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by Rejyna

Slow to fast, soft to loud, fusing folk into rock into metal into world music hybrids - all created by one person using a looper to weave dynamic and engaging song experiences. This Looptober Edition CD ships with Lyric Insert and 16 Songs.
Genre: Rock: Modern Rock
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  Song Share Time Download
1. Common Voice (Go Easy)
3:54 $0.99
2. Mandolian Mirage
3:45 $0.99
3. Beyond My Back Door
3:06 $0.99
4. Sleeky Slinker
4:08 $0.99
5. Sound Sircus Sircle: Prelude (Instrumental)
3:41 $0.99
6. Looking for You
2:57 $0.99
7. Dusty Ridin’ Nugget (Instrumental)
2:58 $0.99
8. Galactic Projectories
3:45 $0.99
9. Gitano En Shahnameh
6:38 $0.99
10. Android Pageant (Instrumental)
2:30 $0.99
11. Quacky Waddlesworth (Instrumental)
1:58 $0.99
12. Born Here (Autochthonous)
5:16 $0.99
13. Too Long Gone
5:49 $0.99
14. One Single Word (Suus a Vala)
3:03 $0.99
15. Jorie Green Thumb (Song for Mom)
4:05 $0.99
16. Sound Sircus Sircle: Fugue
4:38 $0.99
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Album Notes

Contemplating material for this release, I wondered if there may be some usable bits in my ‘audio journal’ of song snippets. Always endeavoring to keep my creative juices flowing, I have amassed an enormous library of song inspirations created spontaneously between songs during rehearsals and jam sessions.

To record an album (before I owned a looper) I would use a handheld audio or video recorder to capture spur of the moment ideas. Later, I’d sift through them, looking for pieces that spoke to me most to take through development – first musically developing them on guitar, then lyrically; finding phonetics, then matching those sounds with words. The goal is to make demos to use as guides for future conventional recording sessions. It can be a tenuous, time-hogging, expensive endeavor.

More recently, instead of that former way of capturing inspirations, I have been using a looping pedal, the DigiTech JamMan Solo. It’s like a foot-controlled recorder, which allows you to record a part that you play and then add layers of accompaniment on top of that phrase, storing each variation as uncompressed wave files in memory spaces on an SD card.

I use this pedal extensively in my live shows, rehearsals and jams. Once it is full, I transfer those files to my computer so I can again fill it up with ideas. It has become my song notebook.

So, when I checked through my journal, I found over 2500 song snippets. I was even more surprised that the sound quality was good and that my musical execution of the various parts was acceptable to me as ‘final cuts’ – at least in the spirit of being improvised spontaneously. I did not practice or pre-write any of the music, it was all written and recorded on-the-fly

I set about stitching and massaging these ‘loops’ using SoundForge software, then stem mixed the music and loaded it onto my DigiTech GNX4 workstation to write lyrics and record lead vocals.

In all my other releases, songs were honed and rehearsed, solos and lyrics and accompanying instrumentation were all developed over time and with lots of rehearsing before going to the studio to record

But this release is just the opposite – improvised, on the spot, no do-overs, no punch-in fixes – just my inner voice saying “wow, this is a cool riff, I wonder what I can put with this” – and then getting lost adding, subtracting, layering and experimenting and fast filling up those memory ‘slots’on the JamMan.

I could say these songs are ‘accidental’, but I see almost all of my songs as discoveries. I rarely ‘intend’ anything. My ‘artisan discipline’ is to grab the art tools (guitar, paintbrush, pen, mouse, etc.) and let it come out of me – restricted by neither conscious effort nor an aim for a predicted result.
I also approach the creation of lyrics and vocal melody with this ‘hands-off’ approach. I will sing along to my song, but not using words, just sounds and phonetics. Mostly looking for vowels and unique syllable potentials, I will record these mumblings onto one track so I can then study the sounds for actual words that match. Upon finding those matching words, I then have a skeletal framework for what the message and balance of words will elude to.

Often times, the sounds of the music will lead me to a ‘picture’ and I will write using phonetics towards the goal of ‘painting that sound picture with words’ – such as Mandolian Mirage, which sounded like a song about the desert to me or, Jorie Green Thumb, whose sounds conjured images of my mom in her garden. Other times, there will be words that come to me during the initial recordings, as in Beyond My Back Door or Too Long Gone. When I listened to the music of Android Pageant, before it had that name, it sounded like a parade of robots to me, hence its name. And then there’s Quacky…

Whether or not I am able to arrive at any coherent or relevant lyrical results is a risk that I enjoy taking, especially in contrast to an option of contrived process, theming lyrics intentionally.

Aspects of this recording that most excite me are that I was really just noodling between songs in rehearsal when these nuggets presented themselves. No sophisticated equipment, just ‘one takes’ on a mono pedal recorder, stacked and layered in various combinations. And I was ready to release this as an instrumental CD but my mom said she wanted to ‘hear me sing more’..and others confirmed I should try adding vocals - for the risk and ‘what if’ - I’m glad I did. It was more fun than I’ve had in a long time when it comes to channeling new ideas into a collection for release.
And for the gearheads (like me): At the time of this recording, I used one JamMan Solo pedal connected (fed) by the FX send of my mixer so that all channels going thru the mixer (voice, guitar, drums) could be sent to the looper and brought back into the sound system through a discreet channel on the board. I played my 1980’s Ovation Balladeer and Yamaha APX500II thru a 1980’s Boss GT3 multi-effects board. I also used a Tyler Mountain Ovation-style electric mandolin. I sang backing vocals and most chorus/looped lines thru a ATM73a Audio-Technica headset mic, the lead vocals were sung into the Shure SM57 that I’ve had since high school – my mikes are routed thru a DigiTech Vocalist Live Pro harmonizer/effects unit. My mixer is a Yamaha MG82cx and my drums/percussion are played on a Yamaha DD-55 electronic kit. No drum machines, sequencers or synthesizers are used on this recording except for the use of my Godin Freeway SA synth guitar thru a Roland GR-20 for some additional sounds on ‘Jorie Green Thumb’.

I hope you enjoy the adventures collected here, my goal is to inspire others to tap into their own creative inclinations. Instead of waiting for expensive gear, budgets, approval of others, or the time when everything is ‘just right’ – I purport the following axiom: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” [Theodore Roosevelt] – in other words, act now - in word, deed, art, sight, sound or voice - the how is your choice.


01 – Common Voice (Go Easy)

There was a time
when the common voice among us
had no chance to dare a king
Dreams and wondering
were smothered into suffered silence
subjugated by imperial strings

Now’s the time
for the common voice among us
to challenge nefarious kings
Songs and sidewalk speeches
struggle to abate the silence,
to stay the liberated from surrendering

Do we see it’s all all right?
Do we see it’s all of light?

Still the surf and the noble
share a common threat
as our homeworld
suffers from neglect -

Easy, go easy
Say you want to love
Say you are for love

Right now, shout it out,
roundabout, all around the world.
Write it down, right it out,
your mind light can shine now.

Make your rhyme outside time
Speak your mind
to eyes blinded by the fright
Use, lose, abuse
or choose to unite
There are no second chances
to roll the liberty dice

02 - Mandolian Mirage

Sand fills the day’s horizon line,
there’s not much time
until the colder nights arrive
and white Winter stars align, a sign…

Enticed mandolian mirage,
safe passage through the tempest

The sky, the silence
The day, no shade
The night wind violently
etches furrows in my face

Gitano gently luring
sweet sounds surround
a solemn sunset in the sands

See what you are
in echoes of an army of guitars
Mirrors from sand,
silvered glass in the nomads land

Dance, dance
Renounce the silence with your hands
Sing, play
Our voices amend night into day

The mind, the vision
The heart in hand
Reflection enduring
Slake essence alluring

The sky, the silence
The day, no shade
The night wind violently
erases footsteps without a trace

Enticed mandolian mirage,
dream salve soothes chafe and chaff
and strums reflect like water flowing...

03 - Beyond My Back Door
(Long Way Home)

There’s a lonely feeling when I leave,
but I must see if there’s a clue,
enigmas incomplete inside of me

Don’t put it off
Long way home
Somewhere faraway out there
beyond my back door…

Every time I think I’ve found
a hint to what our sentience means
stealth caveats reveal,
pursuade, pervading resolute dreams

All the while what we seek
and what we say is what we need
Disguised delusion decorates
the doctorate of diplomatic deeds

There’s a lonely feeling when I leave -

04 – Sleeky Slinker

I am followed by your shadow
Night and day, it never fades away

Where you wander, I must go
I walk inside your footsteps in the snow

You are watching by the border
Day and night, your eyes see time

Where you rest and where you hide
Pursue I must, and I always find you

Sleeky Slinker
Destiny Tinkerer
Tick and tock
and slip and slide
Slinking on the
Brink of Providence
Twist and turn
and ride the tide

Time is shallow, life unravels
While I sleep I pray my soul to keep

Dark and fallow secrets travel
Shilouette that I cannot forget

Mask and cover, stalk and hover
Drift and hang and float and fly

05 – Sound Sircus Sircle
(Prelude) (Instrumental)

06 - Looking For You

I am the one
who’s been looking for you
all of this time, all of this time…

Hide and I will find you
When and where and why

Try to memorize your eyes
The likeness of your smile

Where you go I follow
Here and there and now

All your life, you’re waiting
Love and peace and song

You are all I see
so why can’t you see me?

I am the one
who’s been looking for you
all of this time, all of this time…

07 – Dusty Riding Nugget

08 - Galactic Projectories

Long are the days
in the dark on the run
Star upon star
rendering dawns with no suns
Outlawed and betrayed
and bountied and shunned
Off-grid genetic codes,
the damage is done -

Gaze into the null of the void
Swim in the slicing silence of space,
last of your kind, last hope for your race

Beyond the stars, beyond the sky
Beyond the earth, beyond the light

Cascading nebula rainbows of light
Outside space, between fire and ice
Endless horizon line, light-speed wave ride
Surfing and sailing anomaly tides

Cold ironsides with arrays of pulse guns
Laser guides, crew AI, replicant sons
Solitude, servitude, sterile and sanctified
Frantic and fraught, fretting with compromise

Wake in a state of delusional dreams
Nothing perceived is as it would seem
Studied and probed, abducted, displayed
Galactic projectories or cerebral charade?

Beyond the stars…

09 - Gitano en Shahnameh

Shahnameh, Book of Kings, poem sings,
free will brings hope or disaster
Shahnameh, in that day, they would say,
choice persuades now and hereafter

Truth or a lie, each path chosen
We’re just passersby in this life
Strive, multiply, to the future be true,
follow hope, follow light
In your days, help the poor, open doors,
stop the wars now and forever
When you play, what you say, show a way,
guiding stray spirits together

Truth unifies, each word chosen
Imply, verify, exemplify, demystify
To the lowest be kind, purify, testify

Love the land, take a stand, lend a hand,
understand all that is noble
Find a true attitude, don’t exclude,
end the feud our family is global

Truth or a lie, each path chosen
We’re just passersby in this life
Strive, multiply, to the future be true,
follow love, follow light

Somewhere out there, on a border,
there are refugees seeking asylum
from persecution, destitution,
retribution for failed revolution…

Truth unifies – Demystify -

Somewhere inside a conscience denied,
actions forged into cold lies and resides
with obliteration, annihilation,
suffocation and cruel subjugation

Truth unifies, each word chosen
Imply, verify, exemplify, demystify
To the lowest be kind, purify
Edify -

10 – Android Pageant

11 – Quacky Waddlesworth

12 – Born Here
(Autochthonous Anthem)

Bringing you water, bringing the water,
bringing your water, bring me water
Everyone’s water, you are of water,
I am of water, we are water

You wanna take it out
You wanna break it out
You wanna shake it out
and stake it out and make it out

You gotta bring it in,
you gotta get the win,
you gotta take the spin
and break the wind
and save your skin

Say that you are gonna, say that you wanna,
say that you shoulda, coulda, oughta
Say that you mean it, say that you swear it,
say that you care and you dare to be there for it

Why look outside
when the truth is inside
in a place where hope cannot hide,
cannot steal, cannot lie
Borders collide, battle cries,
sides take sides,
minds devise the divide to demise
realized in the tear of a child’s eye

You see it, yes you do,
a chance to follow through,
it’s right in front of you,
beside of you, you know it’s true
You see a better day,
you feel, you share, you play,
you separate the colors
from the shades of dreary gray

(Spoken) We are born here, we all are born here on this planet. Among us are no aliens, no immigrants, no refugees – we are all humans from one earth – borders are not organic – each person is one-hundred percent autochthonous.

13 - Too Long Gone

Too long, too long gone

You say what?
I say that you want too
I see through the silence and into
something beyond the door

You know what I mean when I say that
we need to hold onto the big view,
stay true to what is inside of you

I hear it, you feel it, we play it and say it
The answer, the question,
nothing is left undone

Don’t you want to stay with me?
Don’t you want to wait and see?
Don’t you want to play that song?

The moment we sense it
and taste it and share it
The future, the past,
is nothing compared with now

One morning, one midday,
one moment in time
This minute, this sunrise,
open your eyes and shine

Do you want to stay at home?
Do you want to be alone?
Do you want say so long?

One sunset, one midnight,
one word right to rhyme
This second, this instant,
peace of mind by design

One person, one people,
one global connection
One source and one sorrow,
one hope for tomorrow

One challenge, one contest,
one given direction
One hope and one rainbow,
one resource -

- one day to go…

14 - A Single Voice

Suus a vala, suus ala

One single voice
gives you a choice
Silence is truth forsaken
Find hope where risks are taken

Suus a vala, suus ala

One single word
must be spoken to be heard
Shout above the hushed concessions
Find peace beyond obsessions

Seeing out of you
a single point of view
If you choose to share your eyes
the vision will materialize…

Suus a vala, suus ala

15 - Jorie Green Thumb
(Song For My Mom)

Hints of Summer,
frost melts at sunrise
Scents of Spring in the trees
and a breeze and she smiles

Touch the forest,
whisper to the grass
Drink in all that the garden will share
and take care of the sparrow

Ride the river,
fly high through the sky
Finding joy in the nature of things
and she sings like an angel

See her feed the birds
and cultivate the flora,
Mother Nature’s friend
Flowers call her name
in the morning aura,
smiling as she tends to them

Watch the sunset,
dream-paint with the clouds
Sitting fireside, warm and bright
dancing light in her eyes

Open windows,
chimes ringing in the wind
Jorie Green Thumb is smiling
and singing and bringing
the Spring to me

16 - Sound Sircus
Sircle - Fugue

You see the moon become
the sunrise smiling high
We want the world to heal
the pain and stop the crying
There seems to be so
many suffering and dying

My soul is burdened,
so is yours,
there’s no denying

If we want to,
we can find a way
If we try to find it
there just has to
be a better day
If we pull together
it can be
If we’d only stop the hating
long enough to see

Close your eyes,
and try to realize
what’s inside
Taking sides
is the cause of all demise

Learn to fly,
before you say goodbye,
do or die
And when you reason why,
it is clearly worth a try

You see the ocean
melt into the endless sky
As Winter sheds his skin,
and spring is high and nigh

There is no explanation
that can justify
Grab fast a new tomorrow
before it passes by.
Thank YOU for listening & keeping an open mind, eyes, ears, hands and heart. Please choose love, give love, sow hope, reap peace

Special Thanks To: My parents & daughter, to Don Slobodien, Peter Finlayson, Jim Volk, Bryan Chan, Eric Ahlteen, Ralph Denick, Mark Hizer, Marc Cooper, Noah Peterson, Mike French, Phil Maggini & Rick Walker.
Dedicated to Jim Ussery
Shouts of Loopy Love go out to:
All my cohorts at Deluxe and FootLights, my Looptober & Loopers Delight family, and the always amazing R&D folks at DigiTech.

All Music, Lyrics, Performance
c. Rejyna Douglass-Whitman
Front Cover Art c. Don Slobodien
Bridge Photo c. Jazmyn Whitman Retouching & Design by Rejyna

Published by W.E./Citadel of Cynosure Productions (BMI). All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication, repurposing, exhibition or performance is prohibited by US and international copyright laws.



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Marc Newton

beautiful and profound songs
Rejyna's talent for crafting beautiful and profound songs is displayed throughout this album.. I set the whole album on repeat on my ipod.. I like it that much.

Kevin Jones

A wonderful creative burst of energy!
What a wonderful creative burst of energy. Douglas has a knack for tapping into the salad days of the Art Rock kings with musical ideas and guitar wizardry that often remind of Yes' Steve Howe and Genesis' Steve Hackett (particularly on Born Here). A fascinating musical world populated with incredible displays of guitar mastery, that are made all the more impressive by the fact that they're played on an acoustic guitar. Highly recommended, particularly for those who pine for the days when musicians fearlessly explored the sonic stratospheres for new life.


Thoughtful words, music of many styles, wonderful playing and singing. I heard Rejyna perform live on the Looptober Tour but forgot to pick up a CD at the merch table. It is amazing that she makes all this sound using loopers and effects without a band. Excellent CD!


If you enjoy progressive rock from the vintage days
If you enjoy progressive rock from the vintage days of bands like Yes, Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, ELP, and Kansas this is as close (to the edge) as anybody comes to playing new original music still in that general style (30 to 40 years on) anywhere on the planet. Rejyna plays guitar, sings (lead vocal and harmonies) and wrangles a mountain of loopers, drum pads, and guitar pedal FX the size of Gibraltar like the genuine prog-rock goddess that she is. Not many bands can pull off this feat. She does it all on her own, with verve and style . . . and does it live.

Linda Harris

Takes me to another place :)
I love this music by Rejyna. Takes me to another place in a good way:)

Eric Clemens

colorful writing and beautiful imagery!
Rejyna never ceases to pull more tricks out of her sleeve. She is a virtuoso among many different instruments, but also has colorful writing to go alongside all of her music. Her lyrics hold beautiful imagery and thought-provoking statements. She pours her heart out for herself and others in her stories. The overall sound reminds me of a few decades ago with lots of influences from prog and classic rock. 'Idio' is a great album to begin with if you are interested in Rejyna but haven't dove deep yet. She has plenty of music to continue listening to when you wear this one out (which should take quite a while!)

Eric C

Rejyna never ceases to pull more tricks out of her sleeve
Rejyna never ceases to pull more tricks out of her sleeve. She is a virtuoso among many different instruments, but also has colorful writing to go alongside all of her music. Her lyrics hold beautiful imagery and thought-provoking statements. She pours her heart out for herself and others in her stories. The overall sound reminds me of a few decades ago with lots of influences from prog and classic rock.

'Idio' is a great album to begin with if you are interested in Rejyna but haven't dove deep yet. She has plenty of music to continue listening to when you wear this one out (which should take quite a while!)

Cathryn Sanchez

Absolutely amazing
This Album Is absolutely amazing, her lyrics are purely mesmerizing and so artistic, I love it ♡♡♡

Dan (Loop Cycle)

Next best thing to seeing and hearing it live at a gig.
Some catchy yet adventurous and inventive pieces here. Recording quality sounds great to me. Great musicianship. I do live looping myself and have always enjoyed and respected Rejyna's approach and been impressed by the results. These recordings have a live feel while still maintaining a high standard which I think provides a great experience for the listener. Next best thing to seeing and hearing it live at a gig.