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Uncle Roys Spaceship | How Do We Get to Earth?

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How Do We Get to Earth?

by Uncle Roys Spaceship

This is, a 5 song Ep and the very first instrumental release for Uncle Roy. The music is a progressive, instrumental recipe of several genres of rock music, blending time signatures and tempos, within instrumental rock, progressive rock, fusion, classical rock, space rock, jazz rock and other cosmic sounds, at this moment in space and time. There is a galaxy of musical influences, from many light years of playing, that you can hear within the sounds. Sometimes, the soundscapes will be light and breezy and dreamy. And sometimes, the soundscapes will be heavy, thick and creamy. Some tunes may have a bit of both, with a sprinkling or splashing of other musical textures and moods from soft to intense…
Genre: Rock: Instrumental Rock
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  Song Share Time Download
1. Space Noodlein'
3:26 $0.99
2. Moonbeams and the Cosmic Bang
6:31 $0.99
3. There Is Nothing More Bright Than the Stars at Night
4:04 $0.99
4. It's a Beautiful Day in the Milky Way
4:10 $0.99
5. Flight of the Ancient Alien
3:51 $0.99
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Album Notes
WELCOME EARTHLINGS!!! UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP, ‘HOW DO WE GET TO EARTH?’ is, ROY LEONARD HERMAN. All music, lyrics and stories are, composed, performed and written by, Uncle Roy. ROY LEONARD HERMAN is, the creator of original, multi-genre, styles of rock music from alternative rock to progressive rock and more.

“Instrumental rock, progressive rock, fusion, spacey rock, classical rock and jazz rock are all a part of the music in, ‘How Do We Get To Earth?. “There are moments of soft, sweetness and moments of roaring and throbbing sounds.” “There are cruising, floating rhythms that groove and heavier, driving rhythms that rock.” “ The dreamy and bright soundscape moments will make you drift.” “Each tune has a different mood, feeling, atmosphere and style from the others.”

Check out the website called, UNCLE ROYS ALIEN MUSIC, for all things from, UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP AND UNCLE ROY AND THE BAND FROM ANOTHER PLANET…Included with the physical CD is, a beautiful 8 page booklet filled with fun, sci-fi stories and thoughts, pictures and song descriptions written by, Uncle Roy.

Uncle Roy says, “I love instrumental music!” “From soloists to small groups to orchestral instrumentals, through a variety of music, the dynamic sensitivities within instrumental music makes me feel a rollercoaster of sensations and emotions!!! “So, I thought that creating a project of some tunes with the ingredients of a few instrumental rock music genres together, would be fun!”

When asked, Uncle Roy says: “Music is, a vehicle to bring the mind, the spirit, the soul and the body together.” “Music, inspires our greatest emotions to emerge.” “Music, inspires millions upon millions of people to enjoy a fantastic moment of living, simultaneously.” “Music, heals the heart and opens it up to life.” “Music is, magical!” ‘Music is, a state of happiness and freedom!”Uncle Roy says,“Instantaneously, music finds our emotions and at the speed of light, brings them out!” “Music, stimulates our imagination!” “ This is all about fun!”

“I hope to create music for people of different musical tastes.”Some will like vocal tunes and some will like instrumentals.” “Some will like pop music and some will like progressive music.” “And, I hope to give them all, some of what they love to hear.” “It inspires me to do different projects to please everyone I can who loves music.” “There is, a third project, different from these two, that is materializing!” "Again, this is all about fun!” “Enjoy!”

Check out the website called, UNCLE ROYS ALIEN MUSIC, for all things from, UNCLE ROYS SPACESHIP AND UNCLE ROY AND THE BAND FROM ANOTHER PLANET…Included with the physical CD is, a beautiful 8 page booklet filled with fun, sci-fi stories and thoughts, pictures and song descriptions written by, Uncle Roy.

“After trying for a few light years of time, to repair the navigational system of my spaceship, due to a small ice particle smashing into the lens of the interstellar space guiding system, at the nose of this ship, I suddenly realized that my course direction had changed, drastically! None of the constellations or orbiting bodies were familiar. Distant solar systems were out of place in the twilight! The galaxy I was orbiting, was not, the Milky Way! I must have drifted into a wormhole while working on the repair. Which didn’t work. I need a few parts. Good thing is, at least, I found a map of our solar system and the Milky Way under my drivers seat. If I get close to home, it could help. “Let’s see.” “The map says, ‘Map of the Solar System,’ 1987..What!? What!? 1987! Oh man! This map is, ancient! Talk about, lost in space! Hopefully, I’ll meet someone out here who knows where I am, where I can get some parts and how I can return home…I guess I’ll just play some music while I survey my surroundings and give this galaxy a couple of orbits, so I can get comfy in my new neighborhood..Man! Whatever universe this is, it sure is a beautiful, sparkling place! Navigation by the stars! Oh yeah! I need some drivin’ music! Hmmm…Some of my, Uncle Roys Spaceship music will do just fine! One thing about outer space is that, no one care’s about how loud or how long, you play it! Everybody, everywhere, loves Earth music!!!” The adventure, begins…

‘SPACE NOODLEIN’ is a a fun, screamin’, six string, jammin’ rocker! The intro starts as a fat drum beat that, leads into a progressive, classical rock section. Followed by a whimsical, ascending then descending musical theme, for that, ’noodlein’ underbelly feel, as the music breaks open into a heavy, roaring, rock development.

‘MOOONBEAMS AND THE COSMIC BANG,’ begins with a syrupy, melodious and harmonious guitar melody and sounds, shooting in the background, to the soothing rhythms being played. The music moves suddenly, to a heavy, punchy and crunchy, progressive metal rock passage of the composition and into the powerful crescendo.

’THERE IS NOTHING MORE BRIGHT THAN THE STARS AT NIGHT,’ is a fusion instrumental that begins with an edgy tension creating tone, into a very cool, smooth cruisin’ groove, with light textured keys and tasty, sonic guitar, throughout. The tune bounces sweetly, drifting in to get the fusion ensemble rolling. This tune cruises nicely.

‘IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE MILKY WAY,’ is a beautiful and dreamy soundscape. The song is a pretty, flowing, melodic and rhythmic composition that has a wonderful, warm, serene feeling and quality. The composition makes you drift thoughtfully and imagine. Subtle and sweet orchestration, gives the song its appealing ambience and mood. Softly, singing guitar notes provide sweet textures and voice. The tune leaves one with a good vibe, inside.

‘FLIGHT OF THE ANCIENT ALIEN,’ is an energetic, progressive rock tune. This tune crescendos all the way from start to finish. The music gives you the feeling of flying with this ancient adventurer. The intertwining guitar melodies, harmonies and pulsating rhythm, from the start and throughout create a soundscape perfect for a sci-fi movie adventure.

You're at a friendly jam session, on another world, with some friends from Earth. You've traveled several solar systems away, to meet another group of friends on a planet in that solar system, who are an intergalactic rock band from that solar system. They contacted you after seeing your bands music profile at, the Interstellar Musicians Contact Service. This is the first time either band has jammed with other players from a different solar system...and the adrenaline is flowing...
You and your buddies meet them at a rehearsal studio filled with, instruments that look and feel semi-familiar but, have fantastic physical and musical elements to their design...Every set of Earth eyes are transfixed for a moment...
As you snap back into focus, you guys set up your own gear and start to get loose by jamming....The players from that other world get excited by the sounds and go over to their amazing looking instruments and start to jam with you. They ask you what you're doing and you say, "We're space noodlein'." And the band from another planet goes, "Yeah, space noodlein'." Then, the music of several worlds and solar systems, come together to create evolutionary rhythms, melodies and harmonies that are sonically mesmerizing and then suddenly, suddenly....
Brightness! As the Sun radiates through your bedroom window and….Your phone alarm goes off with, those funky rhythms and music themes that send your nervous system into momentary shock, waking you up from, your beautiful musical, planetary adventure....Oh to dream....

Floating, drifting, sailing, surfing, gliding, flying, soaring throughout the vast and seemingly infinite cosmos, upon moonbeams composed of soft, glowing light...is the way to travel! Unaffected by the elements of the universe, we would slide throughout the vacuum of space...We would zoom for light years through the center of new young galaxies being born and go farther out to the beginning of our universe to observe old galaxies, suns, planets, moons and stars in their infancy...The cosmic bang precedes it all... It is amazing that the particles that collided and attached to each other to create the singularity that exploded out to develop the universe, found each other in the first place...From unseen, quiet nothingness, to the most chaotic, forceful and silent explosive event ever, the birth of our universe occurred...If I could explore the solar system upon moonbeams that, jet across the stratosphere, the beginning of everything, would be a sight I'd like to see....

Throughout all the heavens, stars light up our dark universe for awhile. They have a beginning and they have an end. Like all life, once the spark is lit, that life, that star, becomes a nuclear reactor of cosmic energies....We, are all like that in life as well. Each and every spirit and soul is a star of cosmic energies, bursting with the power of the universe! The star and the life, seem to be eternal! For a very small amount of time, by the universal clock, we all burn like stars...and eventually, all stars fade into the twilight of the universe they came from...

Looking up at the night sky is hypnotizing when it is filled with shining and twinkling light, on a clear, starry night. We stare and think that, the universe is amazingly beautiful.....Light years upon light years away, someone else, is looking up at the starry night sky above their part of their world and wondering about how beautiful the universe truly is... Each one wonders about what the day and night could be like, on another civilized world, in another part of the Milky Way, in which they live... Vast, is the universe and beyond...and it is filled with perhaps billions of galaxies and planets...So, every once in awhile look up, enjoy and know that, there is a chance that, far, far away in a neighborhood, on another world, someone is looking right back, as they enjoy the same beautiful universal skies.....

Zooming around the ancient universe, an ancient astronaut had an uncluttered highway to the stars..Going from one end of existence to the other, at speeds approaching light speed, which is approximately 671, 000, 000 miles per hour, the ancient astronaut had a chance to see life on other worlds and other times, perhaps. Stopping off on newly forming planets and moons, observing the magnificent orchestration of stars exploding into life, seeing new Suns gathering matter through their powerful gravities to help evolve the galaxy and worlds forming around itself may have been a day in the life of an ancient astronaut..Filled with knowledge and skills to traverse the universal unknowns and explore the heavens..an ancient astronaut was an adventurer. Coming from a civilization that has conquered propulsion, distance and time, the ancient pilots belonged to a civilization vastly older and far more advanced than what is the epitome of our modern technology. Our brotherhood and sisterhoods reach out by the light years to the stars and we are all one...Enjoy the flight on this world!!! Somewhere in the universe, the Beatles, are something new. Somewhere in the universe, the British Invasion is first, being heard. Somewhere in the universe, a young being hears Jimi Hendrix, for the first time and asks his parents for, an electric guitar and amplifier. They look at him and ask him, what is he talking about. What's an electric guitar?, they ask. Some say the farther out radio waves go, the less chance of them being picked up from, some other world because they weaken. This is according to our technology. So, let's imagine that a more advanced world had the tech to pick up our signals, Earths musics... all varieties, could be rocking the skies of many planets right now! Perhaps, decades, older signals of our musics take longer to travel through the cosmos because, our tech was pretty primitive back then. And perhaps now, our own newer tech advancements have made it possible for the musics of Earth to be received in realtime by far away worlds, who have perhaps, also advanced their own tech, enabling them to do so as well....Musical frequencies, vibrations and energy are everywhere….for a long time…

“I hope those in the universe, hear a little something within one or both of the projects, a tune or more, that touches them in a way that makes them happy, thoughtful, adrenalized and ready to rock the cosmos!” I hope, all of you, find a tune or more you enjoy, that uplifts your soul to a state of happiness, helping you to fly to your own inner and outer space, where all the boundaries of the universe disappear and music, fills the air!!!
Cheers and peace always,
Uncle Roy



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