniru looked him up and down and recognized 14) The Beard and Smirk
(03:30) from his vision. The child smiled politely and stepped aside, indicating Andar should
enter. Laniru touched him gently and knowingly on the arm, like a wise old wizard instead of a
spindly little child.

The father was transferring the boiled water to three cooling dishes when he looked over his
shoulder to nod at Andar. "Sit, please," said Juan.
"Thank you."
"Dis ya watah'll take a momen' ta cool, but dinnah soon come."
"Again, thank you."
"All right," Juan mumbled, a bit troubled and trying to size up Andar.
Dinner was served while Andar explained how they must leave in the morning to go find what
he came for. The child mentioned 15) "The Treasure" (02:46) casually, and the father's
eyebrows raised. Juan suggested that he go along for safety, but was rebuffed immediately.
Andar told Juan that he would rather go alone with Laniru. The child spoke up and said not only
was it unnecessary for him to go, but a recent vision suggested it was better that he didn't. Juan
reluctantly agreed, but Andar noticed his unease.

The next morning Andar and Laniru walked down the road toward their goal, discussing their
shared 16) Visions From Jenet Sais (03:57). Andar was studying the child closely as they
walked and talked. Not far behind, but just out of sight and earshot, Juan followed along, his
revolver tucked tightly in his waistband.

The two reached the spot slightly off a side street, beyond thick overgrown foliage. Without a
word, they knelt to the ground and started digging with their hands. Soon they uncovered a
large crate, buried very shallow under the sand. They took a second to look at each other, then
back to the crate, when Juan suddenly jumped out from behind a tree. Neither Andar nor the
child were surprised to see him. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Andar. "You shood'ave
stayed at 'ome!" the child wailed as his eyes welled up.

"Shut it, likkle one!" and turning to Andar, he said, "Put up dem hands!"
A flutter in his voice gave away a nervousness that he was desperately trying not to show.

There was a rustle from the other side of the foliage toward the road as a man and woman burst
into the clearing with weapons unlike Juan had ever seen. Undeterred, he turned to them,
swiveled his gun to face them and fired 17) Two quick shots (02:50) from his revolver.
Unharmed, the man and woman opened fire and gunned down Juan where he stood. Andar
rushed over to Juan as the child stood still, quietly sobbing. It was too late to do anything for
him, and Andar could already hear commotion in the distance. People had heard the gunfire and
were coming to investigate. 18) Andar (03:51) looked up at the woman and nodded as the man
next to her, still with weapon at the ready, was watching out to keep them safe.
She was already on her comm device,"Get us out of here."

19) A Small Ship (03:05) landed on the road in seconds while Andar kept digging to uncover
the crate. A man in a flight suit exited the ship carrying a cart and a pry bar. The adults loaded
the crate onto the cart, and were pushing it onto the ship when Andar turned around. He
reached out his hand to Laniru, but the child dropped to the sand next to Juan, eyes closed.
Andar could see what the child was doing. He tried to fight back the emotion as he turned
toward the ship’s crew, who were shouting at him to hurry aboard. He looked back once more
before rushing toward the ship, which took off in a burst of light as a group of local concerned
citizens rounded the corner. All they saw was the child, kneeling 20) In Meditation (03:24), as
Lariru was often seen doing, only this time next to a dead father.


Zach would like to thank my core bandmates Noah and Ben. You guys are amazing. Big thanks to our many guest appearances: Robin Hood, Timothy James Allen, Kevin Raczka, Ras Tony Bell, Ras Ayo Francis, Wednesday Ball, Pia Paez and Timo. These amazing artists selflessly lent their talents and hopefully will continue to do so. Timothy James Allen is a person I cannot thank enough for the patience and guidance given to me throughout this year of musical growth. His contributions to this record have been irreplaceable. Thanks to Silver Cord studio, The Brooklyn Museum, Timothy Lavigne, my family far and wide, everyone who sat in the studio lending an ear or a hand and anyone I have failed to mention, you know I still love you!

Ben: Thanks to mom and dad, Mike Doty, Aaron Doty, Jenna Bird, Brad, Cat, Lynn L., Pauly, Sicky, Joey, Daisy, Heather, Mark and Dior, Grandma Bea, Zach, Noah, Kai, Carmen, Ruby, the fam back in cuse, da' fam in BK, them in finger lakes region, big ups to Buffalo, and not finally (okay maybe for now in writing) Master Robin, Gojira and them back at Silver Chord, Timmy, Bill, Cosmo, Effie, Slava, Mike, Maikol, Jean, Carly, V., Dale, Desi, Grayson, Andy, Meghan, those up there in the stars making constellations and shit now and every day, relatively, in every planetary and heavenly unit of measurement.

Noah would like to thank God, my wife, my partners Zach and Ben, my mom for the edits, Wednesday Ball, all the guest artists, and all the good people diggin' the jams! This project was a ton of fun and an epic adventure in NYC that can never be forgotten; which reminds me I need to block someone's number from my meditation group.

OMNI is:
Noah Peterson: Sax, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Ben Hicock: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Organ
Zach Spiezer: Melodica, Keyboards, Organ, arranging, mixing, producing
Kevin Raczka (Drums) Tracks 5, 8, 9, 12, 20
Robin Hood (Bass, Vocals) Tracks 2, 12
Timo (Flute) Track 4
Pia Paez (Vocals) Track 10
Wednesday Ball (Vocals) Track 11
Ras Ayo (Vocals) Track 9
Timothy James Allen (Bass) Track 1
Ras Tony (Vocals) Track 18

All music recorded and mixed at Chaifi Studios in Brooklyn, NY except for drums on tracks 5, 8, 9, 12 and 20 recorded at The Brooklyn Museum. Some horn parts recorded at MobileMe Studios in San Antonio, TX
Mastered by Robin Hood at Silver Cord Studio



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