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Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet | Save the Universe

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Save the Universe

by Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet

WELCOME THIRD ROCKERS FROM THE SUN!!! This 5 song Ep is, the very first release for, U.R. and the B.F.A.P. The five, alternative rock-pop rock vocal tunes, range from sweet and ethereal, to a heavy blend of rock, alternative rock, classical rock, progressive rock, power pop rock and modern, pop rock musics.There are wonderful stories in the lyrics and lyrics that will make you feel and think about life. You can hear many different musical influences, within the sounds of U.R. and the B.F.A.P.. “This is all about fun!” “Enjoy!,” says, Uncle Roy.
Genre: Rock: Adult Alternative
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1. Cosmic Happiness
5:22 $0.99
2. The Isle of Riff on the World of Tone
4:10 $0.99
3. A World of Miracles
4:13 $0.99
4. Father Time
5:42 $0.99
5. It Doesn't Really Matter
4:38 $0.99
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Album Notes
UNCLE ROY AND THE BAND FROM ANOTHER PLANET’S, ‘SAVE THE UNIVERSE’ is, ROY LEONARD HERMAN. All music, lyrics and stories are, composed, performed and written by, Uncle Roy. ROY LEONARD HERMAN is, the creator of original, multi-genre, styles of rock music from alternative rock to progressive rock and more. Included with the CD is, a beautiful 8 page booklet filled with fun, sci-fi stories and thoughts, lyrics, pictures and song descriptions written by, Uncle Roy. There is also a cool, inventive and ‘top secret’ alien photo file attached to the CD of, Alien Uncle Roy.

Uncle Roy says, “For, ’Save The Universe,’ I wanted to create a set of tunes that were not one style of rock or just heavy or just light.” “I wanted to have some of the musical ingredients, from several rock stylings, within the scope of the music.” “Therefore, each tune has its own musical and lyrical differentness and character, from the others.”

“There is soft guitar and screaming guitar.” “There are dreamy, orchestral keyboards to, thick, and rockin’ keyboards.” “The drums may lightly and tightly groove for a section of a tune and then, be pounding.” “The bass will be subtle at times and then, sometimes big and fat.” “ Vocally, you will find the voices of the songs going from the mellow and grand to heavy rock to a little, talk-singin’ and preachin’.”

“I wanted the recipe for this project to be more universal, with a mix of rock genres.” “For every letter of the alphabet, there is a musical influence that has manipulated my musical, genetic makeup, over a few light years.” “The worlds music is broad, cultural, always evolving and, it is what influences me musically, as well, all the time.”

When asked, Uncle Roy says: “Music is, a vehicle to bring the mind, the spirit, the soul and the body together.” “Music, inspires our greatest emotions to emerge.” “Music, inspires millions upon millions of people to enjoy a fantastic moment of living, simultaneously.” “Music, heals the heart and opens it up to life.” “Music is, magical!” ‘Music is, a state of happiness and freedom!” “I hope to create music for people of different musical tastes.” "Some will like vocal tunes and some will like instrumentals.” “Some will like pop music and some will like progressive music.” “And, I hope to give them all, some of what they love to hear.” “It inspires me to do different projects to please everyone I can who loves music.” “There is, a third project, different from these two, that is materializing!” “This is all about fun!” “Enjoy!”


‘COSMIC HAPPINESS’ - is a fun, alternative pop rocker that begins with a spacey, rock intro, as the cosmic, long distance, romance story in the lyrics, unfolds. The tune rolls from a classic, bouncy, rock boogie groove to a cool, hooky, rockin' chorus.

‘THE ISLE OF RIFF ON THE WORLD OF TONE’ - opens with a tight, soaring rock motif that flows into a sweet, thick, lush, progressive-pop rock verse. The verse moves into heavy rock bridge that crescendos into heavy, alternative rock chorus. The words tell the story of a grand, majestic, utopian world, where everyone is welcome. The tune rocks solidly into a heavy rock bridge and power pop chorus.

‘A WORLD OF MIRACLES’ - is a mellow, beautiful, dreamy, ethereal, philosophical, thoughtful song. With a couple of harmonious, chiming guitars, a pulse, and crisp and bright vocals, the song is filled with fairytale lyrics that create visions about some of enchanted things we all would love, in our lives.

‘FATHER TIME’ - mixes an explosive, rock beginning that, ascends into the verses, as the music takes on the magic and vibe of an old, traditional ‘pub’ sing along song that evolves into an alternative-progressive, power pop rock finale. The lyrics remind us of the power and importance of, time.

IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER’ - is, an alternative rock tune with a world music, vibe. The tune begins with an airy and misty, music and vocal section. The song builds into a catchy, pop rock bridge that develops into a thumping, driving, talk-singin’ and preachin' chorus. The words address the whole world issue of racism, prejudice and equality across the Earth.

The beautiful canopy of the moon, the stars, constellations, planets and more cover the sky, as the evening twilight sparkles softly all around. Looking up at the cosmos you wonder about your dreams. The feeling is, so intense. The visions are, so real. Everything in the dreams is, real..until you wake up...As you continue to gaze at the universe, this evening, you're sure, someone is watching you. For a moment, you listen, you call out, you look around but, nothing. No one is there, just you...Still, you feel the eyes of someone else upon you..You feel spiritually connected..You feel their soul, their energy!...You realize that you are not dreaming now!!! You are awake! You look back to the sky and smile, knowing that cosmic happiness has found you through the vast universe you call home. To meet your soulmate in a dream is better than never meeting at all... Love is cosmic! Where ever you are in space, I hope happiness and love finds you...

What if, the universe held magnificent destinations where civilizations, have truly evolved into their own, utopias!? No wars...no crimes...no poverty...no racism...noble leaders and governments, true of heart and purpose for, the people of the entire world...prosperity for everyone...honest industries...environmental consciousness... no corruption...all free, education and healthcare for everyone... no terrorism...no spiritual oppression and all that you can think of too add to this list...Utopia, evolves from the choices made to guide the world and all it's people by, the people who guide the world......The people are the world!!! Perhaps, within the brilliance of the shining stars, maybe, one day, we will find such an oasis in the sky to live and learn from. Perhaps, those happy worlds, can teach us how to bring Utopia back to our own rock in the sky.....

What is a miracle Earthlings? To be, is a miracle. It's amazing! Is it not miraculous that we live upon a speeding, spinning rock in the sky? And, that, invisible, universal influences keep it from zooming off into outer space. The greatest brains cannot figure out its truthful origin. Complicated. Absolutely! A miracle of complexities. Uncountable amounts of lives, stars and years of existence, has the universe.. It may be far older than our math tells us. Until there is absolute proof to our origin and absolute proof as to why has it happened, the beautiful, romantic theory that we are part of a gigantic, extraordinary event involving, miracles and enchanting moments soon to come, may just be enough to keep us warm and happy as we spin, round and round and orbit the Sun. Perhaps, out there, at least one world, ancient and evolved, well beyond our imaginations, in our universe or another, has become, miraculous! Enjoy the thought of miracles..It is comforting and you can feel your spirit tingle with the idea of miracles. To live within a realm where peace, health, happiness, love, prosperity and a youthful long life are the norm for everyone, would be such a miracle. A place where only the good, the truth, love and the knowledge of all things are shared with everyone, without a price to pay, would be such a miracle. A planet of peace among all who live there, would be such a miracle. We have all wished for a miracle at some moment in our lives and many of us have wished for the same miracle(s). We are the same...Our happiness and our tears are the same. If you are one day, looking towards the stars and hoping a miracle occurs to keep life wonderful or to better the road you're on, perhaps, just by wishing for that miracle, it will come true. May we all lead a charmed life, forever....

Time marches on! Time waits for no one! Time is fleeting! Time flies! All are true. And of course, Father Time…Time...It is a measurement of all things from the past, in the present and the future...Time, measures existence, itself...If space and all that is in it, disappeared, would time end? Or, would time continue measuring the non-existence, into the nothingness, that gave birth to space, originally? Would time start over? How old is time!? Now, when space appeared, so did Mother Nature and Father Time. Mother Nature, set up the itinerary for all the universe and gave the list to Father Time. Father Time, incrementally, divides the elements of the list by, putting them on a time schedule..Like, the seasons, the tides, the stars, the moon, the sun, the planets and all there is and beyond...Love every second you breathe...Thank the stars that shine above for, every beat of your heart...and rock the universe like there is no tomorrow!!!

"Earth is a strange younger planet," said the alien. "I hear it's wild!" said the second alien. "Put your seatbelt on." " It's party night in the Milky Way and the wormhole will be filled with spacecrafts from everywhere!" said the first alien. "That's why we're here." " Ohhhh yeah!" said, the second alien. So through the wormhole they flew, towards the Milky Way and Earth. As they exited the wormhole, they entered the Milky Way through an outer tentacle that is filled with all the beauty of the universe! "Dude!" "This is an amazing galaxy!" said, alien number two. "The Milky Way is the most visited spot in the universe according to what I've read and have been told!" The stars here have magical hideaways found no where else in the universe!" "Even the Earthlings, have no idea these places exist!" continued the first alien. "Though Earth is considered one of the most beautiful and exceptional planets in the universe, the inhabitants struggle to coexist!" Alien number two says, "Yep!" " I read that they have trouble with peace and racism!" "Yeah, they have poverty, wars, crime, ignoble governments and unfair laws and much more!" added alien number one. "You're frightening me." said the number two alien."Is Earth safe?" he added.."As long as we stay cloaked we'll be cool." said alien one. As a small blue dot grew larger in size as they approached it. Alien number two was in awe!!! "Wow!!!” "Is that Earth!?"" That is so freakin' beautiful!" yelled alien number two. “Definitely a Top 10 in beauty on the planet scale!” ”Man, it's a shame the Earthlings can't get it together!" he said. “And, it's the reason that the 'B.O.P'., ‘The Brotherhood Of Planets' will not consider them for membership!" responded alien number one. As they cloaked the spacecraft the ship broke through the Earths atmosphere. Circling the planet several times before deciding to land for a few moments, alien one asked alien two a question.."Hey, have you ever tried ice cream?" "What's that?" asked number two. "Well, it's like, a little bit of heaven that you can eat right here on Earth!" said number one.”That’s real corny,” said number two.”It's a cool Earthly delight that sets things right!" added number one. "Well, all righty!" "A little piece of heaven is what we all want brother!" "Take me to your ice cream, earthling!" joked number two....Alien one said to alien number two, "Dude, turn on the radio and turn it up!" "There's a new U.R. and the B.F.A.P. tune I heard through that old cosmic wave receiver back home!" "Nice!" added number two.."Earth music rocks the universe!" said number two...."Hmmmm???" "What planet is the band from anyway?' asked number one..."No one's sure where they're from!" remarked number two. "Cool!," said, alien one...

“I hope those in the universe, hear a little something within one or both of the projects, a tune or more, that touches them in a way that makes them happy, thoughtful, adrenalized and ready to rock the cosmos!” I hope, all of you, find a tune or more you enjoy, that uplifts your soul to a state of happiness, helping you to fly to your own inner and outer space, where all the boundaries of the universe disappear and music, fills the air!!!
Cheers and peace always,
Uncle Roy



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